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10199 Chariklo (1997 CU26) Classification:           SPK-ID: 2010199 [ Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Mission Design | Physical Parameters | Discovery Circumstances ]
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Orbital Elements at Epoch 2458600.5 (2019-Apr-27.0) TDB
Reference: JPL 30 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
 Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma)   Units  .1706167171678377 1.4971e-06   15.84160999718541 2.9425e-05 au 13.13876650481243 1.9122e-06 au 23.3585533857393 9.4878e-06 deg 300.4325097821635 2.8824e-05 deg 243.3579997163892 0.00015432 deg 86.73996216140202 0.00034088 deg 2453051.507595865402
(2004-Feb-16.00759587) 0.0068824 TDB 23030.18373205348
63.05 0.064167
0.0001757 d
yr .0156316599202355 4.3553e-08 deg/d 18.54445348955838 3.4446e-05 au Orbit Determination Parameters        659           11139 days (30.50 yr)           1988-11-05           2019-05-06           DE431           SB431-N16           1           .50075           ORB           Otto Matic           2019-May-30 01:47:32  
Additional Information  = 12.2113 au    = 8.22388 au    = 3.485  [ show covariance matrix ]

Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Mission Design | Physical Parameters | Discovery Circumstances ]
Physical Parameter Table
Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes H 6.7   n/a MPO452314   diameter 302 km 30 Earth, Moon, and Planets, v. 89, Issue 1, p. 117-134 (2002)   rot_per 7.004 h n/a LCDB (Rev. 2019-January); Warner et al., 2009 Result based on less than full coverage, so that the period may be wrong by 30 percent or so.
Published Reference List:
[Fornasier, S.; Lazzaro, D.; Alvarez-Candal, A.; Snodgrass, C.; et al. (2014) Astron. Astrophys. 568, L11.]
[Leiva, R.; Sicardy, B.; Camargo, J.I.B.; Desmars, J.; et al. (2017) Astron. J. 154, A159.] albedo 0.045   0.010 Earth, Moon, and Planets, v. 89, Issue 1, p. 117-134 (2002)   spec_B D   n/a EAR-A-5-DDR-TAXONOMY-V4.0 based on a high-resolution spectrum by Xu et al. (1995) or Bus and Binzel (2002)
10199 Chariklo Discovered 1997 Feb. 15 by Spacewatch. Chariklo, sometimes described as a sea nymph, sometimes as a female centaur, was the wife of Chiron. Together they are are said to have had as many as five children, and she is also sometimes said to have been the mother of Tiresias, the famous seer. NOTE: some special characters may not display properly (any characters within {} are an attempt to place the proper accent above a character) Reference: 19990928/MPCPages.arc Last Updated: 2010-06-11 [ Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Mission Design | Physical Parameters | Discovery Circumstances ] 2019-Dec-16 13:40 UT
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