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SSD Glossary

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Absolute Magnitude (H) Albedo Argument of Perihelion Astrometry Astronomical Unit (au) Barycenter Declination Eccentricity Ecliptic Ephemeris Geocentric Geodetic GM Heliocentric Inclination Lagrange Points (L1,L2) Laplace Plane Longitude of Perihelion Longitude of the Ascending Node Mean Anomaly Mean Longitude Mean Motion Meridian Meteor Meteoroid Minor Planet Nutation Obliquity Orbit Orbital Period Perihelion Distance Phase Angle Right Ascension Semi-major Axis Time of Perihelion Passage Topocentric Vernal Equinox SSD Glossary

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NOTE: The list of defined terms to the left is by no means exhaustive with respect to the general subject of solar system dynamics. The terms listed are thought to be those more commonly used on our site and thus appropriate for inclusion on this page.

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