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Queqiao (Chang'e 4 Relay, CE 4 Relay)

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Queqiao (Chang'e 4 Relay, CE 4 Relay)

Queqiao (Chang'e 4 Relay) []

Queqiao, also known initially as Chang'e 4 Relay, is a Chinese relay satellite mission in support of the Chang'e 4 rover landing on the far site on the moon.

The 425 kg relay satellite is based on the three-axis stabilized CAST-100 small satellite bus featuring an 130 N hydrazine propulsion system. It carries a deployable 4.2 m dish antenna for the relay equipment. It provides four 256 kBps X-band links between itself and the lander/rover and one 2 MBps S-band link towards earth.

Besides the relay function, the spacecraft also carries the Dutch NCLE Low-frequency radio detector to provide radio-sky images, and frequency dependence of radio in the very low frequency band and to perform low-frequency radio astronomical observations.

The mission is to be launched in 2018 on a CZ-4C rocket about 6 month in advance of the Chang'e 4 lander and rover. Via a lunar fly-by, it will be put into an halo orbit around the Earth-Moon L2 Lagrange point. It has a planned live of more than five years to support further far-side missions.

Nation:China Type / Application:Lunar Orbiter, relay, radio astronomy Operator: Contractors:CAST Equipment:Relay payload, the NCLE low-frequency radio detector Configuration:CAST-100 Propulsion:? Power:2 deployable solar arrays, batteries Lifetime:> 5 years Mass:425 kg Orbit:Earth-Moon L-2 halo SatelliteCOSPARDateLSLaunch VehicleRemarks Queqiao (Chang'e 4 Relay, CE 4 Relay) 2018-045A 20.05.2018 Xi LC-3 CZ-4C with DSLWP A1, DSLWP A2 Further Chang'e missions: Last update: 20.05.2018 Contact   |   Legal Disclosure   |   Privacy Statement
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