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Automated integer factorization

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Last Update: 2019-01-12

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YAFU (with assistance from other free software) uses the most powerful modern algorithms (and implementations of them) to factor input integers in a completely automated way. The automation within YAFU is state-of-the-art, combining factorization algorithms in an intelligent and adaptive methodology that minimizes the time to find the factors of arbitrary input integers. Most algorithm implementations are multi-threaded, allowing YAFU to fully utilize multi- or many-core processors (including SNFS, GNFS, SIQS, and ECM).

YAFU is primarily a command-line driven tool. You provide the number to factor and, via screen output and log files, YAFU will provide you the factors. There is also an interactive environment similar to MATLAB or PARI/GP, where you can type commands and store results. YAFU is very customizable, through the optional use of many many command line parameters and a very capable expression interpreter.

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Mathematics, Libraries

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  • lucas-a-brown Posted 03/26/2014

    This is absolutely fantastic! The only thing I would change is the ability to suppress logfiles and have the program clean up after itself (i.e., removing the siqs.dat file and other files when it finishes).

  • ugly2dog Posted 12/21/2012

    Excellent program, the best in its class by far. The developer is very hard working and dedicated to making this a great program. I have had very quick turnaround times on bug reports and feature requests.

  • jensend Posted 04/11/2012

    AFAIK YAFU has the world's best QS implementation, and its ability to intelligently choose a factorization strategy on its own is really marvelously useful. YAFU is pretty much where it's at for integer factorization.

  • oid-3805262 Posted 04/11/2012

    Thank you!

  • oid-3805059 Posted 04/11/2012

    An excellent factoring utility by a dedicated developer.

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