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Lanciani: Forma Urbis Romae - Photo Archive

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Lanciani: Forma Urbis Romae

Lanciani: Forma Urbis Romae

The Forma Urbis Romae by Rodolfo Lanciani is a detailed map of all the ancient ruins in Rome as of 1893-1901 when it was first published.

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The Forma Urbis Romae by Rodolfo Lanciani is a detailed map of all the ancient ruins in Rome as of 1893-1901 when it was first published. The “Forma Urbis Romae” consists of 46 separate plates covering most of the central parts of Rome.

Overview of the plates of the Forma Urbis Romae – click for full size

Rodolfo Lanciani was in charge of most of the excavations in Rome in the last decades of the 19th century and was the leading authority of his time on the archaeology of ancient Rome.

Obviously several parts of the maps are dated and no longer considered correct, but other parts retain their value and some parts show ruins no longer visible in to the normal visitor in Rome.

The maps are colour coded. The ancient parts are in black, the modern parts in red and the parts delineated in thin blue lines are planned changes. Much of what the modern visitor takes for granted in Rome was just on the drawing board or not even thought of in 1901.

Major parts of the 46 plates are present here, but not all the plates in their entirety. The list below gives the title given to each plate by Lanciani and the parts present here. Due to the size of the pages, many pages are scanned in four parts, denominated “lower left”, “lower right”, “upper left”, “upper right”. Otherwise the name of the monument is given.



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  • 07-BC-hadrian2
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  • 41-LR-thermae-antoniane
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  • 37-lateran
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  • 35-UR-circus-maximus
  • 35-UL-circus-maximus
  • 35-LR-circus-maximus
  • 35-LL-circus-maximus
  • 34-UR-aventine
  • 34-LR-aventine
  • 32-UR-porta-praenestina
  • 32-LL-sessorianum
  • 30-UR-merulana
  • 30-UL-colosseum
  • 30-LR-clemente
  • 30-LL-colosseum
  • 29-UR-colosseum
  • 29-UL-palatin
  • 29-LR-colosseum
  • 29-LL-palatin
  • 28-UR-tiberina
  • 28-UL-tiberina
  • 28-LR-tiberina
  • 28-LL-tiberina
  • 27-LR-trastevere
  • 24-UR-stazione
  • 24-UL-stazione
  • 24-LR-stazione
  • 24-LL-labicana
  • 23-UR-esquilinus
  • 23-UL-thermae-traiane
  • 23-LR-maecenatis
  • 23-LL-thermae-traiane
  • 22-UR-fori-imperiali
  • 22-UL-fori-imperiali
  • 22-LR-fori-imperiali
  • 22-LL-fori-imperiali
  • 21-UR-septa
  • 21-UL-poimpeius
  • 21-LR-porticus-octaviae
  • 21-LL-pompeius
  • 20-LR-villa-agrippa
  • 17-UC-thermae-diocletiani
  • 16-UR-quirinalis
  • 16-LR-quirinalis
  • 16-LL-quirinalis
  • 15-LR-campus-martius
  • 15-LL-campus-martius
  • 14-UC-hadrian
  • 13-UC-san-pietro
  • 10-BC-thermae-diocletiani
  • 08-LR-ara-pacis
  • 08-CC-mausoleum-aug
  • 06-CL-vatican-museum
  • 00-fur

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