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[HTML][HTML] MD4 message digest algorithm

RL Rivest - 1990 - [Docs] [txt|pdf] [IPR] Obsoleted by: 1320 INFORMATIONAL Network Working Group R. Rivest
Request for Comments: 1186 MIT Laboratory for Computer Science October 1990 The MD4
Message Digest Algorithm Status of this Memo This RFC is the specification of the MD4 Digest
Algorithm. If you are going to implement MD4, it is suggested you do it this way. This memo is for
informational use and does not constitute a standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Table
of Contents 1. Abstract ..... 1 2. Terminology and Notation ..... 2 3. MD4 Algorithm Description … Cited by 1170 Related articles All 16 versions Cached HelpPrivacyTerms