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Advanced Tools (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Advanced Tools

Search Tools

Here are some search tools that may help you find things in the SEP quickly:

  • Add a "SEP Search Bookmark" to your web browser (placing an icon in your Bookmarks bar), which will allow you to send search queries directly to our search engine. To install on Firefox, Safari, and OmniWeb (other web browsers have not been tested), simply drag and drop the following link to your Bookmarks Bar:

    [A Note for Mac OS X Safari users: For some reason, this bookmark won't work when the Bookmarks window is open. Placing this bookmark either in the Bookmarks Menu folder or the Bookmarks Bar allows it to be activated without opening the Bookmarks window.]

  • A search plugin for Open Search compliant browsers (e.g., Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer) which allows the users to choose the SEP as the search engine to use in the search bar. This was written by Simon R. Ives:
    Download Search PlugIn
  • An SEP search widget for Mac OS X/, written Hakim Jonas Ghoula:
    Download (Zipped) SEP Search Widget for Mac OS X/Dashboard



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