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The PhilPapers API: Overview

PhilPapers's Application Programming Interfaces are designed to enable third-parties to use PhilPapers data and services in their own applications.

Usage of the PhilPapers API is subject to terms and conditions which severely restrict the redistribution of PhilPapers' data. Please acquaint yourself with our terms and conditions and contact us to discuss possible exceptions before developing any application.

The Embedding API is designed to let third-parties embed PhilPapers paper listings on third-party web sites.

The JSON API is designed to let third-parties download and process data from PhilPapers' index.

Registration is not required to use the API, but we would like to hear from you. It's highly recommended that you let us know if you are using the API so we can contact you in case we make changes to it that could break your application.

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