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Value Theory, Miscellaneous

Edited by Gwen Bradford (Rice University) In this area Subcategories Ethics (50,391 | 49,652) Applied Ethics* (167,699)Ezio Di Nucci Meta-Ethics* (13,435)Daniel Star Normative Ethics* (35,603)Jussi Suikkanen History of Ethics (235 | 45) Ancient Greek and Roman Ethics* (145 | 145) Chinese Ethics (100) Indian Ethics* (420)Shyam Ranganathan Japanese Ethics (64) Medieval Ethics* (27) 17th/18th Century Ethics* (38) 19th Century Ethics* (14) History of Political Philosophy* (3,192 | 3,192) History of Meta-Ethics* (32 | 5)Neil Sinclair History of Ethics, Misc (26) Ethics and Society (254 | 12) Ethics and Culture (44) Ethics and Law (49) Ethics and Religion (62) Ethics and Science (47) Ethics and Society, Misc (40) Ethics, General Works (84) Ethics, Misc (166) Normativity (434 | 5)Federico L. G. Faroldi Aesthetic Normativity* (71) Epistemic Normativity* (2,675 | 152)Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen Moral Normativity* (553 | 104) Normativity of Meaning and Content* (232)Indrek Reiland Normativity of Law* (116) Normativity and Naturalism (135)Federico L. G. Faroldi Normativity, Misc (294)Federico L. G. Faroldi Value (3,505 | 44) Theories of Value (289 | 14) Axiology (224)Francesco Orsi Value Realism (7) Value Relativism (14) Theories of Value, Misc (30) Varieties of Value (571 | 159) Aesthetic Value* (804 | 149) Epistemic Value* (382)Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen Environmental Value* (282 | 38)William Grove-Fanning Intrinsic Value (261)Francesco Orsi Moral Value* (1,106 | 74)Francesco Orsi Well-Being* (1,231)Stephen M. Campbell Varieties of Value, Misc (151)Nicolas Delon Aspects of Value (256 | 12) Fact-Value Distinction (29) Incommensurability of Value (150)Luke Elson Intransitivity of Value (45)Francesco Orsi Aspects of Value, Misc (20) Well-Being (1,231)Stephen M. Campbell The Concept of Well-Being (111)Stephen M. Campbell Hedonist Accounts of Well-Being (346)Ben Bramble Desire Satisfaction Accounts of Well-Being (160)Chris Heathwood Objective Accounts of Well-Being (105)Guy Fletcher Perfectionist Accounts of Well-Being (70)Gwen Bradford Hybrid Accounts of Well-Being (19)Christopher Woodard Disability and Well-Being* (70)Joseph A. Stramondo Children's Well-Being* (121)Anca Gheaus Animal Well-Being* (29)Adam Shriver Well-Being, Misc (420)Stephen M. Campbell The Value of Lives (1,020 | 64)Nicolas Delon The Meaning of Life (572)Nicolas Delon Population Ethics (253)Johan E. Gustafsson The Value of Lives, Misc (131)Nicolas Delon The Value of Phenomena (19 | 4) The Value of Consciousness* (11)Geoffrey Lee The Value of Philosophy* (51) The Value of Pleasure* (165)Ben Bramble Literary Values* (185) Explanatory Value* (25) The Value of Phenomena, Misc (15) The Value of Art* (359) The Value of Equality* (132)Theron Pummer Infinite Value Theory (4)Amanda Askell Value, Misc (77) Value Theory, Misc (304)

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