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Teaching Philosophy

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  1. Fine Aphorisms, Proverbs & Philosophical Quotes.Yoji K. Gondor (ed.) - 2014 - Sintesi Point Publishing.details
  2. Reading Philosophy with Background Knowledge and Metacognition.David W. Concepción - 2004 - Teaching Philosophy 27 (4):351-368.details
  3. Ancient Logic and its Modern Interpretations Proceedings of the Buffalo Symposium on Modernist Interpretations of Ancient Logic, 21 and 22 April, 1972. [REVIEW]John Corcoran (ed.) - 1974 - Reidel.details
  4. Kizel, A. (2016). “Pedagogy Out of Fear of Philosophy as a Way of Pathologizing Children”. Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, Vol. 10, No. 20, Pp. 28 – 47.Kizel Arie - 2016 - Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning 10 (20):28 – 47.details
  5. Legitimidad y Reconocimiento en el Postconflicto.Caso Colombia 2015.Ubaldina U. D. R. Díaz Romero - 2015 - Dissertation, Universidad Santo Tomás .Colombiadetails
  6. La Filosofía desde sus silencios. Mujeres filósofas.Miriam Dolly Arancibia (ed.) - 2014 - Editorial Dunken.details
  7. Self and Others in Team-Based Learning: Acquiring Teamwork Skills for Business.Michela Betta - 2015 - Journal of Education for Business:1-6.details
  8. A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition: A Complete Course in Critical Thinking.David R. Morrow & Anthony Weston - 2015 - Hackett Publishing Company.details
  9. Sentence, Proposition, Judgment, Statement, and Fact: Speaking About the Written English Used in Logic.John Corcoran - 2009 - In W. A. Carnielli (ed.), The Many Sides of Logic. College Publications. pp. 71-103.details
  10. "Drinking, Texting, and Moral Arguments From Analogy".Jason Swartwood - 2017 - Think 16 (45):15-26.details

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