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Social Sciences

In this area Subcategories Archaeology (123) Anthropology (473) Communication (388) Cultural Studies (450) Economics (621) Education* (733) Gender Studies (117) Geography (77) History (1,007) Political Science (1,229) Semiotics (4,447) Sociology (698) Social Sciences, Misc (349) Also in this area Entries to categorize (315)

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  1. Thick Description: Towards an Interpretive Theory of Culture.Clifford Geertz - 1973 - In The Interpretation of Cultures. Basic Books.details
  2. 'Code Switching' in Sociocultural Linguistics.Chad Nilep - 2006 - Colorado Research in Linguistics 19 (1):1-22.details
  3. Maquiavelo y Los Empresarios.Enrique Morata - 2009 - Bubok.details
  4. Black Out: Michelle Alexander's Operational Whitewash: The New Jim Crow Reviewed. [REVIEW]Joseph D. Osel - 2012 - International Journal of Radical Critique 1 (1).details
  5. Socio-Economic Impacts of Co-Operative Societies: An Empirical Study.Md Ruhul Amin & Mohammed Mahin Uddin - 2014 - SOCRATES 2 (JUNE 2014):179-193.details
  6. ANALISIS KUALITAS DESAIN SAMPUL BUKU SEKOLAH ELEKTRONIK (BSE) MATA PELAJARAN SENI BUDAYA.Mahendra Wibawa - 2014 - Dissertation, Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA)details
  7. Personal Values as A Catalyst for Corporate Social Entrepreneurship.Christine A. Hemingway - 2005 - Journal of Business Ethics 60 (3):233-249.details
  8. Social Norms, The Invisible Hand, and the Law.Jonny Anomaly & Geoffrey Brennan - 2014 - University of Queensland Law Journal 33 (2).details
  9. The Splintered Paradigm, a Semiotic Critique of Recent Approaches to Music Cognition.R. Hatten - 1990 - Semiotica 81 (1-2):145-178.details
  10. Cops, Cameras and the Policing of Ethics.Meg Stalcup & Charles Hahn - 2016 - Theoretical Criminology 20 (4):482-501.details

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