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Philosophy of Religion

Edited by Thomas Senor (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville) Assistant editors: Jaipreet Mattu, Tyler Journeaux About this topic Summary The philosophy of religion is the philosophical exploration of religious matters. Conceptual analyses of the varying conceptions of God, philosophical arguments for and against the existence of a deity (or deities), epistemological concerns about the rationality of religious belief, philosophical discussions of the theological claims of religious doctrines, and questions of life after death are among the many topics at home in the philosophy of religion. Key works While the philosophy of religion in the west dates back to the works of Plato (e.g,. Burnet 1977)  and Aristotle (Aristotle & Lawson-Tancred 1998), it was in the medieval period that interest in religious matters became central in the work of philosophers. Augustine 2006, Aquinas 1274, and Anselm 1979 are classics from that period.The classic from the modern area is Gaskin 1998/2009.   In the latter half of the twentieth century, the philosophy of religion came out of hibernation. Flew et al 1964 is a collection in which religious language is considered in light of the verificationism that was rampant at the time.  Among the key works published in the final quarter of the century were Hick 1966Plantinga 1974Swinburne 1977Mackie 1982, and Alston 1991. Introductions A fine introduction to the subject that is historically informed and yet issue-oriented is Rowe 2001. Show all references In this area Subcategories Arguments for Theism (1,801 | 37)Daniel Von Wachter Arguments from Miracles (31)Daniel Von Wachter Cosmological Arguments for Theism (455 | 267) Cosmological Arguments from Contingency (49) Cosmological Arguments from Regress (21) Kalam Cosmological Argument (58) Cosmological Arguments for Theism, Misc (60) Design Arguments for Theism (324 | 264) Design Arguments for Theism, Misc (60) Fine-Tuning in Cosmology* (245)Yann Benétreau-Dupin Intelligent Design* (236) Moral Arguments for Theism (90 | 21) Arguments from Moral Normativity (12) Arguments from Moral Order (5) The Secular Problem of Evil (39) Moral Arguments for Theism, Misc (13) Ontological Arguments for Theism (434 | 270)Jason Megill Anselm's Ontological Argument (61)Jason Megill Descartes' Ontological Argument (15)Jason Megill Ontological Arguments for Theism, Misc (88)Jason Megill Pragmatic Arguments for Theism (216 | 1)Elizabeth Jackson Pascal's Wager (189)Elizabeth Jackson Pragmatic Arguments for Theism, Misc (27)Elizabeth Jackson Arguments for Theism, Misc (214)Daniel Von Wachter Arguments Against Theism (2,175 | 251) The Argument from Evil (1,767)Matt DeStefano Arguments from Naturalism against Theism (44) Atheism* (309) Divine Hiddenness* (193)Jonathan Reibsamen and Ian M. Church Arguments Against Theism, Misc (113) Divine Attributes (2,175 | 7)Kenneth L. Pearce Divine Eternity (223) Divine Goodness (180) Divine Freedom (62)Kevin Timpe Divine Hiddenness (193)Jonathan Reibsamen and Ian M. Church Divine Omnipotence (378)Kenneth L. Pearce Divine Omniscience (461 | 214) Divine Foreknowledge (143) Divine Middle Knowledge (26) Theories of Omniscience (30) Divine Omniscience, Misc (49) Divine Omnipresence (22) Divine Personhood (4) Divine Providence (213) Divine Immutability (24) Divine Necessity (33)Daniel Von Wachter Divine Simplicity (166)Matthew Baddorf Divine Attributes, Misc (217)Daniel Von Wachter Epistemology of Religion (5,822 | 824)Matthew A. Benton Epistemology of Religion, Misc (920) Faith (1,199)Daniel J. McKaughan Reformed Epistemology (398)Anthony Bolos Religious Experience (1,762)Guy Axtell Revelation (110) Religious Imagination (235)Guy Axtell Religious Skepticism (374)Arif Ahmed Specific Religions (19,719 | 1,916) Buddhism (3,500) Christianity (6,692 | 2,875)Daniel Von Wachter Atonement (211)Daniel Von Wachter Heaven and Hell* (312)K. Mitch Hodge Incarnation (1,473)Daniel Von Wachter The Trinity (633)Daniel Von Wachter Christianity, Misc (1,500)Daniel Von Wachter Hinduism (152) Islam (3,143) Judaism (4,225) Other Religions (40) Specific Religions, Misc (51) Religious Topics (15,702 | 2,593) Afterlife (1,967 | 1,231)K. Mitch Hodge Afterlife, Misc (169)K. Mitch Hodge Heaven and Hell* (312)K. Mitch Hodge Reincarnation (52)K. Mitch Hodge Resurrection (203)K. Mitch Hodge Atheism and Agnosticism (761 | 391) Atheism (309) Agnosticism (40) Atheism and Agnosticism, Misc (21) Creation (47 | 4)Daniel Von Wachter Creation, Misc (43)Daniel Von Wachter Evolution and Creationism* (52) Evil (725 | 538) Moral Evil (95) Natural Evil (35) The Argument from Evil* (1,767)Matt DeStefano The Secular Problem of Evil (39) Evil, Misc (57) Miracles (886 | 283)Daniel Von Wachter Arguments from Miracles* (31)Daniel Von Wachter Hume's Argument against Miracles (200)Daniel Von Wachter The Concept of Miracle (3)Daniel Von Wachter The Possibility of Miracles (15)Daniel Von Wachter Epistemology of Miracles (12)Daniel Von Wachter Miracles, Misc (373)Daniel Von Wachter The Number of Gods (1,720 | 1,475) Monotheism (39) Polytheism (28) Pantheism (163)Andrei Buckareff Atheism (309) Divine Attributes* (2,175 | 7)Kenneth L. Pearce Panentheism (7)Andrei Buckareff The Number of Gods, Misc (8) Prayer (388) Probability in the Philosophy of Religion* (56)Elizabeth Jackson Prophecy (129) Religion and Society (225 | 225) Freedom of Religion* (60) Homosexuality and Religion* (27) Religious Diversity (577 | 354) Religious Inclusivism and Exclusivism (30) Religious Pluralism (151)Ian M. Church and Jonathan Reibsamen Religious Diversity, Misc (42) Science and Religion (5,197)Muhammad-Taqīy Mudarrisī Sin (42)Daniel James Fairbrother The Soul (260)A. P. Taylor Religious Topics, Misc (185) Philosophy of Religion, Miscellaneous (1,819 | 732) Feminist Philosophy of Religion* (76) Philosophy of Religion, General Works (455) Philosophy of Religion, Misc (632)

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