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Philosophy of Mind

Edited by David Chalmers and David Bourget Assistant editor: Chang Liu (Peking University) About this topic Summary The philosophy of mind covers all philosophical topics pertaining to the mind and mental states. Its subtopics can be divided in two main ways. First, by the traditional divisions drawn between kinds of mental states: consciousness, intentionality, perception, and other states and processes. Second, by the types of philosophical questions asked about these activities: especially metaphysical questions that have to do with their nature (especially the relation between the mental and the physical) and epistemological questions that have to do with our knowledge of them. The philosophy of mind also overlaps with the philosophy of cognitive science and the philosophy of action. Introductions There are many good introductions to the philosophy of mind. Examples include Braddon-Mitchell & Jackson 1996, Kim 1996, Searle 2004, and Chalmers 2002. Show all references In this area Subcategories Philosophy of Consciousness (29,860 | 9,498)David Chalmers Philosophy of Consciousness, Miscellaneous (748 | 133)David Chalmers Philosophy of Consciousness, General Works (211)David Chalmers The Concept of Consciousness (232)David Chalmers Philosophy of Consciousness, Misc (172)David Chalmers Explaining Consciousness? (1,277 | 109)David Chalmers What is it Like? (98)David Chalmers Subjectivity and Consciousness (239)David Chalmers The Explanatory Gap (242)David Chalmers `Hard' and `Easy' Problems (255)David Chalmers Cognitive Closure (102)David Chalmers Conceptual Analysis and A Priori Entailment (74)David Chalmers Explaining Consciousness, Misc (157)David Chalmers Consciousness and Materialism (1,948 | 217)David Chalmers The Knowledge Argument (360)David Chalmers Zombies and the Conceivability Argument (348)David Chalmers Kripke's Modal Argument Against Materialism (86)David Chalmers Arguments from Disembodiment (58)David Chalmers Other Anti-Materialist Arguments (71)David Chalmers Qualia and Materialism* (195)Andrew Bailey Consciousness and Materialism, Misc (134)David Chalmers Phenomenal Concepts* (256)David Bourget Mind-Body Problem, General (674)David Chalmers Theories of Consciousness (2,679 | 469) Representationalism* (405)David Bourget Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness (614 | 104)Richard Brown Higher-Order Thought Theories of Consciousness (255)Richard Brown Higher-Order Perception Theories of Consciousness (12)Richard Brown Self-Representational Theories of Consciousness (206)Uriah Kriegel Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness, Misc (37)Richard Brown Functionalist Theories of Consciousness (280 | 142) Dennett's Functionalism (128) Functionalism and Qualia* (201)Andrew Bailey Absent Qualia* (56)Andrew Bailey Cognitive Models of Consciousness* (205) Functionalist Theories of Consciousness, Misc (10) Biological Theories of Consciousness (386 | 254) Searle's Biological Naturalism (116) Consciousness and Biology* (637 | 178) Neurobiological Theories and Models of Consciousness* (246) Mind-Brain Identity Theory* (502)István Aranyosi Biological Theories of Consciousness, Misc (16) Panpsychism (378 | 264)Sam Coleman The Combination Problem for Panpsychism (43)Gregory Miller Neutral Monism* (72) Russellian Monism* (158)Tom McClelland History: Panpsychism (11) Panpsychism, Misc (60) Theories of Consciousness, Misc (580 | 95) Dualism about Consciousness (119) Eliminativism about Consciousness (33) Illusionism about Consciousness (30) Idealism* (282)A. P. Taylor Phenomenalism* (102)Michael Pelczar Neutral Monism* (72) Russellian Monism* (158)Tom McClelland Theories of Consciousness, Miscellaneous (73) Consciousness and Content (1,376 | 103)David Bourget Consciousness and Intentionality (170)David Bourget Representationalism* (405)David Bourget Phenomenal Intentionality (152)David Bourget and Angela Mendelovici Conscious Thought (111)David Bourget Internalism and Externalism about Experience (104)David Bourget Phenomenal Concepts* (256)David Bourget Consciousness and Content, Misc (75)David Bourget Aspects of Consciousness (9,350 | 8,510) Extended Consciousness (27)Karina Vold The Unity of Consciousness (391) Homogeneity of Consciousness (22) Knowledge of Consciousness (168) The Function of Consciousness (87) Unconscious States (87) Collective Consciousness (28) The Value of Consciousness (11)Geoffrey Lee Aspects of Consciousness, Misc (19) Conscious States (345) Perception* (14,412 | 1,662)Benj Hellie Emotions* (6,604 | 2,635)Demian Whiting Temporal Experience* (548 | 151)Ian Phillips Bodily Experience* (599 | 217) Attention and Consciousness* (231)Sebastian Watzl Consciousness of Action (242)Myrto Mylopoulos Inner Speech* (91)Daniel Gregory Cognitive Phenomenology (103)Jordan Dodd Pleasure* (948)Chris Heathwood Pain* (821 | 592)Jennifer Corns Conscious States, Misc (0) Qualia (996 | 174)Andrew Bailey Qualia, Misc (135)Andrew Bailey Qualia and Materialism* (195)Andrew Bailey Eliminativism about Qualia (55)Andrew Bailey The Inverted Spectrum (180)Andrew Bailey Absent Qualia (56)Andrew Bailey Functionalism and Qualia (201)Andrew Bailey Self-Consciousness (1,665 | 20) Self-Consciousness in Psychology* (450) Immunity to Error through Misidentification (139) Animal Self-Consciousness* (137) Functionalism and Self-Consciousness (60) First-Person Contents* (296) Self-Consciousness in Experience (444) Self-Consciousness in Action (201) Nonconceptual/Prereflective Self-Consciousness (177) Self-Consciousness, Misc (624) Science of Consciousness* (29,547 | 2,042)Eve A. Isham Intentionality (10,881 | 1,945)Robert D. Rupert Propositional Attitudes (1,310 | 618) The Language of Thought (278) The Intentional Stance (114) Eliminativism about Propositional Attitudes (146) Belief* (1,632 | 865)Rima Basu Desire* (639 | 135)Neil Sinhababu Thought and Thinking* (222 | 73) Propositions* (1,042)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Attitude Ascriptions* (677 | 254)Gary Ostertag Propositional Attitudes, Misc (154) Content Internalism and Externalism (2,230 | 572)Laura Schroeter Varieties of Content Externalism (236 | 19)Gabriel Rabin Twin Earth and Externalism (112)Gabriel Rabin Social Externalism (91)Gabriel Rabin Extended Cognition* (440 | 19)David Chalmers Internalism and Externalism about Experience* (104)David Bourget Varieties of Content Externalism, Misc (14)Gabriel Rabin Externalism and Self-Knowledge (479 | 195)T. Parent Externalism and Slow Switching (123)T. Parent Externalism and Armchair Knowledge (110)T. Parent Externalism and Self-Knowledge, Misc (51)T. Parent Externalism and Cognitive Science (151 | 5) Externalism and Computation (18) Externalism and the Theory of Vision (21) Externalism and Psychological Explanation (93) Externalism and Cognitive Science, Misc (14) Extended Cognition (440 | 19)David Chalmers The Extended Mind Thesis (54) Applications of Extended Cognition (51) Extended Cognitive Science (44) Extended Cognition and Ethics (17) Extended Consciousness* (27)Karina Vold Extended Epistemology (49) Extended Selves (11) Metaphysics of Extended Cognition (29) Objections to Extended Cognition (64) Socially Extended Cognition (39) Extended Cognition, Misc (63) Content Internalism and Externalism, Misc (353 | 136) Externalism and Mental Causation (55)Carrie Figdor Narrow Content (126) Two-Dimensionalism about Content* (30)David Chalmers Content Internalism and Externalism, Miscellaneous (36) Naturalizing Mental Content (1,334 | 144)Dan Ryder Information-Based Accounts of Mental Content (153)Ben Phillips Asymmetric-Dependence Accounts of Mental Content (83) Causal Accounts of Mental Content, Misc (66) Teleological Accounts of Mental Content (238)Ming Tan Inferentialist Accounts of Meaning and Content (349)Paul Piwek Interpretivist Accounts of Meaning and Content (154) Phenomenal Intentionality (152)David Bourget and Angela Mendelovici Naturalizing Mental Content, Misc (147) The Nature of Contents (738 | 199) The Contents of Perception* (1,925 | 373)Susanna Siegel Conceptual and Nonconceptual Content* (414)Susanna Siegel Fregean and Russellian Contents (29) First-Person Contents* (296) Intentional Objects (85) Narrow Content* (126) Object-Dependent Contents (47)Blakely Phillips Propositions* (1,042)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Two-Dimensionalism about Content (30)David Chalmers The Nature of Contents, Misc (52) Aspects of Intentionality (1,165 | 102) Naturalism and Intentionality (125) Kripkenstein on Meaning* (214)Indrek Reiland Rule-Following (259)Indrek Reiland Normativity of Meaning and Content* (232)Indrek Reiland Meaning Holism* (292) Explanatory Role of Content (77) Collective Intentionality (553)Kirk Ludwig Aspects of Intentionality, Misc (49) Representation (670 | 435)Zoe Drayson The Concept of Representation (36) Varieties of Representation (59) Theories of Representation (67) Skepticism about Representations (14) Depiction* (748)Ben Blumson Representation in Cognitive Science* (475) Representation in Neuroscience* (193) Computation and Representation* (716 | 107)Michael Rescorla Representation, Misc (59) Concepts (1,141 | 217)Daniel Weiskopf Perception-Based Theories of Concepts (68)Daniel Weiskopf Inferential Theories of Concepts (88)Daniel Weiskopf Prototype and Exemplar Theories of Concepts (54)Daniel Weiskopf Theory-Based Theories of Concepts (46)Daniel Weiskopf Atomist Theories of Concepts (57)Daniel Weiskopf Theories of Concepts, Misc (106)Daniel Weiskopf Conceptual Analysis* (382)Joachim Horvath Conceptual Change (123)Daniel Weiskopf Conceptual Engineering* (125)Steffen Koch Concept Possession (141)Daniel Weiskopf Ontology of Concepts (41)Daniel Weiskopf Phenomenal Concepts* (256)David Bourget Recognitional Concepts (18)Daniel Weiskopf Innate Concepts (52) Mental Files (14) Concepts, Misc (116)Daniel Weiskopf Intentionality, Misc (348) Perception (14,412 | 1,662)Benj Hellie The Nature of Perceptual Experience (1,698 | 165)Benj Hellie Sense-Datum Theories (411)Benj Hellie Adverbialism and Qualia Theories (70)Benj Hellie Intentionalist Theories of Perception (146)Benj Hellie Belief Theories of Perception (33)Benj Hellie Naive and Direct Realism (419)Benj Hellie Disjunctivism (234)Heather Logue The Nature of Perceptual Experience, Misc (220)Benj Hellie The Perceptual Relation (621 | 90)Susanna Schellenberg The Causal Theory of Perception (93)Susanna Schellenberg Direct and Indirect Perception (200)Susanna Schellenberg The Objects of Perception (136)Susanna Schellenberg Perceptual Particularity (59)Susanna Schellenberg The Perceptual Relation, Misc (43)Susanna Schellenberg The Contents of Perception (1,925 | 373)Susanna Siegel Conceptual and Nonconceptual Content* (414)Susanna Siegel Color Experience (144)Susanna Siegel Spatial Experience (299)Susanna Siegel The Experience of Objects (134)Susanna Siegel The Experience of High-Level Properties (151)Susanna Siegel The Contents of Perception, Misc (410)Susanna Siegel Sensory Modalities (1,251 | 388)Casey O'Callaghan Distinguishing the Senses (58)Casey O'Callaghan Vision (140)Casey O'Callaghan Hearing (136)Casey O'Callaghan Touch (142)Louise Richardson Smell (68)Louise Richardson Taste Experience (25)Cain Todd Bodily Experience* (599 | 217) Molyneux's Problem (61)Casey O'Callaghan Synesthesia* (203)Ophelia Deroy Sensory Modalities, Misc (70)Casey O'Callaghan Crossmodal Perception (60)Casey O'Callaghan Sensory Disabilities and Disorders (103 | 46)Casey O'Callaghan Blindness (5)Casey O'Callaghan Deafness (45)Teresa Burke Sensory Disabilities and Disorders, Misc (7)Casey O'Callaghan Blindsight* (241) Synesthesia* (203)Ophelia Deroy Science of Perception (1,775 | 607) Modularity and Cognitive Penetrability (235)Dustin Stokes Ecological Approaches to Perception (221) Construction and Inference in Perception (81)Ayoob Shahmoradi Perception and Neuroscience (168) Psychophysics (148) Gestalt Theory (253) Visual Pathways* (67) Binocular Rivalry* (205) Blindsight* (241) Change/Inattentional Blindness* (310)Bradley Richards Science of Visual Consciousness* (1,446 | 384) Computer Vision* (3) Science of Perception, Misc (62) Perception and the Mind (1,088 | 291) Perceptual Knowledge* (1,401 | 123)Susanna Schellenberg Perception and Thought (139)Dustin Stokes Perception and Action (382) Perception and Reference (54) Perception and Phenomenology (187) Perception-Based Theories of Concepts (68)Daniel Weiskopf Perception and the Mind, Misc (34) Perceptual Knowledge (1,401 | 123)Susanna Schellenberg Discriminability* (74)Benj Hellie Dogmatism about Perception (81)Susanna Siegel Epistemic and Non-epistemic Perception (42)Susanna Schellenberg Naive and Direct Realism (419)Benj Hellie Perceptual Evidence (93)Susanna Schellenberg Perceptual Justification (415)Susanna Siegel Perception and Knowledge, Misc (229)Susanna Schellenberg Perception and Skepticism (221)Susanna Schellenberg Sense-Datum Theories (411)Benj Hellie Speckled Hen Problem (25)Kurt Sylvan The Given (172)Benj Hellie Perceptual Qualities (696 | 235) Color* (1,249 | 751)Alex Byrne Sound (182)Casey O'Callaghan Discriminability* (74)Benj Hellie Primary and Secondary Qualities (169) Perceptual Qualities, Misc (36) Qualia* (996 | 174)Andrew Bailey Color (1,249 | 751)Alex Byrne Physicalist Theories of Color (80)Alex Byrne Dispositionalist Theories of Color (45)Alex Byrne Primitivist Theories of Color (34)Alex Byrne Theories of Color, Misc (84)Alex Byrne Color Realism (95)Alex Byrne Color Irrealism (50)Alex Byrne Color Terms (36)Alex Byrne Color, Misc (74)Alex Byrne Aspects of Perception (624 | 41)Benj Hellie Illusion and Hallucination (171)Benj Hellie Transparency (120)Benj Hellie The Given (172)Benj Hellie Perceptual Reports (49)Benj Hellie Sensation and Perception (124)Benj Hellie Perceptual Constancy (98)John O'Dea Aspects of Perception, Misc (21)Benj Hellie Philosophy of Perception, General (422) Metaphysics of Mind (8,783 | 2,585) Physicalism about the Mind (1,969 | 749)István Aranyosi Formulating Physicalism (235)Gabriel Rabin Consciousness and Materialism* (1,948 | 217)David Chalmers Qualia and Materialism* (195)Andrew Bailey Mind-Brain Identity Theory (502)István Aranyosi Eliminative Materialism (102)István Aranyosi Anomalous Monism (203)István Aranyosi Nonreductive Materialism* (324)John Donaldson Physicalism about the Mind, Misc (178)István Aranyosi Dualism (837 | 288)Andreas Elpidorou Causal Closure of the Physical* (125)David Spurrett Interactionism (146) Epiphenomenalism (164) Psychophysical Parallelism (32) Dualism about Consciousness* (119) Dualism, Misc (207) Behaviorism (460 | 321) Logical Behaviorism (124) Psychological Behaviorism* (34) Behaviorism, Misc (15) Functionalism (443 | 227) Causal Role Functionalism (63) Machine Functionalism (36) Functionalist Theories of Consciousness (280 | 142) Dennett's Functionalism (128) Functionalism and Qualia* (201)Andrew Bailey Absent Qualia* (56)Andrew Bailey Cognitive Models of Consciousness* (205) Functionalist Theories of Consciousness, Misc (10) Functionalism and Qualia (201)Andrew Bailey Functionalism, Misc (117) Other Psychophysical Theories (44 | 44) Idealism* (282)A. P. Taylor Neutral Monism* (72) Panpsychism (378 | 264)Sam Coleman The Combination Problem for Panpsychism (43)Gregory Miller Neutral Monism* (72) Russellian Monism* (158)Tom McClelland History: Panpsychism (11) Panpsychism, Misc (60) Russellian Monism* (158)Tom McClelland Psychophysical Reduction (513 | 89)John Donaldson Nonreductive Materialism* (324)John Donaldson Reduction in Cognitive Science* (333)Mitchell Herschbach Multiple Realizability* (283)John Donaldson Psychophysical Reduction, Misc (101)John Donaldson Other Psychophysical Relations (195 | 15) Conceptual Analysis and A Priori Entailment (74)David Chalmers Realization* (141)Ronald Endicott Psychophysical Supervenience (65)Andreas Elpidorou Token Identity* (31)Jessica Wilson Psychophysical Emergence (50) Other Psychophysical Relations, Misc (67) Mental Causation (1,420 | 708)Sven Walter Anomalous Monism and Mental Causation (70)David Frost Causal Overdetermination* (113)Sara Bernstein Causal Closure of the Physical* (125)David Spurrett Downward Causation* (188)Sara Bernstein Epiphenomenalism (164) Explanatory Role of Content (77) Externalism and Mental Causation* (55)Carrie Figdor Functionalism and Mental Causation (21) Psychological Explanation* (435)Cameron Buckner Reasons and Causes* (595)Errol Lord Supervenient Causation* (50)Jessica Wilson The Exclusion Problem (547)John Donaldson The Function of Consciousness (87) Mental Causation, Misc (74) Theories of Personal Identity* (1,939 | 874) Free Will* (8,947 | 93)Justin A. 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Parent Knowledge of Consciousness (168) First-Person Authority and Privileged Access (283) First-Person Approaches in the Science of Consciousness* (1,203 | 166) Introspection and Introspectionism* (523)Kevin Reuter Infallibility and Incorrigibility In Self-Knowledge (131) Self-Deception* (368)Kevin Lynch History: Self-Knowledge (35) Self-Knowledge, Misc (237) The Problem of Other Minds (504 | 204) Analogy and Other Minds (47) Abduction and Other Minds (24) Criteria and Other Minds (24) Concepts of Other Minds (33) Direct Knowledge and Other Minds (69) Induction and Other Minds (19) Other Minds, Misc (71) Private Language and Other Minds (14) Perceptual Knowledge (1,401 | 123)Susanna Schellenberg Discriminability* (74)Benj Hellie Dogmatism about Perception (81)Susanna Siegel Epistemic and Non-epistemic Perception (42)Susanna Schellenberg Naive and Direct Realism (419)Benj Hellie Perceptual Evidence (93)Susanna Schellenberg Perceptual Justification (415)Susanna Siegel Perception and Knowledge, Misc (229)Susanna Schellenberg Perception and Skepticism (221)Susanna Schellenberg Sense-Datum Theories (411)Benj Hellie Speckled Hen Problem (25)Kurt Sylvan The Given (172)Benj Hellie Epistemology of Mind, Misc (101) Philosophy of Mind, Miscellaneous (1,473 | 426) Philosophy of Mind, General Works (406) Animal Minds* (1,034 | 325)Colin Allen Collective Mentality (193 | 24)Bryce Huebner Collective Belief (87) Collective Action* (478)Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko Collective Consciousness (28) Collective Epistemology* (277) Collective Intentionality (553)Kirk Ludwig Collective Intentions* (143) Collective Responsibility* (386)Garrath Williams Collective Mentality, Misc (169)Bryce Huebner Joint Attention (146)Michael Wilby Philosophy of Mind, Misc (448) Persons* (6,947 | 749)Timothy Campbell Philosophy of Cognitive Science* (104,938)

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