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Philosophy of Language

Edited by Berit Brogaard (University of Miami) Assistant editor: Jiangtian Li (University of Western Ontario) About this topic Summary "Philosophy of language" refers to an area of philosophy concerned with the syntactic properties as well as the meaning and reference of linguistic expressions, the things implied or indicated by linguistic expressions and the attributes of linguistic expressions as a function of linguistic and conversational contexts. Key works General collections of papers include The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language, A Companion to the Philosophy of Language and The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Language. William Lycan's Philosophy of Language offers a good introduction to the area. Introductions Encyclopedia articles include Michael P. Wolf, Philosophy of Language, Mark Crimmins, Philosophy of Language and Jennifer Saul, Feminist Philosophy of Language Show all references In this area Subcategories Philosophy of Linguistics (9,870 | 3,900)Edison Barrios Syntax* (897 | 336) Semantics (3,773 | 3,209)Brendan Balcerak Jackson Formal Semantics (312) Generative Semantics (16) Lexical Semantics (138) Semantic Phenomena* (1,254 | 210)Brendan Balcerak Jackson Semantic Theories* (1,637 | 533)Aran Arslan Specific Expressions* (8,962 | 238)Michael De Semantics-Pragmatics Distinction* (417)Andreas Stokke Semantics, Misc (98) Other Areas of Linguistics (881 | 474) Computational Linguistics (55) Historical Linguistics (53) Natural Language Processing* (36) Phonology (50) Pragmatics* (5,760 | 259)Christopher Gauker Psycholinguistics (188) Sociolinguistics (34) Other Areas of Linguistics, Misc (27) Methodology of Linguistics (438 | 42) Competence and Performance (34)Gareth Fitzgerald Linguistic Intuitions (75)Gareth Fitzgerald Prescriptivism and Descriptivism (3) Psychological Reality in Linguistics (111)Gareth Fitzgerald Methodology of Linguistics, Misc (173)Gareth Fitzgerald Philosophy of Linguistics, Miscellaneous (878 | 448) Knowledge of Language* (621 | 604)Guy Longworth Linguistic Innateness* (97 | 59) The Status of Linguistic Theories (150) Language Acquisition (94) Philosophy of Linguistics, Misc (186) Language Production and Comprehension (689 | 11) Knowledge of Language (621 | 604)Guy Longworth Competence and Performance (34)Gareth Fitzgerald Nature of Linguistic Knowledge (5) Knowledge of Syntax (1) Knowledge of Language, Misc (3) Language Understanding* (20) Linguistic Intuitions (75)Gareth Fitzgerald Lexical Knowledge (8) Language Acquisition* (94) Language Understanding (20) Linguistic Perception (10) Perception of Meaning (2) Speech Perception (4) Linguistic Perception, Misc (4) Language Production (7) Natural Language Processing* (36) Psycholinguistics* (188) Speech and Language Disorders (10) Language Production and Comprehension, Misc (10) Languages (2,890 | 294)Guy Longworth Linguistic Convention (240)Guy Longworth Idiolects (95)Guy Longworth Knowledge of Language* (621 | 604)Guy Longworth Languages, Misc (879)Guy Longworth Linguistic Universals (506)Guy Longworth Private Language (175)Guy Longworth Public Language (143)Guy Longworth Sign Language (2) Words (556)Guy Longworth Meaning (9,295 | 1,591)Steven Gross The Basis of Meaning (450 | 148) Deflationary Theories of Meaning (21) Inferentialist Accounts of Meaning and Content* (349)Paul Piwek Interpretivist Accounts of Meaning and Content* (154) Intention-Based Theories of Meaning (62) Thought-Based Theories of Meaning (18) Use Theories of Meaning (104) Naturalizing Mental Content* (1,334 | 144)Dan Ryder Theories of Reference* (476 | 156) Verificationist Theories of Meaning (25) Rule-Based Theories of Meaning (11)Indrek Reiland The Basis of Meaning, Misc (61) Aspects of Meaning (1,035 | 158) Kripkenstein on Meaning (214)Indrek Reiland Meaning Holism (292) Speaker Meaning and Semantic Meaning (86) Normativity of Meaning and Content (232)Indrek Reiland Aspects of Meaning, Misc (53) Analyticity (765 | 67)Joachim Horvath Conceptual Analysis* (382)Joachim Horvath Analyticity and A Priority (78) Definitions (106) Synonymy (78) The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction (329)Joachim Horvath The Paradox of Analysis (33) Analyticity, Misc (74)Joachim Horvath Interpretation (292 | 144) Interpretivist Accounts of Meaning and Content* (154) The Principle of Charity (51) Radical Interpretation (53) Interpretation, Misc (44) Propositions (1,042)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions as Acts (51)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions as Pleonastic (18)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions as Sets of Worlds (61)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions as Simple (15)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Structured Propositions (199)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Singular Propositions (123)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositional Temporalism and Eternalism (45)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson The Role of Propositions (39)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions and That-Clauses (62)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Attitude Ascriptions* (677 | 254)Gary Ostertag Propositions and Facts (63)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson The Unity of the Proposition (136)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Propositions, Misc (230)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Translation (289 | 115) The Indeterminacy of Translation (123) Translation, Misc (51) Semantic Phenomena (1,254 | 210)Brendan Balcerak Jackson Ambiguity and Polysemy (72) Compositionality (269)Peter Pagin Context and Context-Dependence* (880 | 255)Brian Rabern Conventional Implicature (37)Brian Robinson Intensionality and Opacity (110) Logical Form (275)Brendan Balcerak Jackson Nonliteral Meaning (41) Scope (148) Semantic Values (44) Semantic Phenomena, Misc (48) Metaphor* (847)Alper Yavuz Fregean Theories of Meaning (415 | 104)Alex Radulescu Frege's Puzzle (117)Alex Radulescu Fregean Sense (147)Alex Radulescu Fregean Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (54)Gary Ostertag Fregean and Russellian Contents* (29) Fregean Theories, Misc (47)Alex Radulescu Russellian and Direct Reference Theories of Meaning (174 | 100) Direct Reference Theories of Indexicals* (64)Brian Rabern Millian Theories of Names* (105) Russellian Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (62)Gary Ostertag Singular Propositions (123)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Structured Propositions (199)Thomas William Strickland Hodgson Russellian and Direct Reference Theories, Misc (74) Semantic Theories (1,637 | 533)Aran Arslan Conceptual Semantics (26)Aran Arslan Event-Based Semantics (25) Fregean Theories of Meaning* (415 | 104)Alex Radulescu Possible World Semantics (328)Mark Jago Justificationist Semantics (7) Relevance Theory* (95)Catherine Wearing Russellian and Direct Reference Theories of Meaning* (174 | 100) Situation Semantics (42)Aran Arslan Truth-Conditional Theories (228)Aran Arslan Truthmaker Semantics (22) Two-Dimensional Semantics (121)David Chalmers Type-Theoretic Semantics (35)Aran Arslan The Nature of Contents* (738 | 199) Dynamic Semantics (158) Semantic Theories, Misc (113)Aran Arslan Intentionality* (10,881 | 1,945)Robert D. Rupert Meaning, Misc (353) Reference (1,335 | 355)Stavroula Glezakos Theories of Reference (476 | 156) Causal Theories of Reference (139) Deflationary Theories of Reference (10) Descriptive Theories of Reference (64) Russellian and Direct Reference Theories of Meaning* (174 | 100) Theories of Reference, Misc (107) Aspects of Reference (334 | 137) Indeterminacy and Inscrutability of Reference (27) Empty Names* (125)Lee Walters Intension and Extension (14) Nonreferring Expressions (16) Reference Failure (13) Rigid Designation (74) Speaker Meaning and Semantic Meaning (86) Aspects of Reference, Misc (53) Reference, Misc (170) Philosophy of Language, Miscellaneous (2,577 | 273) Evolution of Language (283) Feminist Philosophy of Language (212)Nicole Wyatt Language and Society (151) Law and Language* (205 | 123)Hrafn Asgeirsson The Role of Language in Thought (427)Min Tang Use and Mention (39) Philosophy of Language, General Works (476) Philosophy of Language, Misc (716) Pragmatics (5,760 | 259)Christopher Gauker Assertion (834 | 126)Ofra Magidor Moore's Paradox (221) Assertion, Misc (145) Conditional Assertion* (27) Norms of Assertion (342)Matthew A. Benton Context and Context-Dependence (880 | 255)Brian Rabern Context and Logical Form (67)Brian Rabern Character and Content* (85)Brian Rabern Epistemic Contextualism* (894 | 118)Jonathan Ichikawa Semantic Contextualism (51) Semantic Minimalism (80)Brian Rabern The Nature of Context (114)Brian Rabern The Scope of Context-Dependence (109)Brian Rabern Contextual Theories of Vagueness* (86)Susanne Bobzien Hidden-Indexical Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (30)Gary Ostertag Predicates and Context-Dependence* (78)Jonny McIntosh Context and Context-Dependence, Misc (204)Brian Rabern Discourse Representation (279)Emar Maier Implicature (282 | 62)Brian Robinson Conventional Implicature (37)Brian Robinson Conversational Implicature (159)Brian Robinson Implicature, Misc (61)Brian Robinson Linguistic Communication (278)Christopher Gauker Linguistic Focus (53) Linguistic Force (56)Mitchell Green Metaphor (847)Alper Yavuz Performatives (68) Presupposition (305)Filippo Domaneschi Relevance Theory (95)Catherine Wearing Semantics-Pragmatics Distinction (417)Andreas Stokke Speech Acts (782)Mitchell Green Pragmatics, Misc (325) Specific Expressions (8,962 | 238)Michael De Adverbs (35) Attitude Ascriptions (677 | 254)Gary Ostertag De Re Belief* (142)Oliver Marshall Desire Ascriptions (27)Gary Ostertag Fregean Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (54)Gary Ostertag Perceptual Reports* (49)Benj Hellie Russellian Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (62)Gary Ostertag Frege's Puzzle (117)Alex Radulescu Hidden-Indexical Theories of Attitude Ascriptions* (30)Gary Ostertag Substitutivity in Attitude Ascriptions (66)Gary Ostertag Kripke's Puzzle About Belief (83)Gary Ostertag Speech Reports* (49)Martín Abreu Zavaleta Attitude Ascriptions, Misc (101)Gary Ostertag Conditionals (1,934 | 428) Truth-Conditional Accounts of Indicative Conditionals (137)Michał Sikorski Epistemic Accounts of Indicative Conditionals (99) Pragmatic Accounts of Indicative Conditionals (19) Indicative Conditionals and Conditional Probabilities (173) Indicative Conditionals, Misc (80) Possible-World Theories of Counterfactuals (206) Logic of Conditionals (230) Causal Theories of Counterfactuals (30) Counterpossible Conditionals (47) Indicative vs Subjunctive Conditionals (44) Conditional Assertion* (27) Subjunctive Conditionals, Misc (267) Conditionals, Misc (147) Connectives (341 | 28) Causal Connectives (0) Explanatory Connectives (1) Conditionals* (1,934 | 428) Conjunction (31) Disjunction (57) Logical Connectives* (338 | 158) Negation (188) Connectives, Misc (36) Descriptions (493 | 276)Eliot Michaelson Attributive and Referential Uses of Descriptions (42)Eliot Michaelson Descriptions as Predicates (11)Eliot Michaelson Descriptive Theories of Reference (64) Descriptive Theories of Names* (53) Incompleteness of Descriptions (25)Eliot Michaelson Indefinite Descriptions (24)Eliot Michaelson Presuppositional Account of Descriptions (15)Eliot Michaelson Russell's Theory of Descriptions (63)Eliot Michaelson Descriptions, Misc (37)Eliot Michaelson Determiners (89 | 65) Articles (3) Complex Demonstratives* (34)Brian Rabern Determiners, Misc (3) Numerical Expressions (14) Possessives (4) Quantifiers* (1,405 | 354) Generics (162)Miguel Hoeltje Indexicals and Demonstratives (570 | 121)Brian Rabern Character and Content* (85)Brian Rabern Complex Demonstratives* (34)Brian Rabern Demonstrative Theories of Names* (11) Demonstratives, Misc (64)Brian Rabern Direct Reference Theories of Indexicals* (64)Brian Rabern Indexicals, Misc (123)Brian Rabern The First-Person Pronoun (61)Brian Rabern Pure and Impure Indexicals (18)Brian Rabern Modal Expressions (371 | 71) Possible-World Theories of Counterfactuals (206) Deontic Modals (94) Epistemic Modals (153)Joe Salerno Modal Expressions, Misc (53) Names (641 | 289) Causal Theories of Names (16) Demonstrative Theories of Names* (11) Descriptive Theories of Names* (53) Empty Names* (125)Lee Walters Frege's Puzzle (117)Alex Radulescu Kripke's Puzzle About Belief (83)Gary Ostertag Millian Theories of Names* (105) Rigid Designation (74) Names, Misc (42) Nouns (364 | 162) Singular Terms (56) General Terms (20) Kind Terms (57) Names* (641 | 289) Mass Nouns and Count Nouns (61)Henry Laycock Nouns, Misc (8) Predicates (345 | 89) Adjectives, Misc (14) Gradable Adjectives (32) Predicates and Context-Dependence* (78)Jonny McIntosh Kinds of Predicate (7) States, Activities, Accomplishments, Achievements (49)Carrie Figdor Taste Predicates (52)Julia Zakkou Predicates, Misc (24) Pronouns and Anaphora (299)Peter van Elswyk Quantifiers (1,405 | 354) Generalized Quantifiers (437)Jakub Szymanik Plural Quantification (135)Salvatore Florio Quantification and Ontology (225)Gregory Lavers Quantifier Restriction (45) Unrestricted Quantification (59)Salvatore Florio Substitutional Quantification (55)Geoff Georgi Variables* (39) Quantifiers, Misc (95) Questions (124) Quotation (178) Temporal Expressions (435) Verbs (127 | 58) Attitude Ascriptions* (677 | 254)Gary Ostertag Intensional Transitive Verbs (54)Justin D'Ambrosio States, Activities, Accomplishments, Achievements (49)Carrie Figdor Verbs, Misc (15) Speech Reports (49)Martín Abreu Zavaleta Specific Expressions, Misc (90) Syntax (897 | 336) Syntactic Phenomena (238 | 123) Binding (20) Ellipsis (59) Grammaticality (5) Scope (148) Syntactic Categories (12) Syntactic Phenomena, Misc (19) Syntactic Theories (229 | 120) Government and Binding (15) The Minimalist Program (16) Nontransformational Grammars (8) Transformational Grammar (11) Universal Grammar (41) Syntactic Theories, Misc (18) Linguistic Innateness (97 | 59) Linguistic Universals* (506)Guy Longworth Linguistic Innateness, Misc (23) Poverty of the Stimulus (15) Universal Grammar (41) Truth (4,289 | 1,152)Patrick Greenough Theories of Truth (2,291 | 349)Patrick Greenough Coherence Theory of Truth (103)Patrick Greenough Correspondence Theory of Truth (251)Patrick Greenough Minimalism and Deflationism about Truth (628)Joseph Ulatowski Pragmatism about Truth (121)Patrick Greenough Tarskian Theories of Truth (137)Patrick Greenough Identity Theory of Truth (37)Daniel James Brigham Revision Theory of Truth (120)Shawn Standefer Prosentential Theory of Truth (26)Joseph Ulatowski Primitivism about Truth (62)Jamin Asay Pluralism about Truth (193)Cory Wright Contextualism about Truth (20) Theories of Truth, Misc (243)Patrick Greenough Truth, Miscellaneous (850 | 112)Patrick Greenough Relativism about Truth (275)Jonny McIntosh Truth Bearers (53)Patrick Greenough Truth and Justification (10)Patrick Greenough Truthmakers* (606)Jamin Asay Truth-Aptness (4) Truth-Values (27) Truth-Value Gaps (31) Truth-Value Gluts (17) Truth, Misc (321)Patrick Greenough Liar Paradox* (2,020)Kevin Scharp Vagueness and Indeterminacy* (1,741 | 280)Susanne Bobzien Vagueness and Indeterminacy (1,741 | 280)Susanne Bobzien Theories of Vagueness (813 | 163)Susanne Bobzien Contextual Theories of Vagueness* (86)Susanne Bobzien Degree Theories of Vagueness (90)Susanne Bobzien Epistemic Theories of Vagueness (116)Susanne Bobzien Incoherentism about Vagueness (20)Susanne Bobzien Intuitionistic Theories of Vagueness (20)Susanne Bobzien Nihilism about Vagueness (16)Susanne Bobzien Many-Valued Logic (66)Susanne Bobzien Supervaluationism (116)Susanne Bobzien Truth-Value Gluts (17) Truth-Value Gaps (31) Theories of Vagueness, Misc (120)Susanne Bobzien Indeterminacy (177 | 105) Quantum Indeterminacy* (106)Thomas Pashby Indeterminacy, Misc (22) Indeterminacy in Mathematics* (18)Rafal Urbaniak Problem of the Many* (55) The Open Future* (221)Sam Baron Indeterminacy of Legal Reasoning* (34) The Indeterminacy of Translation (123) Indeterminacy and Inscrutability of Reference (27) Metaphysical Indeterminacy (50) Vagueness and Indeterminacy, Misc (471 | 180)Susanne Bobzien Higher-Order Vagueness (69)Susanne Bobzien Sorites Paradox (138)Susanne Bobzien Vague Objects* (103) Vague Identity* (145)Eric de Araujo Open Texture (5) Vagueness in Ethics and the Law (65)Susanne Bobzien Vagueness and Indeterminacy, Miscellaneous (14)

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