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Philosophy of Biology

Edited by Manolo Martínez (Universitat de Barcelona) Assistant editor: Wiseley Wong (University of Western Ontario) About this topic Summary Philosophy of biology generally covers the issues that arise from the science and history of biology. It includes evolutionary, developmental, environmental and genetic biology, as well as such issues as evolutionary ethics and epistemology, the general notions of biological information, function, classification and heredity. Metalevel issues in the philosophy of biology deal with such matters as the reduction of biology to physical or molecular theories, the question of lawlike generalisations in biology, and of natural kinds. The field has been divided into four general areas: Developmental Biology, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, as well as several specialist fields. A special field of Environmental Philosophy covers policy and ethical issues to do with the environment. Systematic Biology covers the role and tasks of classification within biology and related fields. Teleology and Function covers what has been a very active subject in the field. Finally, Interlevel Relations in Biology covers discussions of this subject as it pertains to biology in particular. Key works Sterelny 1995 Stotz et al 2004 Sober 1984 Sarkar 2004 Show all references In this area Subcategories Developmental Biology (1,433 | 384)Michal Arciszewski Developmental Constraints (56)Michal Arciszewski Developmental Modularity (45)Michal Arciszewski Developmental Systems Theory (136)Michal Arciszewski Ecological Developmental Biology (46)Michal Arciszewski Epigenetic Inheritance (90)Michal Arciszewski Evolutionary Developmental Biology (374)Michal Arciszewski Genetic Program* (24) Innateness (49 | 44) Innate Concepts* (52) Linguistic Innateness* (97 | 59) Innateness of Sexual Orientation* (12) Nativism in Cognitive Science* (234 | 143)Armin W. Schulz Innateness, Misc (5) Nature and Nurture (140)Michal Arciszewski Process Structuralism (29)Michal Arciszewski Developmental Biology, Misc (84)Michal Arciszewski Ecology and Conservation Biology (2,130 | 984)Christopher H. Eliot Conservation Ethics* (138) Biodiversity (293)Christopher H. Eliot Deep Ecology* (233) Ecological Developmental Biology* (46)Michal Arciszewski Ecology and Conservation Biology, Misc (351)Christopher H. Eliot Ecosystems (107)Christopher H. Eliot Human Ecology (199) Population Ecology (171)Christopher H. Eliot Prioritization (10)Christopher H. Eliot Reduction in Ecology (15)Christopher H. Eliot Social Ecology* (86) Evolutionary Biology (9,625 | 4,564)Jonathan Birch Anti-Darwinist Approaches (570 | 236) Evolution and Creationism (52) Intelligent Design (236) Punctuated Equilibrium (19) Process Structuralism* (29)Michal Arciszewski Anti-Darwinist Approaches, Misc (27) Levels and Units of Selection (392 | 196) Group Selection (90) Gene Selection (16) The Selfish Gene (22) Organismic Selection (19) Levels and Units of Selection, Misc (49) Evolution of Phenomena (1,908 | 1,181) Evolution of Cognition* (459 | 4)Taylor S. Murphy Evolution of Altruism (149) Evolution of Complexity (39) Evolution of Consciousness* (288) Evolution of Culture (286) Evolution of Language* (283) Evolution of Morality* (1,066)Benjamin James Fraser Evolutionary Epistemology* (303) Sociobiology (218) Evolution of Phenomena, Misc (35) Mechanisms of Evolution (1,169 | 229) Epigenetic Inheritance* (90)Michal Arciszewski Evolutionary Game Theory* (163) Genetic Drift (87) Exaptation (26) Heritability (72) Natural Selection (479) Niche Construction (127) Speciation (57) Mechanisms of Evolution, Misc (92) Evolutionary Biology, Miscellaneous (1,034 | 199) Adaptationism (155) Darwinism (227) Epistemology of Evolution (39) Evolutionary Progress (20) Fitness (182) Optimality (66) Evolutionary Biology, Misc (146) Genetics and Molecular Biology (3,278 | 1,520)Yafeng Shan Genetics (689 | 448)Yafeng Shan Classical Genetics (25) Classical and Molecular Genetics (8) Genotypes and Phenotypes (49) Molecular Genetics (39) Population Genetics (75) Reduction in Genetics (22)Yafeng Shan Genetics, Misc (23) Genes (749 | 575)Yafeng Shan Defining Genes (7) Gene Concepts (29) Genome Project (51) Genetic Determinism (20) Genetic Information (30) Genetic Program (24) Selfish Gene (10) Genes, Misc (3) Genetic Ethics* (3,045 | 527)Michele Loi Molecular Biology, Misc (320) Philosophy of Biology, Miscellaneous (11,112 | 1,826)Marc Artiga Artificial Life (228) Biological Information (403) Biological Modeling (381) Biomedical Information* (2) Causation in Biology (205) Complexity in Biology (298) Biology and Society (131) Explanation in Biology (439) History of Biology (5,339) Life (465) Philosophy of Biology, General Works (801) Philosophy of Biology, Misc (415) Philosophy of Food and Drink* (221 | 1)Andrea Borghini Vitalism (181) Systematic Biology (1,635 | 258)John Wilkins Homology (97) Biological Natural Kinds (289) Organisms (116) Populations (81) Species (742 | 355)John Wilkins Essentialism about Species (91) Phylogenetic Inference (43) Species Concepts (149) The Metaphysics of Species (104) Systematic Biology, Misc (53) Environmental Philosophy (2,182 | 1,218)Benjamin Hale Environmental Philosophies (645 | 80) Conservation Ethics (138) Deep Ecology (233) Ecofeminism* (242) Environmental Pluralism (10) Environmental Pragmatism (33) Environmental Humanism (10) Social Ecology (86) Environmental Philosophies, Misc (56) Environmental Philosophy, Misc (36) Environmental Ethics* (16,025 | 6,747)William Grove-Fanning Environmental Ethics, Misc* (239) Topics in Environmental Ethics* (4,126 | 1,579)William Grove-Fanning Environmental Value* (282 | 38)William Grove-Fanning Non-Human Animals (62 | 9)Cameron Buckner Animal Minds* (1,034 | 325)Colin Allen Animal Ethics* (4,631 | 1,659)Erwin Lengauer Critical Animal Studies (14) Non-Human Animals, Misc (39)Cameron Buckner Philosophy of Food and Drink (221 | 1)Andrea Borghini Drinks and Drinking (26) Alcoholism* (0) Coffee and Tea (2) Drunkenness (3) Wine (17)Cain Todd Drinks and Drinking, Misc (4) Food Ethics (150 | 19)Andrea Borghini Vegetarianism* (369)Erwin Lengauer Food Law (8)Andrea Borghini Food Science and Technology (16)Andrea Borghini Food Politics (35)Andrea Borghini Hunger (18)Andrea Borghini Food Ethics, Misc (54)Andrea Borghini Philosophy of Food and Drink, Misc (44)Andrea Borghini Food and Drink Aesthetics (24)Cain Todd Food Ontology (12)Andrea Borghini Taste Experience* (25)Cain Todd Philosophy of Food and Drink, Miscellaneous (8)Andrea Borghini Teleology and Function (1,064 | 38)Steve Elliott Teleology (548)Steve Elliott Functions (394)Steve Elliott Teleology and Function, Misc (84)Steve Elliott Functionalism* (443 | 227) Consequentialism and Teleology* (33) Teleological Accounts of Mental Content* (238)Ming Tan Vitalism (181) Functional Explanation* (44) Interlevel Relations in Biology (364 | 121)Laura Franklin-Hall Reduction in Biology (110 | 74)Laura Franklin-Hall Reduction in Ecology* (15)Christopher H. Eliot Reduction in Genetics (22)Yafeng Shan Reduction in Biology, Misc (36)Laura Franklin-Hall Emergence in Biology (78)Laura Franklin-Hall Interlevel Relations in Biology, Misc (55)Laura Franklin-Hall

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