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Natural Sciences

In this area Subcategories Biological Sciences (4,142) Chemistry (39) Earth Sciences (57) Physics (476) Space Sciences (35) Natural Sciences, Misc (104) Also in this area Entries to categorize (67)

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  1. Programming Planck Units From a Virtual Electron; a Simulation Hypothesis (Summary).Malcolm Macleod - 2018 - Eur. Phys. J. Plus 133:278.details
  2. History of the Term Hormone in Botany and the Discovery of Growth-Substances.E. Hextermann - 1994 - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 16 (2):311-337.details
  3. Science Gone Astray: Evolution and Rape. [REVIEW]Elisabeth A. Lloyd - 2001 - Michigan Law Review 99 (6):1536-1559.details
  4. Reducing Chemistry to Physics: Limits, Models, Consequences.Hinne Hettema - 2012 - Createspace.details
  5. Plantas de uso medicinal ou ritual numa feira livre no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.Mary Margaret Stalcup & Meg Stalcup - 2000 - Dissertation, Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeirodetails
  6. The Significances of Bacterial Colony Patterns.James A. Shapiro - 1995 - Bioessays 17 (7):597-607.details
  7. Origin of Life as a Probabilistic Event in the Universe.Dimitri Marques Abramov & Carlos Alberto Mourão-Junior - manuscriptdetails
  8. Reflexiones preliminares sobre la responsabilidad por daños ambientales.Gloria Amparo Rodríguez & Iván Vargas-Chaves - 2015 - In Gloria Amparo Rodríguez & Iván Vargas-Chaves (eds.), Perspectivas de responsabilidad por daños ambientales en Colombia. Bogotá: Universidad del Rosario. pp. 1-14.details
  9. Some Radical New Ideas About Consciousness 2012 - Consciousness and the Cosmos: A New Copernican Reolution, Part 1 Science, Consciousness and the Universe.Lorna Green - manuscriptdetails
  10. On Discrete Physics: A Perfect Deterministic Structure for Reality – and "A Direct Logical Derivation of the Fundamental Laws of Nature".Ramin [A.] Zahedi - 2015 - CERN Document, Geneva, Switzerland, Record:1980381, PP. 11-99; Paris-Sorbonne University Publs., CCSD/CNRS-Record:01547739, PP. 11-99.details

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