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General Philosophy of Science

Edited by Howard Sankey (University of Melbourne) About this topic Summary In contrast with the philosophy of a specific area of science (e.g. philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology), the general philosophy of science deals with questions that span the sciences.  The main questions in this area have been the broad question of the nature and justification of the scientific method, as well as questions about the nature of scientific theory change.  The nature and structure of scientific explanation, as well as the nature and status of scientific laws have also been central questions.  The debate between scientific realist and anti-realist approaches to science is also a topic in general philosophy of science. Key works Hempel 1966 Chalmers 1976 Godfrey-Smith 2003 Show all references In this area Subcategories Scientific Method (4,401 | 1,569)Darrell P. Rowbottom Evidence* (666 | 46)Christopher Michael Cloos Confirmation (805 | 475) Bayesian Reasoning* (2,416 | 400)James Hawthorne Confirmation Holism (33) Varieties of Confirmation (18) Paradox of Confirmation (92) Quine-Duhem Thesis (83)Howard Sankey Confirmation, Misc (104) Induction (1,588 | 428)Guy Axtell Induction, Misc (46) Induction and Other Minds* (19) Inductive Logic* (253) Inductive Reasoning (109) Inductive Skepticism (475) Justification of Induction (238) New Riddle of Induction (214) Inductive Risk (78)Guy Axtell Probabilistic Reasoning* (4,782 | 88) Scientific Change* (1,633 | 4)Howard Sankey Inference to the Best Explanation* (199 | 90)Brad Weslake Theoretical Virtues* (674 | 145)Guy Axtell Scientific Method, Misc (441 | 73) Analogy in Science (67) Hypothetico-Deductive Method (26) Scientific Metamethodology (86) Scientific Method, Miscellaneous (189) Explanation (2,699 | 935)Brad Weslake Theories of Explanation (394 | 70) Causal Accounts of Explanation (108)Brad Weslake Deductive-Nomological Explanation (48)Brad Weslake Unification Accounts of Explanation (58)Brad Weslake Pragmatic Theories of Explanation (19) Theories of Explanation, Misc (91) Varieties of Explanation (501 | 21) Functional Explanation (44) Mathematical Explanation (123)Gianluca Longa Mechanistic Explanation (175)Brad Weslake Narrative Explanation (52)Brad Weslake Statistical Explanation (35)Brad Weslake Explanatory Pluralism* (125)Cory Wright Varieties of Explanation, Misc (51) Explanation in the Sciences (138 | 69) Explanation in Neuroscience* (311) Explanation in the Sciences, Misc (69) Chemical Explanation* (71) Explanation in Mathematics* (73)Gianluca Longa Functional Explanation in Social Science* (79) Explanation in Cognitive Science* (221) Explanation in Biology* (439) Explanation, Misc (731 | 43)Brad Weslake Explanation and Laws (95)Markus Schrenk Inference to the Best Explanation (199 | 90)Brad Weslake Abductive Replies to Skepticism* (42) Abduction and Other Minds* (24) Abduction and Scientific Realism* (127)Moti Mizrahi Inference to the Best Explanation, Misc (109)Brad Weslake Pragmatics and Explanation (30)Brad Weslake Explanatory Value (25) Explanation and Understanding (130)Finnur Dellsén Explanatory Pluralism* (125)Cory Wright Explanation, Miscellaneous (85) History of Science (21,894 | 21,574)Stephen Weldon History of Psychology* (306 | 158) History of Neuroscience* (42) History of Biology* (5,339) History of Physics* (1,103) History of Cognitive Science* (33) History of Chemistry* (275) History of Science, Misc (320)Stephen Weldon Laws of Nature (1,469 | 3)Markus Schrenk Anti-Realism about Laws (102)Markus Schrenk Best-Systems Analyses (90)Markus Schrenk Ceteris Paribus Laws (174)Markus Schrenk Humeanism and Nonhumeanism about Laws (170)Markus Schrenk Law Statements (60)Markus Schrenk Laws as Relations between Universals (105)Markus Schrenk Necessitarianism about Laws (154)Markus Schrenk Nomological Necessity* (151)Markus Schrenk Probabilistic Laws (54)Markus Schrenk Special Science Laws (161)Markus Schrenk Laws of Nature, Misc (396)Markus Schrenk Explanation and Laws* (95)Markus Schrenk Causation and Laws* (154)Markus Schrenk Dispositions and Laws* (159)Markus Schrenk General Philosophy of Science, Miscellaneous (2,806 | 1,057) Logical Empiricism* (458)Sebastian Lutz Feminist Philosophy of Science* (257) Nature of Science (371 | 232) Nature of Science, Misc (59) Demarcation of Science (31)Yafeng Shan Pseudoscience (49) Unity of Science* (209) Falsification* (73)Guy Axtell Science and Religion* (5,197)Muhammad-Taqīy Mudarrisī Philosophy of Science, General Works* (455) General Philosophy of Science, Misc (1,378) Interlevel Relations in Science (1,158 | 33)Ronald Endicott Emergence* (622 | 449)Patrick McGivern Reduction (845 | 255) Nonreductive Materialism* (324)John Donaldson Reductionism (105)Ronald Endicott Multiple Realizability (283)John Donaldson Interlevel Relations in Chemistry* (33) Reduction in Biology* (110 | 74)Laura Franklin-Hall Reduction in Ecology* (15)Christopher H. Eliot Reduction in Genetics* (22)Yafeng Shan Reduction in Cognitive Science* (333)Mitchell Herschbach Reduction in Social Science* (69)Cory Wright Reduction, Misc (20)Ronald Endicott Reductive Explanation (36)Raphael Van Riel Theory Reduction (146)Raphael Van Riel Interlevel Metaphysics* (2,104)Jessica Wilson Metaphysics of Mind* (8,783 | 2,585) Physicalism* (272 | 89)Andreas Elpidorou Realization* (141)Ronald Endicott Supervenience* (546 | 236)Jessica Wilson Unity of Science (209) Interlevel Relations in Biology* (364 | 121)Laura Franklin-Hall Interlevel Relations in Cognitive Science* (476 | 109) Interlevel Relations in Physical Science* (199 | 44) Interlevel Relations in Science, Misc (71) Scientific Change (1,633 | 4)Howard Sankey Evolutionary Epistemology* (303) Conceptual Change in Science* (248)Howard Sankey Convergent Realism* (55)Milena Ivanova Incommensurability in Science (406)Howard Sankey Research Programs* (114)Howard Sankey Science and Values* (1,717 | 1,645)Matthew J. Brown Scientific Change, Misc (180) Scientific Progress (352)Howard Sankey Scientific Revolutions (328)Howard Sankey Theory Change (363)Howard Sankey Scientific Language (821 | 1)Howard Sankey Cognitive Significance in Science (74)Howard Sankey Conceptual Change in Science* (248)Howard Sankey Incommensurability in Science (406)Howard Sankey Operationalism (43)Howard Sankey Ramsey Sentences (70)Howard Sankey Reference in Science (99)Howard Sankey Scientific Representation (207) Scientific Language, Misc (79)Howard Sankey Scientific Practice (3,829 | 861) Experimentation in Science (271) Measurement in Science (206)Alessandro Giordani Observation in Science (166 | 66) Observables (27) The Observation-Theory Distinction (43) Observation, Misc (30) Prediction in Science (75) Scientific Discovery (148) Scientific Instruments (77) Simulation in Science (86) Thought Experiments* (482)Magdalena Balcerak Jackson Science and Values (1,717 | 1,645)Matthew J. Brown Inductive Risk (78)Guy Axtell Value-Free Science (35) Theoretical Virtues* (674 | 145)Guy Axtell Science and Values, Misc (37) Applications of Science (60) Scientific Practice, Misc (162) Scientific Realism (3,755 | 15)Howard Sankey Varieties of Scientific Realism (1,272 | 304)Milena Ivanova Standard Scientific Realism (235)Laura Felline Convergent Realism (55)Milena Ivanova Deployment Realism (59)Laura Felline Entity Realism (129)Milena Ivanova Scientific Semi-Realism (17)Milena Ivanova Structural Realism (281)James Ladyman Varieties of Scientific Realism, Misc (193)Milena Ivanova Alternatives to Scientific Realism (960 | 1)Sebastian Lutz Constructive Empiricism (396)Yafeng Shan Scientific Conventionalism (225) Natural Ontological Attitude (30) Scientific Fictionalism (17) Social Constructionism about Science (113) Instrumentalism (59) Alternatives to Scientific Realism, Misc (119) Arguments For and Against Scientific Realism (792 | 266)Moti Mizrahi Convergence and Scientific Realism (24)Moti Mizrahi Abduction and Scientific Realism (127)Moti Mizrahi Novel Predictions and Scientific Realism (19)Moti Mizrahi The Observation-Theory Distinction (43) Underdetermination of Theory by Data* (338)Margaret Greta Turnbull Historical Arguments Against Scientific Realism (151)Moti Mizrahi The Miracle Argument for Scientific Realism (72)Moti Mizrahi Arguments For and Against Scientific Realism, Misc (133)Moti Mizrahi Truth and Verisimilitude (362 | 1)Gustavo Cevolani Scientific Truth (85)Gustavo Cevolani Verisimilitude (259)Gustavo Cevolani Truth and Verisimilitude, Misc (17)Gustavo Cevolani Scientific Realism, Misc (354) Sociology of Science (2,655)Markus Seidel Theories and Models (2,766 | 609)Arnon Levy The Nature of Theories (397 | 68) The Received View of Theories (25) Research Programs (114)Howard Sankey Semantic View of Theories (128) The Nature of Theories, Misc (62) Theoretical Virtues* (674 | 145)Guy Axtell Underdetermination of Theory by Data (338)Margaret Greta Turnbull Nonempirical Virtues* (114)Guy Axtell Empirically Equivalent Theories (93) Confirmation Holism (33) Quine-Duhem Thesis (83)Howard Sankey Underdetermination of Theory by Data, Misc (245) Scientific Models (601 | 4) The Nature of Models (456) Modeling Practices (35) Models and Explanation (44) Analogy in Science (67) Approximation (22) Idealization* (129) Semantic View of Theories (128) Scientific Representation* (207) Simulation in Science* (86) Scientific Models, Misc (40) Idealization (129) Theories and Models, Misc (18)

History/traditions: General Philosophy of Science

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