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Applied Ethics

Edited by Ezio Di Nucci (University of Copenhagen) Assistant editor: Heather Stewart (University of Western Ontario) In this area Subcategories Applied Ethics, Miscellaneous (10,072 | 1,856) General Issues in Applied Ethics (7,548 | 631) Autonomy in Applied Ethics (6,095)Andrew Jason Cohen Benevolence in Applied Ethics (9) Beneficence in Applied Ethics (43) Harm in Applied Ethics (129) Honesty in Applied Ethics (16) Justice in Applied Ethics (46) Lawfulness in Applied Ethics (4) Paternalism in Applied Ethics (104) Rights in Applied Ethics (112 | 103)Tom Dougherty Property Rights* (470 | 287) Miscellaneous Rights* (842 | 352) Human Rights* (2,726 | 2,353) Group Rights* (321 | 113) Bodily Rights* (150 | 11) Rights in Applied Ethics, Misc (9) Applied Ethics and Normative Ethics (68) Responsibility in Applied Ethics (238)Garrath Williams General Issues in Applied Ethics, Misc (53) Applied Ethics, General Works (162) Applied Ethics, Misc (362) Ethical Theories in Applied Ethics (52 | 16) Consequentialism in Applied Ethics* (35) Ethical Theories in Applied Ethics, Misc (36) Applied Virtue Ethics* (109)Jason Kawall Deontology in Applied Ethics* (24) Charitable Giving (92 | 8) Effective Altruism (65)Antonin Broi Charitable Giving, Misc (19) Biomedical Ethics (80,341 | 37,122)L. Syd M Johnson Death and Dying (6,113 | 1,923)Craig Paterson Assisted Suicide (820)Craig Paterson Brain Death (524)Craig Paterson Capital Punishment* (322)Benjamin S. Yost Cryonics (8)Craig Paterson Defining Death (128)Craig Paterson Euthanasia (1,463) Genocide* (206) Infanticide (127)Craig Paterson Life Support (111)Craig Paterson Suicide (210)Craig Paterson The Badness of Death (357)Craig Paterson Death and Dying, Misc (442)Craig Paterson Disability (1,195 | 938)Jami L. Anderson The Concept of Disability (94)Elizabeth Cantalamessa Disability and Well-Being (70)Joseph A. Stramondo Disability Rights* (151) Disability, Misc (42) Cognitive Disabilities and Disorders* (717 | 167) Mental Disorders* (2,948 | 1,019) Physical Disabilities (50) Sensory Disabilities and Disorders* (103 | 46)Casey O'Callaghan Feminism: Disability* (159) Genetic Ethics (3,045 | 527)Michele Loi Eugenics (593)Michele Loi Cloning* (429)Ruchika Mishra Genetic Engineering (292)Michele Loi Genetic Testing (955)Michele Loi Human Genetic Modification (399)Michele Loi Genetic Ethics, Misc (279)Michele Loi Medical Ethics (18,942 | 12,571)Ruchika Mishra Advance Directives (130)Ruchika Mishra Beneficence in Medical Ethics (101)Ruchika Mishra Confidentiality in Medicine (43)Ruchika Mishra Informed Consent in Medicine (831)Ruchika Mishra Illness* (240) Life Extension (52)Ruchika Mishra Malpractice (96)Ruchika Mishra Medicine and Law (342)Ruchika Mishra Medical Research Ethics (672)Ruchika Mishra Nursing Ethics (2,555) Organ Donation (241)Ruchika Mishra Organ Transplantation (158)Ruchika Mishra Psychiatric Ethics (390)Şerife Tekin Therapeutic Cloning (21)Ruchika Mishra Public Health* (5,691 | 3,246) Medical Resource Allocation (424)Benjamin Davies Medical Ethics, Misc (315)Ruchika Mishra Neuroethics (2,288 | 1,398)L. Syd M Johnson Brain Death (524)Craig Paterson Ethics of Brain Imaging (59)L. Syd M Johnson Cognitive Enhancement (274)L. Syd M Johnson Neuroethics, Misc (557)L. Syd M Johnson Neuroscience of Ethics* (162)Joshua May Psychopathology* (779 | 558)Şerife Tekin Vegetative State and Coma* (395)L. Syd M Johnson Public Health (5,691 | 3,246) Aging (24) Disability* (1,195 | 938)Jami L. Anderson Disease* (2,590)Mary Jean Walker Drugs (726 | 401) Alcoholism (0) Drug Addiction (68) Pharmaceuticals (217) Recreational Drugs (18) Drugs and Consciousness* (70) Drugs, Misc (22) Global Health (0)Kyle Ferguson Health* (154) Health Care Justice (840)Benjamin Davies Health Care Rights (141) Public Health, Misc (705) Health Resource Allocation (9) Reproductive Ethics (5,043 | 2,827)Ruchika Mishra Abortion (922)Ruchika Mishra Birth* (20) Cloning* (429)Ruchika Mishra Contraception (81)Ruchika Mishra Disability* (1,195 | 938)Jami L. Anderson Parenthood* (331 | 198)Anca Gheaus Morality of Procreation (133)Ruchika Mishra Reproductive Rights* (88) Sex Selection (36)Ruchika Mishra Sperm and Egg Donation (38)Ruchika Mishra Stem Cell Research (373)Ruchika Mishra Surrogate Motherhood (68)Ruchika Mishra Reproductive Ethics, Misc (136)Ruchika Mishra Biomedical Ethics, Miscellaneous (902 | 178)L. Syd M Johnson Biotechnology Ethics (250)L. Syd M Johnson Biological Enhancement (198)Michele Loi Biomedical Information* (2) Biomedical Ethics, Misc (276)L. Syd M Johnson Business Ethics (21,373 | 17,157)Joakim Sandberg Accounting Ethics (38 | 20) Ethical Audits (3) Social and Environmental Reporting (6) Accounting Ethics, Misc (9) Financial Ethics (1,493 | 1,112)Joakim Sandberg Corporate Governance (51)Joakim Sandberg Ethics of Executive Remuneration (48)Joakim Sandberg Ethics of Mergers and Acquisitions (4)Joakim Sandberg Insider Trading (28)Joakim Sandberg Microfinance (26)Joakim Sandberg Shareholder Activism (20)Joakim Sandberg Socially Responsible Investment (125)Joakim Sandberg Financial Ethics, Misc (79)Joakim Sandberg Foundations of Business Ethics (575 | 358)Joakim Sandberg Moral Theory and Business Ethics (93)Joakim Sandberg Narratives in Business Ethics (3)Joakim Sandberg The Possibility of Business Ethics (19)Joakim Sandberg Stakeholder Theory (71)Joakim Sandberg Foundations of Business Ethics, Misc (31)Joakim Sandberg Management Ethics (674 | 510) Bluffing and Fraud in Business (2) Corporate Philanthropy (6) Corruption in Business (16) Ethical Leadership (44) Fair Trade (21) International Management Ethics (25) Sales Ethics (8) Management Ethics, Misc (43) Marketing Ethics (118 | 30) Advertising Ethics (32) Consumer Ethics (28) Corporate Ethical Reputation (6) Stakeholder Expectations of Business (8) Marketing Ethics, Misc (14) Organizational Ethics (735 | 440) Corporate Ethical Climate (27) Corporate Codes of Ethics (30) Corporate Ethics Training (12) Corporate Ethics Officers (7) Corporate Ethics Programs, Misc (12) Ethical Design of Organizations (29) Whistleblowing (147) Organizational Ethics, Misc (31) Context of Business Ethics (125 | 5) Business Ethics and Non-Governmental Organizations (8) Business Ethics and Public Policy (44)Ramiro Ávila Peres Business Ethics and Religion (10) Business Ethics and Societal Culture (30) Moral Reasoning in Business (21)Ramiro Ávila Peres Context of Business Ethics, Misc (7) Business Ethics, Misc (458 | 325) Teaching Business Ethics (69) Business Ethics Consulting (4) Business Ethics, Miscellaneous (60) Environmental Ethics (16,025 | 6,747)William Grove-Fanning Animal Ethics (4,631 | 1,659)Erwin Lengauer Animal Cruelty (48)Erwin Lengauer Animal Rights (977)Erwin Lengauer Animal Well-Being (29)Adam Shriver Speciesism (173)Erwin Lengauer Vegetarianism (369)Erwin Lengauer Animal Experimentation (491)Stephen Zylstra Animal Captivity (132)Nicolas Delon Domestic Animals (102)Nicolas Delon Moral Status of Animals (342)Nicolas Delon Animal Ethics, Misc (309)Erwin Lengauer Environmental Value (282 | 38)William Grove-Fanning Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis (39)William Grove-Fanning Environmental Diversity (13)William Grove-Fanning Intrinsic Environmental Value (73)William Grove-Fanning Instrumental Environmental Value (33)William Grove-Fanning Environmental Value, Misc (86)William Grove-Fanning Food Ethics* (150 | 19)Andrea Borghini Topics in Environmental Ethics (4,126 | 1,579)William Grove-Fanning Climate Change (1,301)David R. Morrow Ecology and Conservation Biology* (2,130 | 984)Christopher H. Eliot Environmental Justice (221) Future Generations (364)Ori Herstein Nature (176) Pollution (23) Species* (742 | 355)John Wilkins Sustainability (203) Wilderness (187) Topics in Environmental Ethics, Misc (72) Environmental Philosophies* (645 | 80) Environmental Ethics, Misc (239) Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality* (29,340)Lynne Tirrell Professional Ethics (10,685 | 3,183) Academic and Teaching Ethics* (1,438) Engineering Ethics (871)Hector MacIntyre Media Ethics (3,907)Lavinia Marin Military Ethics (1,131)Michael Kocsis Legal Ethics (1,104) Professional Ethics, Misc (144) Scientific Research Ethics (345)Lavinia Marin Political Ethics (7,547 | 3,573) Criminal Justice Ethics (1,909 | 747) Policing (227)Christohper Nathan Punishment (428) Capital Punishment* (322)Benjamin S. Yost Imprisonment (135)William Bülow Criminal Justice Ethics, Misc (50) Government Ethics (123) International Ethics (1,942 | 1,820) Famine (36) Global Justice* (2,462) War and Violence* (6,260 | 132)Jessica Wolfendale International Ethics, Misc (86) Social Ethics (5,327 | 897) Deception (238) Disability (1,195 | 938)Jami L. Anderson The Concept of Disability (94)Elizabeth Cantalamessa Disability and Well-Being (70)Joseph A. Stramondo Disability Rights* (151) Disability, Misc (42) Cognitive Disabilities and Disorders* (717 | 167) Mental Disorders* (2,948 | 1,019) Physical Disabilities (50) Sensory Disabilities and Disorders* (103 | 46)Casey O'Callaghan Feminism: Disability* (159) Family Ethics (1,225 | 178)Anca Gheaus Ethics of Childhood (656 | 288)Anca Gheaus Children's Rights (131)Anca Gheaus Children's Well-Being (121)Anca Gheaus Children and Politics (21)Anca Gheaus Ethics of Childhood, Misc (95)Anca Gheaus Parenthood* (331 | 198)Anca Gheaus Filial Duties (4) Family Ethics, Misc (70)Anca Gheaus Friendship (115) Philosophy of Sexual Orientation* (1,223 | 171)Christopher D. Horvath Philosophy of Sexuality* (3,063 | 435)Lori Watson Sports (2,668) Social Ethics, Misc (184) Technology Ethics (5,367 | 2,830)Hector MacIntyre Biotechnology Ethics* (250)L. Syd M Johnson Computer Ethics (838 | 397)Lavinia Marin Ethics of Artificial Intelligence* (1,276 | 1)Jeffrey White Machine Ethics* (352)Jeffrey White Internet Ethics (223)Lavinia Marin Computer Ethics, Misc (218)Lavinia Marin Engineering Ethics* (871)Hector MacIntyre Ethics of Artificial Intelligence* (1,276 | 1)Jeffrey White Machine Ethics* (352)Jeffrey White Nanotechnology (1,073) Robot Ethics (343)Vincent C. Müller Philosophy of Technology, Misc* (1,564) Technology Ethics, Misc (283)

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