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Edited by Rafael De Clercq (Lingnan University) About this topic Summary

Aesthetics is the philosophical study of art and the aesthetic. The aesthetic comprises, among other things, aesthetic properties (for example, beauty), aesthetic judgments, aesthetic concepts, aesthetic experiences, aesthetic pleasure, and aesthetic sensitivity or taste. Alexander Baumgarten (1714-1762) is usually credited for having given the name ‘aesthetics’ to this field of inquiry, but the field itself is approximately as old as philosophy.

Key works

The two pre-20th century works that have had the greatest impact on contemporary discussions in aesthetics probably are Hume 1757 and Kant 2005. 20th century works that have had a considerable impact include Goodman 1968, Wollheim 1971, Walton 1970, Scruton 1983, and WALTON 1990, as well as the essays posthumously collected in Sibley 2001. Excerpts and chapters from these works are included in Lamarque & Olsen 2003, an excellent anthology that also includes influential papers by Monroe Beardsley, Malcolm Budd, Arthur Danto, George Dickie, Peter Kivy, Jerrold Levinson, and Jenefer Robinson. A comparable anthology is Cahn & Meskin 2007. Other useful (but less comprehensive) anthologies are Janaway 2005 and Ridley & Neill 2007.

Introductions For a short introduction to the general field of aesthetics, see Malcolm Budd's entry on aesthetics in Craig 1996, Jerrold Levinson's introduction to Levinson 2003, and Anna Christina Ribeiro's introduction to Ribeiro 2012. Recent book-length introductions include Budd 1996, Dickie 1997, Carroll 1999, Graham 1997, Stecker 2005Davies 2006, and Gracyk 2013. For an overview of topics and areas in aesthetics, see Stephen Davies et al 1996 and Lopes 2013, as well as the aforementioned companions and handbooks. Show all references In this area Subcategories Aesthetic Cognition (6,825 | 2,600) Aesthetic Cognition, Misc (64) Aesthetic Attitudes (57) Aesthetic Concepts (120) Aesthetics and Emotions (574) Aesthetic Experience (839) Aesthetic Judgment (796) Aesthetic Perception (248)Dustin Stokes Aesthetic Interpretation (44) Aesthetic Imagination (555) Aesthetic Pleasure (269) Aesthetic Taste (232) Aesthetic Knowledge (112) Aesthetic Understanding (144) Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (163)Dustin Stokes Aesthetics and Psychoanalysis (8) Aesthetic Realism and Anti-Realism (213 | 32) Aesthetic Realism (30) Aesthetic Relativism (46) Aesthetic Subjectivism (33) Aesthetic Universality (27) Aesthetic Realism and Anti-Realism, Misc (45) Aesthetic Qualities (502 | 13)Robert R. Clewis Aesthetic Qualities, Misc (153)Robert R. Clewis Beauty (101)Robert R. Clewis Humour* (700) Style (41)Robert R. Clewis The Sublime (183)Robert R. Clewis The Tragic (26)Robert R. Clewis Aesthetic Representation (205 | 68) Aesthetic Symbol Systems (28) Depiction* (748)Ben Blumson Intention and Interpretation (46) Aesthetic Representation and Meaning, Misc (63) Aesthetic Value (805 | 149) Aesthetic Criticism (61) Aesthetic Evaluation (88) Aesthetic Normativity (71) Aesthetics and Ethics (368)Aaron Smuts The Value of Art* (359) Aesthetic Value, Misc (68) Aesthetics and Culture (408 | 116) Aesthetic Universals (11) Crosscultural Aesthetics (42) Pop Culture (70) Aesthetics and Culture, Misc (169) Topics in Aesthetics (682 | 270) Aesthetic Education (50) Aesthetics of Nature (329)Steven Grieco Aesthetics and Race (33)Shen-yi Liao Art and Artworks (1,094 | 152)Nicholas Riggle Artworks (201) The Artworld (88) The Definition of Art (174) The Value of Art* (359) Art and Artworks, Misc (125) Philosophy of Film (3,738 | 1,885)Aaron Smuts Values in Film (54 | 5)Aaron Smuts The Art of Film (9) Medium Specificity in Film (7) Film and Morality (23) Film Evaluation, Misc (10) Ontology of Film (37 | 4)Aaron Smuts Film Authorship (3) Narration in Film (12) Movement in Film (10) Ontology of Film, Misc (8) Audience Engagement in Film (44 | 4)Aaron Smuts Character Identification in Film (10) Film and Dreams (2) Paradox of Suspense (1) Paradox of Painful Art (16) Paradox of Fiction (4) Audience Engagement in Film, Misc (7) Genres of Film (150 | 64)Aaron Smuts Horror Film (73) Documentary Film (5) Avant-Garde Film (2) Genres of Film, Misc (5) Film Theory (130 | 4)Aaron Smuts Classical Film Theory (6) Cognitive Film Theory (21) Continental Film Theory (54) Film Theory, Misc (45) Film Media (1,139 | 702)Aaron Smuts Cinema (382)Lingfei Luan Television (19) Digital Video (19) Film Media, Misc (17) Philosophy Through Film (200)Aaron Smuts Philosophy of Film, Misc (99)Aaron Smuts Philosophy of Music (4,717 | 3,069)Jonathan A. Neufeld Definition of Music (19) Ontology of Music (517 | 321) Musical Ontology, Misc (49) Musical Performance (42) Musical Works (105) Musical Experience (693 | 386) Music and Emotion (128) Musical Experience, Misc (57) Musical Expression (57) Musical Understanding (66) Varieties of Music (309 | 148) Blues (1) Classical Music (60) Folk Music (3) Jazz (44) Opera* (9) Popular Music (34) Varieties of Music, Misc (19) Philosophy of Music, Misc (110) Philosophy of Literature (13,247 | 5,542)Silvia De Toffoli Fiction (1,393)Silvia De Toffoli Fictional Characters (335)Lee Walters Narrative (443) Ontological Fictionalism* (182) Truth in Fiction (260)Lee Walters Fiction, Misc (355) Nonfiction (191) Poetry (3,636)Karen Simecek Definition of Literature (61) Ontology of Literature (68) Literature and Emotion (176) Literary Interpretation (481) Literary Values (188) Literature and Knowledge (267) Literature and Ethics (182) Literary Imagination (84) Philosophy of Literature, Misc (978) Philosophy of Visual Art (3,364 | 324)Nicholas Riggle Depiction* (748)Ben Blumson Painting and Drawing (767) Photography (1,121)Dan Cavedon-Taylor Sculpture (238) Philosophy of Visual Art, Misc (166) Philosophy of Specific Arts (1,890 | 614) Architecture (330) Comics (11) Dance (82) Design (46) Fashion (7) Humour* (700) Opera (9) Theatre (49) Philosophy of Specific Arts, Misc (42) History of Aesthetics (2,366)José Juan González Aesthetics, Miscellaneous (208 | 42) Aesthetics, General Works (43) Aesthetics, Misc (123)

History/traditions: Aesthetics

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