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PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers. We monitor all sources of research content in philosophy, including journals, books, open access archives, and personal pages maintained by academics. We also host the largest open access archive in philosophy. Our index currently contains 2,469,375 entries categorized in 5,602 categories. PhilPapers has over 260,000 registered users.

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Metaphysics and Epistemology (367,109) Epistemology (39,700) Metaphilosophy (6,779) Metaphysics (44,334) Philosophy of Action (26,067) Philosophy of Language (48,901) Philosophy of Mind (96,725) Philosophy of Religion (94,688) M&E, Misc (272) Value Theory (576,355) Aesthetics (60,577) Applied Ethics (167,692) Meta-Ethics (13,435) Normative Ethics (35,605) Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality (29,340) Philosophy of Law (19,623) Social and Political Philosophy (144,094) Value Theory, Miscellaneous (69,141) Science, Logic, and Mathematics (440,603) Logic and Philosophy of Logic (83,144) Philosophy of Biology (35,686) Philosophy of Cognitive Science (104,943) Philosophy of Computing and Information (6,588) Philosophy of Mathematics (20,167) Philosophy of Physical Science (31,517) Philosophy of Social Science (61,607) Philosophy of Probability (7,991) General Philosophy of Science (51,192) Philosophy of Science, Misc (9,151) History of Western Philosophy (365,040) Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy (121,678) Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (36,595) 17th/18th Century Philosophy (91,785) 19th Century Philosophy (44,842) 20th Century Philosophy (51,120) History of Western Philosophy, Misc (809) Philosophical Traditions (265,321) African/Africana Philosophy (3,430) Asian Philosophy (38,637) Continental Philosophy (135,036) European Philosophy (75,385) Philosophy of the Americas (9,353) Philosophical Traditions, Miscellaneous (2,946) Philosophy, Misc (5,484) Philosophy, Introductions and Anthologies (265) Philosophy, General Works (1,788) Teaching Philosophy (935) Philosophy, Miscellaneous (1,353) Other Academic Areas (71,256) Natural Sciences (4,920) Social Sciences (10,293) Cognitive Sciences (25,699) Formal Sciences (1,350) Arts and Humanities (25,074) Professional Areas (2,261) Other Academic Areas, Misc (562) Latest news Happy birthday PhilPapers! posted 2019-01-28 by David Bourget

Today (January 28, 2019) is PhilPapers' tenth birthday. PhilPapers has grown enormously since its modest beginnings at the ANU. In the first months, we had only a few thousand users. Now we have hundreds of thousands. We started by indexing a relatively small number of articles that were readily available online. Now we have by far the most complete index of... (read more)

PhilPeople is here posted 2018-05-30 by David Bourget We have just launched a beta testing version of PhilPeople, a directory and social network for philosophers developed by the PhilPapers Foundation with support from the American Philosophical Association. Visit the site to find out more!

Moving toward PhilPeople posted 2018-01-09 by David Bourget In the coming months, we will launch PhilPeople, a new service from the PhilPapers Foundation developed with the support of the APA.  PhilPeople will be a searchable database of philosophers.  It will have an associated search engine that enables searches on a number of dimensions (e.g. by areas of specialization, location, and demographic features).  PhilPeople will also provide a profile page... (read more)

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