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International Society for Neoplatonic Studies Conference

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    International Society for Neoplatonic Studies Conference

    June 20, 2012 - June 23, 2012 Universita di Cagliari


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    Here below is the list of panels for the 2012 ISNS conference to be held in Cagliari, Sardinia, on June 20-23, 2012. We are pleased to be able to offer panels on so many diverse and important topics.

    Vishwa Adluri ([email protected]), Philosophy and Salvation in Greek Religion

    Robert Berchman ([email protected]), Philosophy of Mind: Thinking on Thinking

    Luc Brisson ([email protected]) and Francesco Fronterotta ([email protected]), La conception du principe premier chez Plotin et dans le Néoplatonisme

    Dylan Burns ([email protected]) and Luciana Soares Santoprete ([email protected]),Neoplatonism and Gnosticism

    David Butorac ([email protected]), Neoplatonism and Aristotle’s Organon

    Elisabetta Cattanei ([email protected]) and Alessia Ferrari ([email protected]Platonic and Neo-platonic Conceptions of Number and Geometry

    Jean-Michel Charrue ([email protected]), Neoplatonism, Freedom, Providence and Fate

    Pierpaolo Ciccarelli ([email protected]), Platonic Influence on the Hermeneutical Critique of Modernity

    Sandra and Bernard Collette-Dučić ([email protected] and [email protected] ), The Artists and Plato: A Study of Plato’s Reception in the Works of Poets and other Creators in Renaissance and Romanticism

    Anna Corrias ([email protected]) and Guido Giglioni ([email protected]),Renaissance Neoplatonism

    Kevin Corrigan ([email protected]) and Jean-Marc Narbonne ([email protected]),Plotinus and the Gnostics

    Francesca Maria Crasta ([email protected]) and Laura Follesa ([email protected]unica.itPlatonism and Neoplatonism in Early Modern Metaphysical Systems

    Claudia D'Amico ([email protected]), La recepción del Neoplatonismo en la Edad Media

    John F. Finamore ([email protected]), Conceptions of the Soul in Plato, Aristotle, and the Platonic Tradition

    Sarah Klitenic Wear ([email protected]), Christina-Panagiota Manolea ([email protected]), and Carl O’Brien ([email protected]), The Phaedrus and Neoplatonic Psychology

    Francesca Casta  [email protected]

    Anna Corrias  [email protected]

    John Finamore [email protected]

    Suzanne Stern-Gillet  [email protected]

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