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[] T94792: Remove support for precise OGE exec hosts

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List tools still running on Precise Open Grid Engine exec nodes.


Clone repo and create basic files:

bastion$ become precise-tools
[email protected]:~$ mkdir -p ~/www/python
[email protected]:~$ git clone ~/www/python/src
[email protected]:~$ touch ~/redis-prefix.conf
[email protected]:~$ chmod 600 ~/redis-prefix.conf

And edit ~/redis-prefix.conf with a text editor.

Create virtualenv inside kubernetes:

[email protected]:~$ webservice --backend=kubernetes python2 shell
[email protected]:~$ virtualenv ~/www/python/venv
[email protected]:~$ source ~/www/python/venv/bin/activate
(venv)[email protected]:~$ pip install -U pip
(venv)[email protected]:~$ pip install -r ~/www/python/src/requirements.txt

Back to bastion, start the webservice:

[email protected]:~$ webservice --backend=kubernetes python2 start


[GNU GPLv3+](// "GNU GPLv3+")

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