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Rollin Rachele - Overtone Singing

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Rollin Rachele

Rollin Rachele is a professional singer who specialises in overtone singing.

This is the home of Rollin’s overtone singing work. Here you will find plenty of information about the art, the science and the power of overtone singing.

Throughout the site you can access details about workshops, books, articles, CDs and concerts.

Live Performance

Overtone Singing Guide

Rollin’s third edition of the Overtone Singing Study Guide Volume 1 is no longer available in hard copy. However, it will soon be available as a download.

The Overtone Singing Study Guide Volume 1 presents a healthy and balanced approach to learning the art of overtone singing. Rollin’s use of audio-visual aids, staff notation, and even Sargam ( Indian Classical notation), provides a rich and stimulating platform for the complete beginner and the advanced practitioner.


We are really excited that all Rollin’s albums will soon be available for download.


To book Rollin for workshops or concerts, please visit our Contact Page or just email Rollin on [email protected]

Online Singing Lessons

Interested in learning Overtone Singing in your own home? Rollin now runs lessons online via Zoom or Skype! To make a booking please visit our Contact Page or email Rollin on [email protected]