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Your IP address has been blocked because was identified as a crawler.
Please note that the terms of service and the robots.txt file disallows the
crawling of the site. See  OMIM Agreement  and robots.txt for more information.

- If you are a commercial or a for-profit entity please apply for an OMIM license
  by submitting an appropriate API Key Request.

- For other cases please contact us and include in the comment field your blocked
  IP address along with any extra technical details that you think may be helpful. Please note that failure
  to include the IP address may result in your inquiry to be ignored.

Please Note:

    - A number of data file are available for download at OMIM Downloads page.

    - We have an API you can learn about at OMIM API Access Request page and OMIM API Help page,
  that provides access to the data in XML, JSON, Python and Ruby formats.

    - You should feel free to contact us at OMIM Contact Us page to figure out the best
  approach to getting the data you need.