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NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) - Investigation of the use of microwave image line integrated circuits for use in radiometers and other microwave devices in X-band and above

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Record 1 of 1 Investigation of the use of microwave image line integrated circuits for use in radiometers and other microwave devices in X-band and above NTRS Full-Text:   View Document      [PDF Size: 31.4 MB] Author and Affiliation: Knox, R. M. (IIT Research Inst., Chicago, IL, United States) Toulios, P. P. (IIT Research Inst., Chicago, IL, United States) Onoda, G. Y. (IIT Research Inst., Chicago, IL, United States) Abstract: Program results are described in which the use of a/high permittivity rectangular dielectric image waveguide has been investigated for use in microwave and millimeter wavelength circuits. Launchers from rectangular metal waveguide to image waveguide are described. Theoretical and experimental evaluations of the radiation from curved image waveguides are given. Measurements of attenuation due to conductor and dielectric losses, adhesives, and gaps between the dielectric waveguide and the image plane are included. Various passive components are described and evaluations given. Investigations of various techniques for fabrication of image waveguide circuits using ceramic waveguides are also presented. Program results support the evaluation of the image line approach as an advantageous method for realizing low loss integrated electronic circuits for X-band and above. Publication Date: Aug 01, 1972 Document ID: 19720022753 (Acquired Nov 22, 1995) Accession Number: 72N30403 Subject Category: INSTRUMENTATION AND PHOTOGRAPHY Report/Patent Number: NASA-CR-112107 Coverage: Final Report Document Type: Technical Report Publisher Information: United States Contract/Grant/Task Num: NAS1-10716; IITRI PROJ. E6200 Financial Sponsor: NASA; United States Organization Source: IIT Research Inst.; Chicago, IL, United States Description: 195p; In English Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited Rights: No Copyright NASA Terms: DIELECTRICS; INTEGRATED CIRCUITS; MICROWAVE CIRCUITS; MILLIMETER WAVES; WAVEGUIDES; IMAGERY; MICROWAVE RADIOMETERS; PERMITTIVITY; SUPERHIGH FREQUENCIES ‹Return to Search Results ‹ Previous Record | › Next Record› Back to Top Find Similar Records
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