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NLS Voyager Catalog, Transition Overview

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Welcome to the NLS online International Union Catalog. There are two interfaces to the catalog:

  • Voyager—An interface that uses Java script and complex screen layouts
  • Text— An interface that lacks some of the Voyager catalog's search features but which uses a text-only design and simpler screen layouts. This interface includes pages for quick search, single term search, and multiple term search of the NLS catalog. The link, "Search the Catalog", found on each page of the NLS site links to the text-only interface, "Quick Search". From the quick search page, you can link to the single and multiple term search pages. You can also link from the text-only pages to the Voyager interface for searching the NLS catalog. The text-only catalog also contains a form for remote searching of the National Library for the Blind (U.K.) database.

There are numerous help pages for each interface. If you have comments or questions, send an email to NLS.

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March 19, 2018