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Newark Advocate Newspaper Archives, Jul 24, 1963, p. 1

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Newark Advocate Newspaper Archives

Wednesday, July 24, 1963 - Page 1

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Newspaper Article Text (OCR)

Newark Advocate, The (Newspaper) - July 24, 1963, Newark, Ohio Today's Smile fni__A jL'ie American's problem is how to support the govern- ment in the style to which it wishes to become accustomed. The Newark NEWARK, OHIO, WEDNESEDAY, JULY AMERICAN TRIBUNE 7 CENTS Weather and cool tonight, low 60-68. Sunny, warm Thursday, high 84- 92. Ousting Of Weiss Is Set Aside A split among county Dem- ocrats was evident today de- spite a news release saying there was "complete harmo- j Weiss1 nv and that would Congress Asks 30-Day Delay In Rail Crisis WASHINGTON Oren Harris, D-Ark., of Decide On Seat Belts All city police cruisers will soon have seat belts, but us- ing them will not be compul- RHODES AMONG GREETERS Vice President Guest At Governors' Dinner sory. of the HoUSe the i roads today to hold up for another 30 days the new the county central and execu- tf t _t J jrules they propose to put into eifect at 12.01 a. m. luesaay. tive committees. He said Congress could not enact legislation to avert a strike by that time. Harris asked for an answer within 24 hours. tol t? -i Mayor David K. nul- Party officials would not comment after last night's closed meeting except to re- fer to the written release. "I was Miss Weiss said, when asked about the move to oust her from an office in the party. He addressed his request Daniel P. Loomis, president of the Association of American Rail- roads, as Harris' committee open- ed hearings on President Ken- Inedy's plan to have the Interstate hoped the railroad would go along. Loomis said the railroads have "Anything else would have been work rules for train crewmen. Loomis said he couldn't give a the yes or no answer but that would consider the ap- she said. A committeeman present at the meeting told The Advocate, how- railroads ever, that there had been no but that the motion seek-! Loomis went on to say another ing her resignation had been ta-, postponement would drain off in the best interests of the party, during the campaign. He said the motion was still pending and would be brought up again. County Chairman Ralph Barrett would not comment on the matter, saying he would respect the wish- es of the committee that mem- bers not comment beyond the news release. The executive committee had voted recently to ask Miss Weiss to resign her party post and re- frain from taking part in political change. Harris more of "the life blood of an anemic industry." "We've already been delayed and this has continued for some ifour Loomis said. The railroads contend that forced employment of unneces- sary workers is costing them mil- lions of dollars a year. Secretary of Labor W. Williard Wirtz, leadoff witness for the ad- ministration plan, sat puffing on his pipe as the chairman and the railroad official had their ex- been trying to negotiate a work rules settlement for years and charged they still being forced to make unnecessary pay- ments for work not performed. Loomis said that has "become intolerable under present condi- tions." Harris said that "after four years of discussions the work rules hassle was brought to the attention of Congress only day be- fore yesterday." Harris said it will take time! vans said, Service Director Al Francis have safe-i seat belts installed in all) six police cruisers, but cruis-j ermen would not be required! to wear them. i Evans, however, terms seat belts and their use "very necessary." He said that other city depart- ments could purchase seat belts for their vehicles out of their de-' partmental budgets, if they feel they are necessary. Seventh Ward Councilman J. L. Soucek touched off a debate in the! July 15 council meeting when he asked if city police cruisers have seat belts. Evans said seat belts are a good idea, but police had told him they would hinder a fast exit from a for Congress to consider proper-: ly the "intriguing and unique proposal" President Kennedy has made. Harris' plea was part of mount- I cruiser. Cpl. Russell Duffy of Hebron post of the state highway patrol, said that seat belts have been in use in all patrol cruisers since 1955, and patrolmen have never complained ing congressional pressure for them hindering fast exits> campaigning Some party officials have said that there was growing sentiment among members that she might have a harmful effect on the party because of activity. some of her political said he asked the rail- She sent Barrett an angry letter protesting tie executive commit- tee decision and declaring she would not be stopped in her fight against urban renewal and the city hall project. She said she realized "you (Bar- rett) are quite inexperienced and have to he guided in your actions constantly 'by older alleged mem- and she said he had lost eontrol of the executive commit- (Continuel on Page H, 'Coteitm City Schools Still Short 29 Teachers By LETDA STAAB Wifih only 31 working days be- fore the orientation meeting for new teachers in the Newark public school system, officials will have to hire almost a teacher a day to complete the staff. The high school staff is com- plete but about nine teachers are still needed at the junior high level and about 20 are still needed to roads to postpone for 30 days their new, manpower trimming work rules to avert a national walkout. Pvaii unions have said they will strike the minute rules are imposed. Harris said he did not consider the request unreasonable and railroads to delay putting in the new work rules. Senate Republican Leader Ev- erett M. Dirksen drafted a resolu- tion aimed at keeping the trains running until Congress has time! to act. I And various legislators of bothj parties voiced appeals that the railroads hold off on new work rules which a carriers' spokesman said Tuesday would go into ef- (Continued on Page 14, Column 1) To Receive Award At National Convention COL. THOMAS O. LAW- TON JR., commander of the Newark Air Force Station, has been selected by the Air Force Association to receive the Logistics Executive Man- agement Award for 1962, the Air Force Logistics Command announced today. It is the top of three manage- ment awards presented annually by the association to the person who makes "the most distinguish- ed contribution to management in a position of great responsibility." Col. Lawton will receive a cita- tion and plaque at the associa- tion's convention in Washington, D. C., Sept. 11-14. An Air Force man since 1941, Col. Lawton, 46, is a command pilot and was awarded the Air teach the elementary grades, ac- Force Commendation Medal in cording to Frew C. Boyd, director of administrative services. He said that up until July 10 "our losses equaled our gains." He explained that after July 10 teach- ers cannot resign without the per- mission of the school board. How- ever, he added, "It's still a strug- gle." While many school systems across the country have similar problems because "there just, aren't enough qualified teachers to meet the Newark has 1961. In July, 1961, he was sent Grand Jury Recalled In Two Murders LANCASTER, Ohio UP) The Fairfield County grand jury is cheduled to meet next Monday and hear evidence seeking three indictments against Frederick Spears, who is charged with the layings of two women. Prosecutor E. Raymond More- lart will present the evidence to he grand jury of last April. The was recalled Tuesday iears, 26" has admitted murders of Mrs, Virginia Wagner las December and Mrs. Mona Eck- ard last May, and also with the assault of a Fairfield County mother of four June 13. Spears had been questioned twice in the death of Mrs. Wag- ner. He was apprehended after ifihe Fairfield County woman was MIAMI BEACH, Fla. attacked, and police said that dur- James Aemocrats had blitzed Gov. Nel- on A. Rcoekfeller and other Re- ublican state executives ait line Umax of a three-day fight to put Democratic-dominated Gover- ors' Conference on record as fa- oring strong civil rights action. Taking advantage of their 3-1 margin, the Democrats rolled ver the Republicans who were ireatening to steal their publici- thunder on the civfl rights uestion. A motion by Democratic Gov. ohn Dempsey of Connecticut to nstruct the conference executive ommittee to give priority, to civil rights in its operations in the-next rear won by a 38-3 ifote. Democratic Govs. 'SeOTg? 0. Wallace of Ross to the Dayton Air Force Depot as director of Heath operations, the forerunner of his present post. He and his wife. Julia, and their four children live at 842 Shoreham Road. slayings of Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Eckard. Will Direct Race To Puf Man On Moon WASHINGTON Three churchmen representini Protestant, Catholic and Jewish groups told Congress todaj that segregation is immoral and "racism is blasphemy agains God." Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, spokesman for the trio tol a House Judiciary subcommittee in prepared testimony tha legislative, civic and business are jn the midst of a social revolution. Please God it will delegation with him get the word they've been waiting for today. It's whether the 1964 National remain a social revolution and not degenerate into civi chaos." Gox'emors' Conference will held in Cleveland. The move in behalf of the Lake Erie metropolis is the one thing be He urged Congress to acl now! School, told the Senate J.J.C fftrrrmrH-aa in Truce Signecf In Racial Struggle Rhodes has during the conference plugged current strenuously governors' besides his and his j aides' extracurricular efforts at WASHINGTON (AP) Dr.jwoomg Florida industry to Ohio. George E. Mueller, a specialist Announcement of next year's in space communications, has site comes from the conference's been named to take charge of the United States' effort to put a man on the moon. to pass President Kennedy's civil rights program. Dr. Blake, chief executive of- ficer of the United Presbyterian Church who was arrested earlier this month segregation executive committee. Rhodes, sticking with his Re- in a Maryland anti-j demonstration. ap-! "peared with the Rev. John F. Cronin, an official of the Nation- al Catholic Welfare Conference, and Rabbi Irwin M. Blank of the Synagogue Council of America. publican counterparts on the civil) Tjje subcommittee was one of Mueller's appointment as head j rights issue which has hogged the three congressional groups hear- of the manned space progiram i spotlight at the governors' get-to- was announced Tuesday. He takes termed action on the sub- over the post Sept.iject Tuesday a victory for Gov. 1. Nelson Rockefeller of New York. MueJJer, currently vice presi-1 The conference heard _ dent for research and develop-'minute discussions from a score! CAMBRIDGE, Md. residents of Cambridge'ment ai Space governors at a session devoted) ing testimony today favoring the President's broad program to out- law segregaton in all major areas of public life. Any Gen. Robeit F. Kennedy, Committee and its Civil trip to Congress in (Contmued on Page 14. Coiumn 3> legislation, went be- Committee in prepared testimon that the administration bill to ou law segregation in public accom modations is "the most importan issue facing this Congress." Griswold said widespread dem onstrations stemming from th denial to Negroes of access restaurants, hotels and othe places of public accommodations "has challenged our ability t govern ourselves through th peaceful and orderly processes law." The three religious leaders wi testify before two other commi tees Thursday. Rep. Emanuel Celler, DjN.Y chairman of the House Judiciarj (Oontaiued on ,14, 'Cohinra J) To Purchase High School Campus Area Newark School Board gave the go-ahead for negotiations to pur- chase an additional half acre for the high school campus. Dr. Thomas B. Sotifihard, super- intendent, explained that the board had not been able to buy this par- ticular piece of property during the original purchase of the campus. He said that the half acre will square off the campus. The property belongs to Sam Dunlap and is on Brennan Street. Dunlap is asking about ?475, Dr. Southard said. At the special meeting last night, Dr. Southard suggested that the board act "as quickly as possible" to get a copy of the Supreme Court ruling on prayer in the class- room. He also suggested that the board contact the state board of educa- constantly lost teachers because of our salary schedule." Boyd said. "A teacher can go in almost any direction" and do better salary- he commented The July 9 edition of The Advo- cate reported that about 35 teach- vacant. Boyd "brought in feel the tentative agreement between Negro and white1 Laboratories in Los Angeles, will t to the civil rights matter. Tjie Senate judiciary Commit- leaders to end Cambridge's explosive racial struggle is justlsuPervise T c chief executives where he faced a hostiie au- J af Houston and the Launch Op-their executive committee to f Southern senators t i j _ _1 _ _ _ C t c ing positions were said that the article gome qualified teachers." The orientation meeting is set for AuCT 29 with a teachers' meeting slated Sept. 3 and the first day of school Sept. 4. Inside Story THERE'S ONLY one of its kind in Licking County and few of its kind anywhere in the nation. See "Scene Around Town" on page 10. JOHNSTOWN FARMERS are bringing in the sheaves to prepare for an old-fashioned threshing next month. See the Farm Sections, pages 12-13. INDEX Amusements........ 18 Bridge 1J Classified 22-23-24-25 Comics 26 Dear Abby........... 18 Deaths and Funerals 20 Editorial Page 4 Farm Pages ............12-13 Heloise ...................3 Hospital 2 Investors' Guide .......-----21 Markets ..................27 Radio Log .................11 Society Sports .................16-17 TV Log....................18 Weather....................2 the beginning of a possible solution. is The mood of this Chesapeake Bay town torn by violence Fla. rights. one of relief that the pact has removed the immediate1 ,_The space agency said Mueller- ducted lerataons Center at Cape Canaveral.1 top priority 1o study of civil'headed by Chairman James O. pact threat of more demonstrations. The agreement was signed Tues-i" day in the Washington office of Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy af-( tei nearly 10 hours of negotiations, between Negro leaders and Mary-1 land and Cambridge officials. The. pact says it "is considered as im-i posing a moral obligation toi abide by and fully support the> spirit and intention of this agree- ment It is not legally binding "Not everything has been ac- Kennedy said "It is a major step forward. It is an ef- forl to get Cambridge back to- gether. It is not a victory or de- feat for anybody.'' halt Family Away When Flames Damage Home An earh morning fire damaged 45, will take over the duties of D. Brainerd Holmes, who re- signed recently as director of the Office of Manned Spare Flight. Johnstown Jail Suspecf Crofon Group The study during the will be con- coming year. The decision Rhodes said, "is the U-S> (Continued on Page 14 Column 31 Eastland. D-Miss. Erwin N. Griswold, member of Rights Commission tand dean of the Harvard Law 11 a house owned by Woodford Ben- nett at IS Dewey Ave The fire, believed to have started JOHNSTOWN Who stole the jail? Evervone in the area is wondering who could set auay with stealing a two-cell ,iail The 12-foot long, 4-foot wide and Job Hunter Hero In Train Wreck HARRISON, N. J. four-car Hudson tube passen- ger tram collided with a parked diesel engine that juttedj out into its path today, killing two persons and injuring 28, s tion about its interpretation of the Court's ruling. .8-foot high structure is used by1 injthe Bearded Brothers 1o imprison persons convicted in the Johnstown _r of a j u u UJB uctsement ann oilmen OUT sec i An unemployed Scranton, Pa., man making the early Negroes have agreed to halt uie Demerit ana ournea out sec-, Sfms ]n tne Johnstown I f AT i 4- M i demonstrations indefinitely be-1 Jons the flooring on the kangaroo court of'mormng run from New York City to Newark m_ cause "further progress can i violating Ihe edict requiring men-job, was hailed by fellow passengers as the hero of the be obtained in an atmosphere of It also burned up through the1 to wear beards. walls, and broke out in several! "It took a lot of perspiration by that spots on the second floor. The en-a lot of men, plus a big truck" calm and serenity." The agreement points out racial progress in this city of tire house received smoke and to haul away the jail, one person has been made and there iter damage opined are prospects for more tangible' Bennett had left for work at 8.4.r The Bearded Brothers has a accomplishments p, m. at the Holophwne scouring the countryside and It appointment of a_ biracial His wife and two children were "certain Crofon group" is committee, hiring of a Negro in- of town for night. peeled, according to Johnstown j terviewer at the State Depart- Qff'cers Gerry Smith ment of Employment Security's Cambridge office, complete school [desegregation by September and a low-rent public housing project. fire. Also listed was the equal neighborS) wno were unaware Ben Wells noticed smoke over large area of the neighborhood, near Lincoln School at 2 a. m. Numbers Racket Nest Is Raided i wreck. The Port Authority Hud- son train was approaching its last istop before Newark about 1_ a.rn when it f tearing oir ran-, as it ran by. Police said the dicsel. with 10 cars coupled behind, was stopped Jon a spur but stuck out into the path of the mam line. commodations amendment to the town charter, approved by the Town Council July 1, If the amend- ment is not petitioned to refer- endum, it will go into effect Aug. 20, opening restaurants, motels and hotelK to Negroes. Town of- ficials said they would support the amendment should it be petitioned to the ballot. of the danger, and called the fire department. It was believed at first that Ben- nett's family was. inside the burn- ing house, but the snioke was so intense that the house could not be entered until firemen arrived with oxygen masks. (Continued on M, Column i) DAYTON, Ohio (AP) Nine persons have been arrested raid on a house described numbers racket nest. Police in as tram was Thomas Lan- gan, 22. of Scranton He was in' the second car. "I kicked ou1 the window and jumped out." he said. "Then I hoard screams from the car, poople yelling for help. I climbed back in." Mrs. Bertha Golcmak, 50, of Harrison, was sitting on the floor with Mrs. Misiak across her lap Killed in the crash were Mrs. vvnen Langan made his way back Mary Misiak, about 30, of Jersey through the smoky wreckage. City and Quinton Vjllaneuva. Mrs. Goleniak said Langan car- of' Irvinqton. Tw enfy-eicht ner out and then went back a passengers were taken to hos-jand carried out the other woman, in critical condition. i Another passenger, Guy Soricel- The accident occurred within a h, 39, said Langan "did a terrific the coup Dayton's biggest since, Ohio toughened its gambling lawlhalf-mile of the Harrison station, less than two miles from Pennsyl- two years ago. Officers said Tuesday's raid put a crimp in a opeia- tion. vania station in downtown New- ark One of the 38 passengers aboard job in the car. He deserves a lot of credit." HP said every time he looked around Langan was carrying or helping someone from the wreck. IN FW SPA PERI All Set For Cool Water HAYS, temperatures hovering around Jhe 100 degree mark, young Scott Breedon, about 2 years old, sits patiently aboard his inflated rubber ring as water starts to fill a playground wading pool in Hays. When the pool was filled, Scott no longer worried about the heat. (AP

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Philadelphia","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.4897871","Longitude":"-81.4456706","Id":0},{"CityID":20299,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Newark","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.0581205","Longitude":"-82.4012642","Id":0},{"CityID":20969,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Norwalk","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.2425531","Longitude":"-82.6157331","Id":0},{"CityID":21140,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Oberlin","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.2938889","Longitude":"-82.2175000","Id":0},{"CityID":21663,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Orrville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.8436663","Longitude":"-81.7640212","Id":0},{"CityID":21828,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Oxford","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.5069444","Longitude":"-84.7452778","Id":0},{"CityID":22995,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Piqua","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.1447732","Longitude":"-84.24244490000001","Id":0},{"CityID":23471,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Portsmouth","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"38.7317431","Longitude":"-82.9976742","Id":0},{"CityID":24116,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Ravenna","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.1575000","Longitude":"-81.2422222","Id":0},{"CityID":24621,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Richwood","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.4264477","Longitude":"-83.2968631","Id":0},{"CityID":25165,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Rossville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.3122782","Longitude":"-84.65050339999999","Id":0},{"CityID":25493,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Saint Clairsville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.0805556","Longitude":"-80.9002778","Id":0},{"CityID":25614,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Salem","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.9008923","Longitude":"-80.8567501","Id":0},{"CityID":25826,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Sandusky","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.4489396","Longitude":"-82.7079605","Id":0},{"CityID":26838,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Sidney","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.2842164","Longitude":"-84.1554987","Id":0},{"CityID":27804,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Springfield","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.9242266","Longitude":"-83.8088171","Id":0},{"CityID":28052,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Steubenville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.3697905","Longitude":"-80.63396379999999","Id":0},{"CityID":29185,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Tiffin","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.1144444","Longitude":"-83.1780556","Id":0},{"CityID":29867,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Uhrichsville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.3931218","Longitude":"-81.34649979999999","Id":0},{"CityID":31104,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Van Wert","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.8694927","Longitude":"-84.58412229999999","Id":0},{"CityID":31955,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Washington","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.5364511","Longitude":"-83.4390843","Id":0},{"CityID":31958,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Washington Court House","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.5364511","Longitude":"-83.4390843","Id":0},{"CityID":32738,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Westerville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"40.1261111","Longitude":"-82.9291667","Id":0},{"CityID":33096,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Willard","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.0530556","Longitude":"-82.7263889","Id":0},{"CityID":33141,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Willoughby","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"41.6397696","Longitude":"-81.4065011","Id":0},{"CityID":33186,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Wilmington","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.4453393","Longitude":"-83.8285375","Id":0},{"CityID":33618,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Xenia","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.6847822","Longitude":"-83.9296526","Id":0},{"CityID":33783,"PublicationCount":0,"Name":"Zanesville","ABBR":null,"Latitude":"39.9403453","Longitude":"-82.0131924","Id":0}] © Copyright 2019 All rights reserved. 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