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Discover the best of the web Mix shows you interesting content selected by friends & like-minded people Explore Top Picks on Mix Collection Deep Blue Sea Created by - @jane Discover the most interesting things your friends are sharing Why Are Whales So Massive? It's All About EnergyMarine mammal size is a delicate balance between chowing down and chilly waters Share your favorite websites, articles, photos, and videos Explore Top Picks on Mix Mix shows you content matched to your interests, recommended by friends and community experts. 32 Posters of Badass Women in Science to Inspire Girls Today“At the end of the day we're standing on the shoulders of giants, and most of these women are lost." 17 Why Self-Checkout Is and Has Always Been the WorstAutomation is often presented as an inexorably advancing force, whether it’s ushering in a threat to jobs or a promise of increased leisure or larger profits. We’re made to imagine the robots rising, increasingly mechanized systems of production, more streamlined modes of everyday living. But the truth is that automation technology and automated systems very often fail. And even when they do, they nonetheless frequently wind up stranded in our lives. 9 Collection Jetsetters by @mixpicks 25 Must-Do Hikes in TexasYou've got a lot of ground to cover. 13 I Went to The Pyramids - Here Is The Downside No One Talks AboutThere are few monuments in the world that are as iconic as the Pyramids of Giza, a necropolis that dates back nearly 5,000 years. 20 Machine Learning And AI Are Not The Same: Here's The DifferenceWhen it comes to Big Data, these computer science terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. While it may sound confusing, it is actually simple to differentiate the terms when you understand how they work together. Here is the difference between AI and Machine Learning 24 Think Tank: How AI Can Power the Future of FashionThe authors see AI empowering designers, brands and retailers to make better products and create more compelling shopping experiences. 7 Collection Mental Space by @mixpicks Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live LongerBy raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, our phone time may also be threatening our long-term health. 11 Jerry Saltz’s 33 Rules for Being an ArtistHow to go from clueless amateur to generational talent (or at least live life a little more creatively). 10 The Secrets of the World's Greatest Art ThiefStéphane Breitwieser robbed nearly 200 museums, amassed a collection of treasures worth more than $1.4 billion, and became perhaps the most prolific art thief in history. And as he reveals to GQ’s Michael Finkel, how Breitwieser managed to do all this is every bit as surprising as why. 13 Collection Healthy Living by @mixpicks How to Bounce Back From RejectionWhen someone rejects you, it helps to remember that there’s another you. 8 22 Mixed-Breed Dogs You’ve Never Seen BeforeDogs come in all shapes and sizes, arguably more than any other species in the world! For the last thousands of years, we’ve bred dogs to create breeds with different colors, coats, shapes, and sizes. Lately, mixed-breed dogs are everywhere! 20 The 10 Best Royal Maternity Style Moments Ever10 royal maternity outfits we still can't get over. 5 The weirdest things we learned this week: Rats with fetishes and America's first bananaWhat’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s hit podcast. 31 My Mom Reviewed 'Avengers: Endgame' and Loved ItA layman's take on the biggest movie of all time. 2 The Best Basic Buys That Will Never Go Out Of RotationThe best of the basics, from white tees to mom jeans, all according to satisfied customers, top-rated, and our expert Shopping team. 20 30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking AboutNatalie Wood. I think Christopher Walken and her husband at the time, Robert Wagner, who were with her on the night she died, have some explaining to do. Nobody can seem to get their story straight… 13 Occult Serial Killers and the SupernaturalFrom self-proclaimed werewolves to strange and sinister killer cults, some serial killers propel themselves into the realms of mysticism, magic, demons, and more. 5 Collection Curious Critters by @mixpicks Collection In Olden Days by @mixpicks The Complex Legacy of America's Lawrence of ArabiaArchaeologist Wendell Phillips traveled throughout Yemen in the 1950s, where he found ancient treasures and controversy 6 The Fallacy That 1619 Was the Start of Slavery Distorts HistoryThe worst consequence of raising the curtain with that date is that it casually normalizes White Christian Europeans as historical constants. 18 A Mexican Photographer Explores the Enduring Bonds of Her Indigenous CultureThe photographer Citlali Fabián documented the culture that persists and sustains in her hometown Yalálag, Mexico, and beyond, through its residents and its diaspora. 55 Portraits of People Whose Traditional Māori Tattoos Disappear in Wet Plate Photos“When photographs of tā moko were originally taken in the 1850s, the tattoos barely showed up at all. The wet-plate photographic method used by European settlers served to erase this cultural marker.” 29 The Strange Possession of Maria TalaricoThe story of a ghost who managed to possess a young woman in order to solve his own murder. 2 Collection Winning At Life by @mixpicks Why Neanderthals Had Faces That Were So Different From OursCompared to modern humans, Neanderthals had heavy eyebrows, huge noses, and large, long faces that bulged forward. Using 3D computer models, an international team of scientists has analyzed these facial features in detail, uncovering some likely explanations for these dramatic physical differences. 37 Our Language Affects What We SeeA new look at “the Russian blues” demonstrates the power of words to shape perception 22 Slide 1 of 4 How to redesign your days to give you back a few extra hours every weekWe’ve all got a fixed 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. But in 2019, you can feel like you have more time every week by making different choices about how you allocate your hours. Here are 5 strategies. 11 Sweet Potato Enchiladas - Easy Weeknight CasseroleSweet Potato Enchiladas - indulge in Mexican cuisine without feeling guilty! The perfect vegetarian enchilada recipe and can be made gluten-free too! 77 Collection Green Power by @mixpicks How to tell yams and sweet potatoes apart—because you know you've been wonderingWait, I've been getting it wrong this whole time? 23 The Big List of Pizza StylesThis is a huge list of 23 pizza styles and what makes them unique. #pizza 46 150,000 Photographs Used to Show the Hidden Colors of the Moon“The color was already in that picture, hidden behind the glare of the moon’s albedo, and represents the mineral content of our moon.” 42 Running out of room for plants? A vertical garden will let you keep feeding your obsessionSummer Rayne Oakes shares a step-by-step guide to creating a vertical garden at home—ideal if you're running out of room for plants in your space. 31 Collection Do the Right Thing by @mixpicks Japan’s Wisteria Tree Tunnels Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Fairy TaleTime to book a flight to Japan! 14 A Harvard Psychologist Says Kids Who Grow Up Kind Have Parents Who Do These 5 ThingsKindness leads to success--in business, life, as a human being. 35 The coolest cars from the 2019 New York Auto ShowExciting new concept cars and cool bits of technology from the 2019 New York Auto Show. 29 Collection Bound Together by @mixpicks This body language clue is a dead giveaway that someone’s stressedThe mind-body connection is powerful stuff. 25 35 Things People With ADHD Want Everyone Else To Know"I wish people understood that I don’t have a choice in how my brain works." 44 The Surprising Reasons Your Dog Curls Up in a Ball Before Going to Sleep"Because it's adorable" is just an unintended side effect. 41 Want More Productive Employees? Research Reveals that Managers Matter MostHere's one key way to help managers succeed. 13 Ultimate Loaded Campfire Nachos with ChickenLoaded campfire nachos, with shredded chicken and hummus, are a cheesy delicious camping meal everyone will love. Easy recipe with all the best toppings! 30 Chinese robots are on a mission to beat NASA to the far side of the moonChang’e 4 is part of an extensive and ambitious effort by China to explore the moon like only NASA has before. 25 4 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes You Should Try This Week To Kick-Start Fat LossFind out which anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes you should try this week to kick-start fat loss on 29 The Most Binge-Watched TV Show in Each StateDoes geography matter when it comes to binge-watching television? This infographic has your answer. 21 Collection Brush Strokes by @mixpicks Collection The Great Outdoors by @mixpicks Your Brain On Coffee vs. Your Brain On BeerBelieve it or not, coffee and beer make great teammates when you're trying to get through a project. 132 A Brief History of the High FiveToday is National High Five Day, a 24-hour period for giving familiars and strangers alike as many high fives as humanly possible. Here's a look at the evolution of the celebratory hand gesture. 10 It’s not just you: Science confirms pop music has gotten way more depressingThis study uses the IBM Watson Personality Insights API to determine which musicians exemplify which personality traits the most, and there are a lot of surprises about Kenny Chesney. 20 This Is How Truly Successful People Think About MoneyI would say there are four different types of career loops. 54 The One Food You Should Never Have Before 8 A.M. Because It Slows Down Your MetabolismFind out which one food you should never have before 8 a.m. because it slows down your metabolism on 33 Collection Fashionista in the Making by @mixpicks Megapixels: What a sonic boom looks likeCheck out these shockwaves, seen from above, on supersonic aircraft. 12 How Much Do You Spend On Weed? 10 Women Share Their Marijuana BudgetWe chatted with ten anonymous individuals across the U.S. to get some details on how much money they set aside for cannabis products each month. 14 Curate the
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