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collections you love. Why Are Whales So Massive? It's All About EnergyMarine mammal size is a delicate balance between chowing down and chilly waters Articles, images, videos, music. Save anything, from anywhere. If it's on the internet, you can add it to Mix. Discover your next favorite thing. Go deeper into new topics and explore any interest. Then share with others. The world’s most nutritious foodsThe surprising ingredients that you're not eating (yet) 2.5k The Father Of The Internet Sees His Invention Reflected Back Through A 'Black Mirror'The titans of Silicon Valley have a grand vision of the future. But they have a tendency to miss the downside of their inventions — think cybercrime and online harassment. 903 Collection Out of This World by @mixpicks Long Exposure Photos Capture the Light Paths of Drones Above Mountainous LandscapesPhotographer Reuben Wu creates images that reveal an alien splendor in natural and manmade landscapes across the globe. Previously he has explored the brilliant blue rivers of molten sulfur in Indonesian volcanoes, and photographed the thousands of glistening mirrors that compose Nevada's SolarReser 1k On Island of the Colorblind, Paradise Has a Different HueAn island in the Pacific has a unique genetic history that affects how its people understand color. 1.2k Triple Chocolate Caramel Cookie BarsTriple Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bars are soft and gooey and will feed a crowd.  They are rich and can be whipped up in a jiffy! 968 Your Facebook data is creepy as hell – Hacker Noon… and why you should really have a look. 1.2k Collection Mental Space by @mixpicks Eating Leafy Greens Each Day Tied to Sharper Memory, Slower DeclineScientists are keen to figure out how diet influences aging, including brain health. A 5-year study of healthy seniors found those who ate a serving or two of daily greens had less cognitive decline. 1.3k Hearts Get 'Younger,' Even At Middle Age, With ExerciseAs early as your mid-40s, especially if you're sedentary, your heart muscle can show signs of aging, losing its youthful elasticity and power. But moderately strenuous exercise can change that. 1k How feeling bad changes the brainOur emotions can have an unexpected downside of how we respond to others in pain, finds Melissa Hogenboom 1.4k Collection Healthy Living by @mixpicks How flashing lights and pink noise might banish Alzheimer’s, improve memory and moreNeuroscientists are getting excited about non-invasive procedures to tune the brain’s natural oscillations. 994 Disneyland Hacks You Need To Know Before You Go | The Bewitchin' KitchenDisneyland hacks you need to know before you head to California. Save time and up the fun at the happiest place on earth with these Disneyland tips. 665 Milkmen return to London as millennials bid to cut plastic wasteMilkmen and milkwomen are making a comeback in London as millennials have started using glass milk bottles in a bid to cut down plastic waste. Dairies in the capital told of a "phenomenal" upsurge in interest from younger customers at the start of the year amid growing public upset over plastic waste. 461 Slide 1 of 4 katarina janeckova became a bodybuilder to paint them betterThe Slovakian artist based in Texas discusses the symbols in her erotic, bear-filled paintings. 437 Life with a ToddlerIn celebration of Father's Day, I drew this comic about the beautiful chaos of having an 18-month-old. 711 How Do Birds Stay Warm on a Cold Winter’s Night?Winter is a tough time for birds, but a warm place to sleep can give them an edge. A scientist’s look at the cozy, and often crazy, hideouts birds choose as their winter bedrooms. 957 Capturing life under the surfaceWinning photos from the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition 896 Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their SpinesNo, we're not talking about squatting. We're talking about a way to bend over that has nearly disappeared in our culture. And it could be one reason why back pain is so common in the U.S. 730 Collection Curious Critters by @mixpicks Collection In Olden Days by @mixpicks Modern women in the land of Genghis KhanMongolia is still closely associated with the conquests of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire. But 800 years on, it’s a new generation of women who are catalysts for change in a country rapidly modernising while holding on to its nomadic traditions. 487 Knowers and Learners – Bruno Bergher – MediumQuick thoughts on different world views 724 The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer'sA high-carb diet, and the attendant high blood sugar, are associated with cognitive decline. 913 Why Do We Need to Sleep?At a shiny new lab in Japan, an international team of scientists is trying to figure out what puts us under. 924 'Strong' Black Woman? 'Smart' Asian Man? The Downside To Positive StereotypesIt's not hard to spin a positive stereotype as a compliment. But making any generalization about a group is a slippery slope. 369 Collection Winning At Life by @mixpicks What Google searches reveal about the human psycheSeth Stephens-Davidowitz spent years studying millions of Google searches and gained some surprising insights into people's real lives. 760 What to Do When Your Boss Says NoTry not to take it personally. 455 Curate the
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