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About me

User language nl-NDeze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal. en-3This user has advanced knowledge of English. de-2Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau. fr-1Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français. Users by language Hey there!
Glad to see you here. I'm Effe iets anders, commoners' Dutch for for a while something else and I love to build bridges and work on interfaces. After my study in Chemistry, I focused on the impact of scientific research on society. Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD in Management Science and Engineering in the US. Over the past years I have been active in many different fields and capacities in the Wikimedia movement. I'm still excited by the mission of Wikimedia to collect and disseminate the sum of all knowledge, and love to help with innovative approaches of making that happen. I'm primarily active on the Dutch Wikipedia, but have also edited other projects. In 2011, 2012 and 2016 I was candidate for the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees. I was administrator on various projects (2005-2015), board member of Wikimedia Nederland (2006-2011), steward (2006-2010) and member of the Affiliations Committee (2009-2014). Nowadays, I'm back to just editing & organizing!

My work

Some of the work I did in the Wikimedia universe:
I was one of the initiators of Wiki Loves Monuments and helped it scale internationally (2010-2013). Since its initiation, the project has been organized in over 70 countries, and collected more than 1.7 million photos of built cultural heritage worldwide, submitted by 45,000+ people. In 2017, I'm back on its international team.
I like to encourage discussion and knowledge sharing, and for that reason I collected and presented the Coolest Projects of Wikimedia Chapters in 2011, and presented them at Wikimani, the annual Wikimedia Conference. I repeated this in 2012 and 2013, and Deror continued the tradition since then.
Over the years, Wikimania turned into a presentation-heavy conference, and in 2014 I took the initiative to bring back more discussions, by requesting, organizing and coordinating a separate track of discussions together with Iopensa in what we called the Discussion Room. This has become a full track of the conference, and roundtable, community focused discussions are back in the spotlights.
Over the years, I have started or heavily contributed to over 750 articles, mostly on the Dutch Wikipedia. I like to focus my efforts on translating and checking biographies, or writing reasonably short biographies from scratch. In total I have made more than 40,000 edits on the various projects.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, my comments are my own and not on behalf of any organization, committee, team or project I'm a member of.

Contact me

You can leave a message on my talk page, send me an email (my username AT, or find me on Twitter (@Effeietsanders).


People often ask me what my nickname means exactly. Although it is hard to translate into English, it seems translations to several other languages work better. Below you'll find a selection of meanings of Effeietsanders in other languages:

LanguageTranslation Català Unaestonaunaaltracosa Deutsch Maletwasanderes English Changeofspice Español Unratoalgodistinto Esperanto Fojeioalia Français Unefoisautrechose Frysk Efkeswatoars Íslenska Smaannad Italiano Unattimodaltro Limburgs (Mestreechs) Evegetaanders Norsk / Nynorsk Enstundnoeannet / Eitbelnokoanna Polski chwilowocośinnego Português Agoraalgodiferente Română Altcevadeastădată Српски / Srpski натренутакнештодруго Svenska företögonblicknåt Українська Нахвилькущосьінше עברית לשםשינוימשהואחר (l'shem shinui masheu acher) Gujarati અશાશ્વત (uh-shaa-shvuh-t) Hindi अनित्य (uh-nit-yuh) Retrieved from "[]" Categories:

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