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Stewards are users with complete access to the wiki interface on all public Wikimedia wikis, including the ability to change any and all user rights and groups. Stewards have responsibility for technical implementation of community consensus and for dealing with emergencies such as cross-project vandalism. When a particular project has a permissions group with no member (such as the administrators permissions group or bureaucrats permissions group), a steward may exercise the powers of a member of the empty permissions group. However, except in an emergency or when action across multiple projects is needed, stewards generally do not exercise their powers in a project that has local users with the required rights.

Wikimedia created the position of steward when it recognized the need to separate user rights management from software development and systems administration.

To gain emergency assistance or to ask a question, join the IRC channel #wikimedia-stewardsconnect and write !steward in this channel to notify stewards of an emergency. For regular requests, see the list of request pages in the box at right. To contact a steward directly, use that steward's talk page. Requests can also be sent to the steward OTRS queue through the interface at Special:Contact/Stewards, or by emailing

New stewards are regularly (once or twice a year) elected by the global Wikimedia community. Their total number is not limited. The Elections are organized by existing stewards and run for roughly three weeks. Successful candidates must have a support-to-oppose ratio of at least 80% with at least 30 supporting editors.

Current stewards are confirmed during the elections through an open call for community feedback and commentary, followed by discussion and consensus-building among the stewards. A team of stewards closes the elections and confirmation discussions. Further documentation can be found in the steward policies, election process, and handbook.


List of current stewards

Last update: 2018-11-09; total number of stewards: 34

+/-NameIRC nickLanguages spokenActive from Ajraddatz ajr en, fr-1 2014-02-28 Alaa (علاء) Alaa ar, en-4, he-1, es-1 2018-02-28 Bsadowski1 Bsadowski1 en 2011-02-28 Defender defender01 pt, en-2, es-1 2017-02-28 DerHexer DerHexer de, en-3, grc-3, la-3, es-1 2007-12-21 Green Giant en, fr-2, de-1 2018-02-28 HakanIST HakanIST tr, en-4, az-3, es-2, de-1 2017-02-28 Hoo man hoo de, en-3, it-1, fr-1 2014-02-28 Jyothis Jyothis ml, hi-1, en-3 2010-03-08 Linedwell Linedwell fr, en-3, it-2 2015-02-28 MarcoAurelio MarcoAurelio es, en-2, fr-2, la-1 2015-02-28 Mardetanha Mardetanha az, fa, en-3, tr-2, ar-1, bqi-1, glk-1, mzn-1, tk-1 2009-02-28 Masti masti pl, en-4, de-3, ru-2 several -1 2016-02-28 Matanya matanya en, he 2011-02-28 Matiia Matiia es, en-2 2017-02-28 MBisanz MBisanz en, es-1 2012-02-28 Melos Melos it, en-3, scn-4, es-1, la-1 2010-03-08 Mentifisto mentifis mt, en-4, it-2 2011-02-28 MF-Warburg MF-W de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1, es-1 2013-02-28 NahidSultan NahidSultan bn, en-3, bpy-1, as-1 2016-02-28 Pmlineditor Pmlineditor bn, en-4, hi-2, de-1, (as, hif, bpy)-0.5 2015-02-28 QuiteUnusual QuiteUnusual en, fr-2, it-2, es-1 2013-02-28 RadiX RadiX pt, en-3, es-2, fr-2, it-2, gl-1, sk-1, (sq, ms, hi)-0.5 2015-02-28 revi revi ko, en-3 2018-02-28 Ruslik0 rr0 ru, en-3 2011-02-28 rxy rxy ja, en-1 2018-02-28 Shanmugamp7 shanmugamp7 ta, en-3 2014-02-28 Sjoerddebruin sjoerddebruin nl, en-3, de-1, fr-1 2017-02-28 Stryn Stryn fi, en-2, sv-1 2015-02-28 Tegel Tegel sv, en-3, da-1 (read), no-1 (read) 2012-02-28 Teles Teles pt, en-3, es-2 2012-02-28 There'sNoTime TheresNoTime en, de-3, es-3, it-3, fr-3 2018-02-28 Trijnstel Trijnstel nl, en-4, de-1, fr-1 2011-10-07 Vituzzu Vito it, scn, en-2, fr-2, la-1, es-1, pt-1 2011-10-07


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