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Meetups are important occasions when Wikimedians (users of Wikipedia and the sister projects) come together face-to-face generally in an informal basis. These have been going on for several years and in a wide range of places across the world. Where there have been a series of meetups at a locality, they have often developed their own culture. Check the page for previous meetus at any location you are interested in to get a better understanding of this.

Meetups can be arranged via Meta, the mailing lists, or meetup pages on the individual projects. If you have attended a meetup, you can add a little report here (and link to a longer one, if you're in the mood of writing much).

Also see the page for Wikimedia and MediaWiki related events - presentations at conferences, fairs, arts events etc. This is usually a good occasion to meet other people from the Wikimedia crowd.


Upcoming events[edit]

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  • Events, for larger events & conferences (may also be out of date)
  • Berlin (Germany) meetups & events in English


How to manage a Wikimedia meetup[edit]

Hundreds of Wikimedia meetups have been hosted around the world. If you wish to host a meetup in your area, then consider using the following sets of lessons from others who have hosted meetups in the past.


The meetup[edit]


If the meetup is regular[edit]


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