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Lyricstranslate Like Page 31k likes Site activity New translation My friend, what is your homeland? Turkish → English New comment Ένα σοβαρό λαθος που βγάζει μάτι στη μετάφρασή. Δεν κάθονται σε τράπεζα (banque) αλλά σε παγκάκι ...  more New translation Pocetak English → Serbian New comment Ok Mr. Nietzche, I will spare you the long version. Tobacco should kill me before the shit really...  more New comment I have updated my translation.  more New translation Nekoga da volim English → Serbian New translation Când nimeni nu vede Spanish → Romanian New translation Madhouse (Please come quick!) German → English New request Chestito (Честито) Bulgarian → Turkish New comment @Błażej Adamowicz, there is a need to update the Bulgarian subtitles: аз сякаш съм самотен пътник ...  more
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