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WikiEN-l mailing list

WikiEN-l Mailing List

This mailing list is for discussing issues relating particularly to the English language Wikipedia. Issues relating to the broader Wikipedia community belong at the Wikipedia-l mailing list.

Requests to be unblocked on the English-language Wikipedia should go to the specialised Unblock-en-l mailing list.

If you have any queries or complaints about this mailing list, please contact the list administrators.

How to post to this mailing list

To send an e-mail to WikiEN-l, you must first be subscribed to the mailing list (see how to subscribe below).

Once you are a subscriber to this mailing list, you can make a posting by sending your message to the following address:
[email protected].

If you are a new subscriber, your messages will be automatically moderated to await approval by a mailing list administrator. This is necessary to prevent spam and abuse.

All e-mails you send to this mailing list will be available on public web archives, both on and off Wikimedia servers. Do not send an e-mail to this list unless you are happy for the general public to read it and quote you.


This is a working list for the encyclopedia. Conversations should remain on-topic and civil at all times. Posters are expected to follow good practice similar to Wikiquette: assume good faith and be polite and constructive.

Members who do not behave appropriately may be moderated or removed from the list by one of the list administrators.

Changing options and unsubscribing

To change your mailing list options (such as to turn off mailings) or to unsubscribe completely from the mailing list, please log in with your e-mail address below.

You will be asked to provide your mailing list password. If cannot remember it, you will be able to request a password reminder.


The WikiEN-l mailing list administrators can be contacted collectively by e-mail at wikien-l-owner a t

The WikiEN-l mailing list administrators are:

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