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Daily article mailing list, from Wikipedia

Daily article mailing list

The sum of all human knowledge. Delivered to your inbox every day.

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List information

To receive the daily article, you must first be subscribed to the mailing list (see how to subscribe below).

Once you are a subscriber to this mailing list we'll send you an email packed full of Wikimedia content each and every day. Emails are usually sent around 0100 (1:00 AM) UTC but this can vary.

In each email, you will receive the English Language Wikipedia's featured article, which changes daily. You will also receive a few selected anniversaries as well as the word of the day from Wiktionary and the Quote of the day from Wikiquote, two sister projects of Wikipedia.

Changing options and unsubscribing

To change your mailing list options (such as to turn off mailings) or to unsubscribe completely from the mailing list, please log in with your e-mail address below.

You will be asked to provide your mailing list password. If cannot remember it, you will be able to request a password reminder.

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The daily-article-l mailing list administrators can be contacted by e-mail at dal-feedback a t

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