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For out of Zion will go coping mechanisms By Larry Yudelson New Jersey first responders benefit from Israel’s Natal training program Local residents make aliyah ‘because of our children’ By Heidi Mae Bratt Nefesh B’Nefesh Brings 242 people, including 31 families, to Israel Children’s books talk about aliyah By Heidi Mae Bratt ‘Helen, I hate you. Hug me’ By Joanne Palmer ‘Four Faces of Israel’ shows mutually contradictory truths about a passionately loved country Kaplen JCC welcomes new COO By Joanne Palmer Miriam Chilton brings a wealth of experience in the Reform movement — and the business world — to Tenafly When silence is akin to complicity By Rabbi Jordan Millstein Marking Tisha B’Av at the Peter Rodino Federal Building in Newark Adventures in gardening By Jonathan E. Lazarus Those hostas belong to me — the deer disagree This is Federation Documentary highlights ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and its uneven journey to the stage By Curt Schleier Banji Ganchrow Stop beeping! I develop strong emotional attachments to my cars. It’s a problem because then it is hard for me to let them go. I probably have written about my first car, Goober, the 1980 Cadillac Sedan DeVille that I inherited from my paternal grandfather. I loved that car. It could fit 10 teenagers comfortably. After Goober came the maroon Buick LeSabre. It was classy. Then came the first of several minivans. We actually bought it on Edmund’ and they did give us the best price. That van was silver. Followed by another... Continue Reading A summer of civic engagement By Joanne Palmer Camp Ramah Nyack addresses the present moment Rabbis bridge denomination lines under the federation’s umbrella By Larry Yudelson JFNNJ follows unity mission to Israel with formation of an action committee Production begins on ‘Valley of Tears,’ Israel’s most ambitious TV show ever By Curt Schleier / JTA Burying the ashes By Joanne Palmer Holocaust museum in Suffern discovers human cremated remains in its archives What did that gerbil just do? By Abigail Klein Leichman Local summer interns pursue real science in Israel through BIU/YU program First adrenaline, then joy By Lois Goldrich Teaneck student saves a life in Israel Cooking Companions launched By Abigail Klein Leichman Jewish Family Services matches volunteers and elderly clients to eat, talk, and share Banji Ganchrow Many people ask me about my writing process How I come up with ideas, when I write them, how long it takes me… The truth is that I have no one answer. But the one thing that I will admit to being consistent about is that when I do think of an idea, I write it down on my phone. The problem is, the ideas will come to me at random times and places. Sometimes I am driving, and have to type something quickly at a red light. Or I will start writing it down and the... Continue Reading Opinion Rabbi Craig Scheff Let my children go … to camp Popular Page 3 German park to redo new ride shaped as spinning swastikas  Bill de Blasio campaigns in Yiddish to save faltering presidential bid By Ben Sales Crashed Israeli lander may have seeded moon with ‘water bears’ Fresh coverage of Democratic debates brought by Jewish kid, 10 By Ron Kampeas Bon Jovi returns to Israel By Larry Yudelson A mule joined travelers in Israel at the Ben Gurion Airport terminal. By Marcy Oster
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