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Governance | IUPHAR - International Union of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology

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IUPHAR - International Union of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology International Union of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology


IUPHAR is governed by the Council, composed of delegates appointed by the member societies, division and sections, which holds its General Assembly at each World Congress of Pharmacology, a joint meeting of basic, clinical, and translational pharmacology held every four years.  Meeting minutes are available to the public.

The Council elects an Executive Committee consisting of a President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General, a Treasurer, and five Councilors.  The officers of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology also sit on the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee meets annually and is responsible for both the general and scientific administration of IUPHAR.  Meeting minutes are available to the public.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting from the member societies the names of individuals nominated to serve on the next Executive Committee. This committee makes its recommendations to the Council during the General Assembly.

The scientific activities of IUPHAR are promoted by experts in the major experimental and clinical areas of the discipline.  These areas are covered by divisions, sections and committees, which have a certain degree of autonomy but report to both the Executive Committee and the Council.

2018-2022 Executive Committee The current Executive Committee of IUPHAR was elected by the Council at its General Assembly at the 18th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2018) in Kyoto, Japan on 4 July 2018. The Executive Committee serves a four-year term. President
Ingolf Cascorbi
Germany 1st Vice President
Francesca Levi-Schaffer
Israel 2nd Vice President
Yoshikatsu Kanai
Japan Secretary General
Michael Spedding
France Treasurer
James E. Barrett
USA Councilor
Arthur Christopoulos
Australia Councilor
Guan-Hua Du
China Councilor
Helen Ochuko Kwanashie
Nigeria Councilor
Guilheme Suarez-Kurtz
Brazil Councilor
David J. Webb
United Kingdom Clinical Division Chair
Caroline Samer
Switzerland Clinical Division Treasurer
Maria Isabel Lucena
Spain Clinical Division Secretary
Nilima Kshirsagar
India Past President
Sam Enna
USA Co-opted Member
Bhagirath Patel
India Co-opted Member
Emilio Clementi
Italy Co-opted Member
Steve Alexander
United Kingdom Early Career Investigators
Subcommittee Chair
Carl White
Australia 2018-2022 Executive Officer René Ciarametaro
USA 2018 – 2021 Internal Auditors Sergio Bruni
Argentina Johannes Knollmeyer