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Bot policy[modificar]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Malafaya 23:40, 5 septembre 2008 (UTC)

Implemented. Malafaya 01:11, 14 septembre 2008 (UTC)

Bot flag for MalafayaBot[modificar]

Hi. I would like to request a bot flag for MalafayaBot. It runs the interwiki bot from Pywikipediabot. Thanks, Malafaya 23:42, 5 septembre 2008 (UTC)

Nomine de projecto[modificar]

Io propone le cambio del nomine del projecto a Wiktionario/I propose the change of project name to Wiktionario. Malafaya 20:39, 9 septembre 2008 (UTC)

Protection del Pagina principal[modificar]

Io propone proteger le pagina principal contra usatores non registrate de forma permanente. Malafaya 01:00, 5 octobre 2008 (UTC)

Io sustene

  1. Malafaya 01:00, 5 octobre 2008 (UTC)
  2. --ValJor 08:21, 26 octobre 2009 (UTC)
  3. ...

Io no sustene

  1. ...

New namespace[modificar]

Dear users,

I requested on bugzilla a new namespace called "Appendice" in order to redirect all lists of dictionaries that were already done here. This namespace is really important for the project and the community needs to give its opinion on this matter for the continuation of the request analysis. What do you all think? Best regards, -- Isaac Mansur 00:51, 26 octobre 2009 (UTC)

Io sustene!/I support!

  1. Malafaya 01:49, 26 octobre 2009 (UTC)
  2. --ValJor 08:21, 26 octobre 2009 (UTC)
  3. Isaac Mansur parola 10:21, 14 novembre 2009 (UTC)

Io no sustene

  1. ...

2010 Fundraising Is Almost Here[modificar]

Hello Wikipedians, my name is Kelly and I am working for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2010 Fundraiser. My job is to be the liaison between the Interlingua community and the Foundation. This year's fundraiser is intended to be a collaborative and global effort; we recognize that banner messages which may perform well in the United States don't necessarily translate well, or appeal to international audiences.

I'm contacting you as I am currently looking for translators who are willing to contribute to this project by helping translate and localize messages into Interlingua and suggesting messages that would appeal to Interlingua readers on the Fundraising Meta Page. We've started the setup on meta for both banner submission, statistical analysis, and grouping volunteers together.
Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us, and add your feedback to the proposed messages as well! I look forward to working with you during this year's fundraiser. If someone could translate this message I would really appreciate it so that everyone is able to understand our goals and contribute to this year's campaign. Klyman 18:27, 20 octobre 2010 (UTC)

Global AbuseFilter[modificar]


AbuseFilter is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, Global AbuseFilters were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki,, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "small wikis". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "medium sized wikis" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing request for comment on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to this list on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on this page at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter.


PiRSquared17, Glaisher

— 17:34, 14 novembre 2014 (UTC)

Compact Links coming soon to this wiki[modificar]

Per favor, adjuta a traducer in tu lingua

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Hello, I wanted to give a heads up about an upcoming feature for this wiki which you may seen already in the Tech News. Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). This will be enabled as a feature in the soon for all users, which can be turned on or off using a preference setting. We look forward to your feedback and please do let us know if you have any questions. Details about Compact Language Links can be read in the project documentation.

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. The main announcement can also be translated on this page. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-13:06, 29 junio 2016 (UTC)

Compact Language Links enabled in this wiki today[modificar]

Per favor, adjuta a traducer in tu lingua

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). Based on several factors, this shorter list of languages is expected to be more relevant for them and valuable for finding similar content in a language known to them. More information about compact language links can be found in the documentation.

From today onwards, compact language links has been enabled as the default listing of interlanguage links on this wiki. However, using the button at the bottom, you will be able to see a longer list of all the languages the article has been written in. The setting for this compact list can be changed by using the checkbox under User Preferences -> Appearance -> Languages

The compact language links feature has been tested extensively by the Wikimedia Language team, which developed it. However, in case there are any problems or other feedback please let us know on the project talk page. It is to be noted that on some wikis the presence of an existing older gadget that was used for a similar purpose may cause an interference for compact language list. We would like to bring this to the attention of the admins of this wiki. Full details are on this phabricator ticket (in English).

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-03:05, 1 julio 2016 (UTC)

Requesta de rolo de administrator[modificar]

Io volerea ser administrator e assi adjutar a Wikibooks in interlingua pro meliorar le qualitate.

Io poterea supervisar periodicamente le articulos, corriger los, bloquear le vandalos, deleter le mal articulos e le errores.

Gratias. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:47, 20 maio 2017 (UTC)

Columns for references[modificar]

Per favor, adjuta a traducer in tu linguaRead this in another language


At the request of Wikipedia editors, a new feature has been added to MediaWiki. Long lists of references (also called citations or footnotes) will automatically be displayed in columns. This will make it easier for most people to read the references, especially on narrow screens. Short lists of references will not be affected.

I plan to enable this new feature at this wiki on Monday, 11 September 2017. After that date, use the normal <references /> tag on any page with many references to see this feature. If you do not want columns used on that page, then use this wikitext code instead: <references responsive="0" />

If you believe that this new feature is not appropriate for this wiki, or if you need help adjusting templates, then please contact me at mw:Contributors/Projects/Columns for references. --User:Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk)

18:23, 1 septembre 2017 (UTC)

Heads-up about a technical change affecting this wiki[modificar]

Salute. Per favor, adjuta a traducer in tu lingua. Gratias!

This is a heads-up about a technical change affecting this wiki. You do not need to do anything.

In July 2017, the Wikimedia Foundation announced the intention to replace Tidy with RemexHTML across the Wikimedia cluster by July 2018. In order to make this switch, a number of broken wikitext patterns were identified that required fixing on wikis, highlighted via the high priority categories in the Linter extension.

While still planning to finish turning off Tidy in July 2018, doing early switches of wikis from Tidy to Remex will let us identify any lingering issues that are not already caught by the linter categories and our QA testing. We are encouraging big wikis that have worked hard to switch sooner, for example.

Since your wiki has zero high-priority errors, we think that it is ready to switch from Tidy to Remex. To be clear, if we notice problems (or if the wiki requests it), we will revert the change, after identifying the source of the problem. If you notice any incorrect rendering, you can use ?action=parsermigration-edit to identify if the switch from Tidy actually caused it.

We are suggesting 5 December 2017 as the possible date for the switch to happen, so there would still be plenty of time to fix any issues before the holidays start. We look forward to hearing any concerns you would have with this plan, and about how we can help make this transition as smooth as possible: if you have any comments, please remember to ping me personally to make sure I notice and address them, otherwise we will assume this message is acknowledged and the deadline works for your community.

Best, mw:User:Elitre (WMF) 10:35, 28 novembre 2017 (UTC)

PS: Apologies if you are seeing this message on a page that is not the best location for it: I have looked for the appropriate target pages (for example, on Meta), but may have found none. Please, by all means, move the message where you see fit, but most importantly, fix the various distribution lists by adding the correct page there, to avoid that this happens again in the future. I appreciate your understanding, and am available for further information and explanations.

Update on page issues on mobile web[modificar]

Update on page issues on mobile web

Per favor, adjuta a traducer in tu lingua Hi everyone. The Readers web team has recently begun working on exposing issue templates on the mobile website. Currently, details about issues with page content are generally hidden on the mobile website. This leaves readers unaware of the reliability of the pages they are reading. The goal of this project is to improve awareness of particular issues within an article on the mobile web. We will do this by changing the visual styling of page issues.

So far, we have drafted a proposal on the design and implementation of the project. We were also able to run user testing on the proposed designs. The tests so far have positive results. Here is a quick summary of what we learned:

  • The new treatment increases awareness of page issues among participants. This is true particularly when they are in a more evaluative/critical mode.
  • Page issues make sense to readers and they understand how they work
  • Readers care about page issues and consider them important
  • Readers had overwhelmingly positive sentiments towards Wikipedia associated with learning about page issues

Our next step would be to start implementing these changes. We wanted to reach out to you for any concerns, thoughts, and suggestions you might have before beginning development. Please visit the project page where we have more information and mockups of how this may look. Please leave feedback on the talk page.

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 20:58, 12 junio 2018 (UTC)

Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard[modificar]

Screenshot of the Hub view

Sorry for writing this message in English. Feel free to help translate it below.

Hello all,

A few months ago, we asked you for feedback about Cognate, the system allowing interwikilinks between Wiktionaries (on main namespace). Several community members gave some suggestions, one of them was to provide statistics about these interwikilinks.

The Wikidata team is pleased to present you the Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard, a website presenting a lot of interesting information about how Wiktionaries are connected to each others. You can find there, for example:

  • the most interlinked Wiktionary entries not having a page on your Wiktionary
  • the number of interlinks between each possible pair of Wiktionaries
  • visualizations of the relationships between different Wiktionaries

To learn more about the tool, you can have a look at the documentation (please help us translating it in your language!). The interface of the tool itself can also be translated in other languages by using this page.

If you find a bug, please let a comment on this Phabricator task or ping me onwiki. Thanks a lot, Lea Lacroix (WMDE) 13:08, 14 augusto 2018 (UTC)

Selection of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019[modificar]

Dear all,

Sorry for posting this message in English and last minute notification. The Tremendous Wiktionary User Group could send one representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019 (formerly "Wikimedia Conference"). The Wikimedia Summit is an yearly conference of all organizations affiliated to the Wikimedia Movement (including our Tremendous Wiktionary User Group). It is a great place to talk about Wiktionary needs to the chapters and other user groups that compose the Wikimedia movement.

For context, there is a short report on what happened last year. The deadline is very close to 24 hrs. The last date for registration is 17 December 2018. As a last minute effort, there is a page on meta to decide who will be the representative of the user group to the Wikimedia Summit created.

Please feel free to ask any question on the wiktionary-l mailing list or on the talk page.

For the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group, -- Balajijagadesh 05:56, 16 decembre 2018 (UTC)

Community Wishlist 2020[modificar]

The 2020 Community Wishlist Survey is now open! This survey is the process where communities decide what the Community Tech team should work on over the next year. We encourage everyone to submit proposals until the deadline on November 11, 2019, or comment on other proposals to help make them better.

This year, we’re exclusively focusing on smaller projects (i.e., Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikispecies, Wikivoyage, and Wikinews). We want to help these projects and provide meaningful improvements to diverse communities. If you’re a member of any of these projects, please participate in the survey! To submit proposals, see the guidelines on the survey page. You can write proposals in any language, and we will translate them for you. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing your proposals!

IFried (WMF) 19:30, 4 novembre 2019 (UTC)

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