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Find file Copy path Fetching contributors… Cannot retrieve contributors at this time 105 lines (98 sloc) 1.81 KB Raw Blame History # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- [core] name = Toraja-Sa'dan hid = sda level = language iso639-3 = sda latitude = -2.97144 longitude = 119.829 macroareas = Papunesia countries = Indonesia (ID) links = [Toraja]( [sources] glottolog = **asjp2010:3787** **hh:d:Tammu:Toradja** **hh:d:vanderVeen:Tae** **hh:e:Nooy-Palm:Sadan-Toraja** **hh:hv:Valkama:Toraja** **hh:hvw:GrimesGrimes:South-Sulawesi** **hh:hw:ArnaudCampagnolo:ASEI** **hh:hw:Stokhofetal:Holle:7:3** **hh:phon:SandeStokhof:Toraja-Kesu** **hh:s:Sande:Toraja** **hh:s:Sande:Toraja-Sadan** **hh:t:vanderVeen:Sadan-Toradjase** **hh:typ:Friberg:South-Sulawesi** **hh:w:Adriani:Sada-Wadu** **hh:wtyp:Salombe:Toraja-Saqdan** **mpieva:Mills1975ProtoSou** **mpieva:Verhaar19751990Miscella** **sil16:22011** **sil16:22012** [altnames] wals = Toraja wals other = Rantepao Sadan Ta'e Tae' Toradja Toraja Sa'dan ruhlen (1987) = Sa'dan moseley & asher (1994) = Sa'dan multitree = Nordost-Celebes Sa'dan Sa'dansche Sadan Sadang South Toraja Ta'e Tae' Toradja Toraja Toraja-Sa'dan lexvo = Toraja-Sa'dan [en] hhbib_lgcode = Sa'dan-Toraja Salumpang-Makale Tae' here is Toraja-Sa'dan To Sada Toradja-Sa'dan Toraja Toraja-Sa'dan-Makale [triggers] lgcode = toradjasch morfemis toradja toraja toradjase kesu tae sadan saqdan [identifier] wals = trd multitree = tors;sda [classification] sub = **hh:hvw:Smith:Ulunnu** **hh:hvw:GrimesGrimes:South-Sulawesi** subrefs = **hh:hvw:Smith:Ulunnu** **hh:hvw:GrimesGrimes:South-Sulawesi** [endangerment] status = not endangered source = E23 date = 2020-04-01T21:11:32 comment = Toraja-Sa’dan (sda-sda) = 5 (Developing). You can’t perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.