Rhesus rheMac8 chr3:64,242,280-64,278,013 UCSC Genome Browser v368

    left 10% ctrl+j track search t then s left 1/2 screen j default tracks d then t left one screen J default order d then o right 10% ctrl+l hide all h then a right 1/2 screen l custom tracks c then t right one screen L track collections t then c right one screen L track hubs t then h zoom in 1.5x ctrl+i configure c then f zoom in 3x i reverse r then v zoom in 10x I resize r then s zoom in base level b refresh r then f zoom out 1.5x ctrl+k jump to position box / zoom out 3x k send to external tool s then t zoom out 10x K exon view e then v zoom out 100x 0 default view d then v zoom to ... view DNA v then d 50bp (1 zero) 1 Reset all User Settings c then r 500bp (2 zeros) 2 Tools - BLAT t then b 5000bp (3 zeros) 3 Tools - Table Browser t then t 50kbp (4 zeros) 4 Tools - PCR t then i 500kbp (5 zeros) 5 My Sessions s then s 5Mbp (6 zeros) 6 Public Sessions p then s Highlight all (mark) h then m Clear all Highlights h then c