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Dactylopius coccus (DACLCC)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

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Dactylopius coccus(DACLCC)


Overview Last modification: 2002-10-17

Basic information
  • EPPO code: DACLCC
  • Preferred name: Dactylopius coccus
  • Authority: Costa

Other scientific names NameAuthorityCoccus cacti auctorum
Common names NameLanguagecarmine scale English cochineal insect English cochineal scale English echte Cochenilleschildlaus German echte Kochenilleschildlaus German cochenille carmin French cochinilla del carmín Spanish cochinilla grana Spanish nocheztli Spanish cocciniglia del carminio Italian cochenilleluis Dutch cochonilha Portuguese kochenillsköldlus Swedish кошенильный червец Russian

Propose photo Taxonomy Kingdom Animalia ( 1ANIMK ) Phylum Arthropoda ( 1ARTHP ) Subphylum Hexapoda ( 1HEXAQ ) Class Insecta ( 1INSEC ) Order Hemiptera ( 1HEMIO ) Suborder Sternorrhyncha ( 1STERR ) Family Dactylopiidae ( 1DACTF ) Genus Dactylopius ( 1DACLG ) Species Dactylopius coccus ( DACLCC )