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FDA Substance Registration System

    Search Substance Registration System Information available for 109,973 substances. Did you mean... See Generic Drug Name Endings
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    The name diazepam gives suggestions as you type to select and then  (search).  DIAZEPAM is the FDA preferred substance name for this substance and the UNII is Q3JTX2Q7TU.



    Using an asterisk at the end of a name allows truncation.  You may retrieve salts and mixtures that start with diazepam.


    Using asterisks at the front and end of the generic name may retrieve mixtures where diazepam is not at the beginning of a name.


    Using asterisks at the front of a name may retrieve related names.


    Using asterisks at the front and end of a biological substance name will retrieve compounds that share this data in one of their names.

    UNII Codes

    UNII codes may be searched By UNII. You will be prompted with suggestions as you type. UNIIs are also present as names.

    Spell Checking

    If you input a misspelling such as “valeum”, we will show you similar substance names. Just click on a name of interest to retrieve that record

    Name phrases

    We expect you to input a substance name or a UNII. If you type in a phrase such as “10% diazepam solution”, we will try to find an FDA name in this phrase, and retrieve that record.

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