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SEO Reality Check

What Does It Take To Rank Top In 2018?

The Simple Truth Behind Ranking #1 On Google

PA – DA – TF – CF – DR – UR

There are plenty of metrics that you can obsess over, while developing your SEO strategy. I have a shocker waiting for you, SEO community: None of this shit matters! Wait- why?! Because they’re nothing more than “educated” guesses from companies that are NOT google. The world of SEO is always changing. In 2018, this is no exception. It is easy to wonder what it takes to rank in the top three positions.

As Simple As We Can Put It:

There Are Only Two Things That Matter.

High Quality Sites And High Quality Links.

Rule 1: Obtain high quality links from highly trafficked sites that Google has determined to be an authority.

Online publications with well researched articles, such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Wired, and countless more, are considered to be some of the most important sites on the internet. When they are linking out, they have done their research, and have decided to share an important story with their readers. They are sending a signal to Google, that this little guy is important and should be ranking higher. These are high quality links, and you want as many of these as possible. High quality PBN sites are boosted by these signals. They in turn, use the strength of these links, to signal that YOUR site is important and should be ranking higher.

Do you think Google looks to Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, or SEMrush, to determine if a website is worth a damn? Can you guess the correct answer? Here’s your optional answer = no.

Rule 2: Develop a high quality site that is helpful to users, and easy to navigate.

With the rapid expansion of today’s competition, google has a few things it looks at, to determine if your site is worthy of rank. Once again, do you think they go to Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, or SEMrush, to figure out how they should rank sites? Would you like to guess for this question also? I have multiple options to choose for this one = no. no.

The commonly used silo structuring is effective because it makes sure of any content that is highly relevant to each other, is grouped together. It allows sites to minimize confusion. Google understands it is one of the most powerful sites in the world, which is why it has become so complex with it’s algorithm. By factoring in things such as SSL certification, and Page Speed, you are creating a site that is, at it’s most basic level, helpful for the consumer.

Without Exception, All Top Ranked Sites Are:

High Quality Sites With High Quality Links.

They Deserve To Be There. It is That-Fucking-Simple.

When your site is being linked to, by other high quality sites, you are sending a big signal to Google. These authority links are giving a recommendation to their readers, that you are highly relevant. When was the last time you saw Forbes featuring a site that was keyword stuffed, multiple pop-unders, and content locked with never ending loops of CPA offers? Would you like to guess? Here’s your options = never.

Unlike what anyone may tell you, there are quite a few smart people who may be kicking your ass right now and you have no idea why. It’s because of the two reasons above. They have a highly relevant website, and a great link portfolio.  They also have a third component. A SEOcret PBNgredient, if you will.

There are two types of SERP leaders. Those who admit to using PBN links for the link juice, and those who lie about using PBN links. I dont care if the site promotes nothing but whitehat tactics. If they’re on top, they’re liars. The exception to this rule, are corporations of national networks. Why? Because they have millions of links.

What Should You Do About Your Link Portfolio?

Make Sure Your Site Has Perfect On Page Structure.

Buy The Highest Quality Links That You Can Afford.

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