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Wiktionary:Per-browser preferences - Wiktionary

Wiktionary:Per-browser preferences

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This page is being phased out in favour of gadgets, available in user preferences and at Wiktionary:Preferences/V2 for unregistered users.

You must have JavaScript and cookies enabled to set your browser-specific English Wiktionary preferences.


On this page, you can set your browser-specific English Wiktionary preferences.edit Note that “Use preferences on this page” must be checked for any of the others to work. Click checkboxes to toggle preferences, stored in a browser cookie. These preferences will have to be refreshed after 30 days.

Note: Some Wiktionary-specific preferences can be enabled, on a per-user basis, through the "Gadgets" tab of Special:Preferences (which will not have to be refreshed periodically).

Note: there is no “cancel” feature, other than turning off all preferences. (Default is to have all boxes unchecked.)

Caution: many Microsoft Internet Explorer users have found that checking any of these preferences severely slows down their browser.

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