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  • Walking bass line myths address some of these myths in an attempt to provide some clarity and direction in constructing walking bass lines. This is a myth that I believe many players 10 KB (1,696 words) - 20:39, 18 April 2018
  • Comparative Mythology/Founding Myths resource about ancient founding myths from around the world. Please add your name below. Central Asian myths East Asian myths World historia (talk) 07:11 656 bytes (56 words) - 04:51, 25 February 2016
  • Understanding Creation Myths/What is a Creation Myth? other key factors. Creation myths were widely believed in the classical world, and remain popular as stories today. Creation myths in the classical world are 1 KB (177 words) - 18:20, 16 October 2018
  • Health/Essays/Myths and Misconceptions about Type II Diabetes and your heart Diabetes mellitus Diabetes Mellitus (LMCC) Type I diabetes American Diabetes Association. Diabetes myths. American Diabetes Association. 695 bytes (55 words) - 00:19, 25 August 2015
  • Understanding Creation Myths ability to state creation myths offered by Greek and Roman sources. It is also necessary to compare the details of each of these myths. Select the below hyperlink 759 bytes (105 words) - 14:33, 14 May 2016
  • Comparative Mythology/Creation Myths Wikipedia article about origin beliefs African Creation Myths Wikipedia article on the creation myth of Kabezya-Mpungu from Baluba (Kongo) See also the Wikipedia 1 KB (147 words) - 04:50, 25 February 2016
  • Understanding Creation Myths/Assignment 2 completing this assignment. I can state creation myths from Roman/Greek sources I can compare given creation myths to find common features I can list 4 Roman 436 bytes (65 words) - 14:34, 14 May 2016
  • Wiki science/Wikipedia's success/Defeating the myths page's purpose is to be a tracking sheet for 'destryoing' myths about Wikipedia. The myth: You can change info on Wikipedia, thus, it will stay there 791 bytes (89 words) - 03:10, 7 August 2016
  • Dominant group/Mythology the study of myths ..., or to a body or collection of myths". As examples, comparative mythology "is the systematic comparison of myths from different 30 KB (3,382 words) - 13:12, 11 May 2019
  • Organ Donation Myths Myth: If I agree to donate my organs, the hospital staff won't work as hard to save my life. Fact: When you go to the hospital for treatment, doctors focus 5 KB (844 words) - 02:19, 24 October 2012
  • Editing Internet Texts/American Exceptionalism and National Myths in John F. Kennedy's Rhetoric you can find some information about American exceptionalism and national myths where you can find the analyses of the selected speeches (Inaugural Address 1 KB (214 words) - 17:04, 5 May 2019
  • Technical writing/Overview (section Technical Writing Myths) refuted several common myths about technical writing and the skills a technical writer must have. He believes the most common myths are: Technical writers 13 KB (1,350 words) - 03:30, 6 February 2020
  • Comparative Mythology world. Creation Myths - Explores several major creation myths focusing on thematic similarities and major differences. Founding Myths - Explores several 966 bytes (105 words) - 05:25, 25 February 2016
  • Classical Mythology/Quiz Theory3 (category Classical Myth Quiz) it relates to the other myths in the same system. 3 Myths are distorted accounts of actual events in the distant past. 4 Myths serve to justify the status 3 KB (169 words) - 01:46, 13 February 2018
  • Classical Mythology/Quiz Theory2 (category Classical Myth Quiz) Link each statement about myths to the theory or theories that form the basis for the statement. 1 Oedipus's myth is powerful because he violates strongly 3 KB (159 words) - 01:46, 13 February 2018
  • Entities/Astronomy save is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children. In some myths Tara was born from the compassionate tears of Avalokiteshvara in the Pure 32 KB (3,655 words) - 18:42, 18 January 2019
  • Editing Internet Texts/American Exceptionalism and National Myths in John F. Kennedy's Rhetoric/American Exceptionalism and National Myths Upon A Hill and a Chosen Nation The city-upon-a-hill myth is believed to be a foundational myth of America. In 1630 a thousand Puritans set sail to America 6 KB (936 words) - 17:01, 5 May 2019
  • Student Projects/Politics behind pottan theyyam (section MYTHS BEHIND POTTAN THEYYAM) transition of myths. Myth as a metanarrative restricts the true form of theyyam and gives a falsifying image. Multiple possibilities in myths of theyyam 8 KB (1,264 words) - 19:06, 30 October 2019
  • Classical Mythology/Charter myths Malinowski realized that myths tended to advance the agendas of the story-tellers and of the people in power. For example, many Greek myths took their form in 6 KB (0 words) - 20:50, 14 January 2014
  • Literature/1964 Einbinder, Harvey (1964). The Myth of the Britannica. New York: Grove Press. [^] Garfield, Eugene (1964). "Science Citation Indexing -- A New Dimension 246 bytes (44 words) - 01:43, 30 September 2014

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