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Prometheus Bound (1851) is a blank verse translation by Elizabeth Barrett Browning of the Greek tragedy by Aeschylus. Browning first published a translation of Aeschylus' drama in 1833 under the encouragement of Hugh Stuart Boyd, a scholar of Greek who had gone blind by the time he met her. In 1850, Browning retranslated the play, published the thoroughly revised version in 1851.

Events in the drama focus upon the binding of the immortal Titan Prometheus as punishment for aiding mankind, against the wishes of the supreme god Zeus, who had determined to destroy the human race. During the play, Prometheus is visited by the god Oceanus and his daughters, the Ocean nymphs, who express sorrow and sympathy over the Titan's predicament. The underlying theme of the play examines the justness of suffering and the apparent arbitrariness of the supreme god's actions in assignment of eternal punishment upon Prometheus.

WE reach the utmost limit of the earth,
The Scythian track, the desert without man,—
And now, Hephæstus, thou must needs fulfill
The mandate of our father, and, with links
Indissoluble of adamantine chains,
Fasten against this beetling precipice,
This guilty god! Because he filched away
Thine own bright flower, the glory of plastic fire,
And gifted mortals with it,—such a sin,
It doth behoove he expiate to the gods,
And learn free service to the rule of Zeus,
And leave disused his trick of loving man.

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