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A Naval Biographical Dictionary/Eyres, Harry

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EYRES, C.B. (Capt., 1841. f-p., 18; h-p., 11.)

Harry Eyres is second son of Geo. Robt. Eyres, Esq., by Louisa, eldest daughter of the late Sir Harry Parker, Bart., of Melford Hall, co. Suffolk; nephew of the present Sir Hyde Parker, Bart.; and cousin of Rear-Admiral Hyde Parker, C.B.

This officer entered the Navy, 17 June, 1818, as a Volunteer, on board the Iphigenia 36, commanded by his relative, Capt. Hyde Parker, whom he accompanied to the West Indies. Until 22 April, 1827, he afterwards served, as Midshipman and Mate, on the Home, Mediterranean, and North American stations, in the Shearwater 10, Capt. Douglas Cox, Liffey 50, Capt. Hon. Henry Duncan, Iphigenia again, Capt. H. Parker, Brisk 10, Capt. H. Stewart, Active 46, Capt. Andrew King, and Jupiter 50, flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Willoughby Thos. Lake. He then became Acting-Lieutenant of the Niemen 28, Capt. Chas. Simeon, and, being confirmed on his return to England by commission dated 5 June, 1827, was subsequently appointed – 4 Feb. 1829, to the Comet 18, Capt. Alex. .Albert Sandilands, in the East Indies – 30 Oct. 1832, to the Victory 104, flag,ship at Portsmouth of Sir Thos. Foley- 9 May, 1833, to the Forte 44, Capt. Watkin Owen Pell, of which ship, after visiting Bermuda, whither he had been sent in command of the Pyramus 42, with 400 convicts on board, he became First-Lieutenant – 20 Jan. 1835, to the Fly 18, Capt. Peter M‘Quhae, with whom he returned from the West Indies, and was paid off, in the following Oct. – and, 12 Oct. 1836, to the command of the Pantaloon 10, tender to the Royal George yacht. Attaining the rank of Commander 10 Jan. 1837, Capt. Eyres, in Nov. of the same year, commissioned the Modeste 18. In that vessel, after serving for some time under Lord John Hay on the north coast of Spain, he proceeded to North America, vrhere he was present at Mexico pending the dispute between that republic and the French government, and was sent to New York with despatches for the British Minister at Washington relative to the Maine boundary question. He appears to have been also very actively employed in the suppression of the slave-traffic in the Mozambique Channel. Joining, eventually, in the operations against the Chinese, Capt. Eyres ably assisted in the attack on Tycocktow, 7 Jan. 1841, and obtained the best thanks of Sir Gordon Bremer for his conduct at the capture of the island of Wangtong, 26 Feb.[1] The next day he afforded very efficacious support to an attack made by a squadron under Capt. Thos. Herbert on the enemy’s camp, fort, and ship Cambridge, bearing the Chinese Admiral’s flag, at their position below Whampoa Reach, where he landed, and contributed to the destruction in the whole of 98 guns.[2] On 13 March Capt. Eyres was likewise mentioned for his effective aid at the capture of the last fort protecting the approaches to Canton;[3] and, in the course of the same month and of the following May, he was reported for his gallantry at the first and second fall of that city.[4] After further serving at the capture of Amoy, Chusan, and Chinghae,[5] he returned to England, towards the close of 1841, with intelligence of the capture of Ningpo. He has since been unemployed. His Post-commission bears date 6 May, 1841.

Capt. Eyres, in acknowledgment of his services in China, was nominated a C.B. 14 Oct. 1841. He married, 26 April, 1838, Ellen Jane, daughter of the late Wm. Parker, Esq., of Dorset Square. Agents – Messrs. Halford and Co.

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