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WN:AUDIO Audio Wikinews is a Wikinews project to create audio-based Wikinews content. All Audio Wikinews recordings are freely available to copy, distribute, replay, telecast and download under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. Traditional and online media broadcasters are encouraged to use our content.

Audio Wikinews contains two active sub-projects: News Briefs and Spoken Wikinews. Users like you are welcome to participate. See Audio Wikinews Help to get you started.


Spoken Wikinews

Spoken Wikinews releases are verbatim recordings of Wikinews articles.

Spoken Wikinews archives >>

Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2019-02-16Neil CarmichaelGerman migrant rescue charity renames ship after drowned Syrian toddler 2019-02-11Neil CarmichaelPioneering oceanographer Walter Munk dies of pneumonia in California 2019-02-11Neil CarmichaelBlock of flats collapses in Aleppo, killing eleven Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2016-04-25Glenn O'BrienUniversity defeat Toads in 2016 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union round 4 Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2015-10-17Glenn O'BrienPolice shut down Edmonton pizza restaurant for illegally delivering alcohol 2015-10-09Glenn O'BrienThree FIFA officials suspended for ninety days 2015-09-14Glenn O'BrienAustralian Liberal party change leader, Prime Minister: Turnbull replaces Abbott 2015-07-25Glenn O'BrienUniversity defeat Toads in 2015 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union round 17 2015-05-30Glenn O'BrienNon-parole period extended to 43 years for Australian rapist and murderer Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2013-02-24Robin MonksEuropean Commission warns Eurozone economy to shrink further 2013-02-21Robin MonksAustralian Governor-General visits Wagga Wagga 2013-01-31Chris ChapmanJanuary tornadoes, severe weather in southern, midwestern US cause fatalities 2013-01-30Chris ChapmanQueen Beatrix to abdicate throne 2013-01-28Chris ChapmanSyrian refugees continue to enter Jordan as situation becomes 'critical' 2013-01-28Chris ChapmanUK economy shrinks by 0.3% in fourth quarter of 2012 2013-01-28Chris ChapmanMumbai 2008 attack plotter sentenced to 35 years 2013-01-27Chris ChapmanBritish 4G mobile spectrum auction underway 2013-01-27Chris ChapmanUK government formally launches same-sex marriage legislation in Parliament Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2012-11-16Jimmy CarterIsrael launches airstrikes against Gaza Strip, kills Hamas commander 2012-10-24Jimmy CarterFelix Baumgartner jumps from stratosphere, breaks sound barrier 2012-09-14PhearsonABC News yanks 20/20 investigation of Tom Cruise and Scientology 2012-09-07Robin MonksSandra Fluke featured speaker at Democratic National Convention 2012-08-30Robin MonksAustralia wins its first medal of the Paralympics with shooting bronze 2012-08-22Robin MonksPressure mounts on US Senate candidate Todd Akin to withdraw after controversial rape comments 2012-08-21Robin MonksGreg Smith named as Australia's 2012 Paralympic Games flag-bearer 2012-08-20Robin MonksSydney welcomes home the Australian Olympic Team 2012-08-19Robin MonksUS Marine Corps blame deadly Morocco Osprey plane crash on pilots 2012-08-19Robin MonksMultiple planes perform aerial spraying over greater Dallas, Texas in effort to combat mosquitoes 2012-08-18Robin MonksNews of the World Scotland editor charged with perjury, hacking 2012-08-17Robin MonksCities across Texas increase efforts to combat mosquitos 2012-07-28Ryan PeterannaLondon Olympics organizers apologize after North Korea flag gaffe 2012-07-26Ryan PeterannaSix die in France helicopter crash at Verdon Gorge Edit DateNewsreaderArticleListen 2011-12-09Ryan PeterannaJakarta court jails six for Java bombings 2011-12-09Ryan PeterannaFour dead as Mexico gunmen attack ambulance 2011-08-22PhearsonLibya: Rebels edge closer to Tripoli 2011-08-17PhearsonJersey knife attack kills six 2011-07-06PhearsonScottish university to introduce comic studies degree 2011-06-26Robert BeckNebraska's two nuclear plants near Omaha on alert 2011-06-26Robert BeckUS actor Peter Falk dies aged 83 2011-06-26Robert BeckNew York legalizes same-sex marriage 2011-06-26Robert BeckFTC begins antitrust inquiry of Google 2011-06-08Ryan PeterannaTrump criticizes media bias towards Obama, especially during UK state visit 2011-06-07PhearsonLulzSec attacks Nintendo server 2011-02-25Aryeh ShershowSpace Shuttle Discovery launches on final mission 2011-02-25Aryeh ShershowEleven children injured in Scottish school shooting; two teenagers detained 2011-02-24Kevin FieldsWikileaks founder Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden 2011-02-24Kevin FieldsPirates kill four American hostages 2011-02-24Kevin FieldsBahrain Grand Prix cancelled amid political turmoil 2011-02-24Kevin FieldsAnti-abortion activist Bernard Nathanson dies aged 84 2011-02-22Aryeh ShershowEgyptian man names daughter 'Facebook' 2011-02-22Kevin FieldsMagnitude 6.3 earthquake hits New Zealand's South Island; deaths confirmed 2011-02-22Kevin FieldsLibya blocks access to Internet 2011-02-21Kevin FieldsMusic duo The Bellamy Brothers accuse Britney Spears of plagiarism 2011-02-21Kevin FieldsTen children killed in Estonian orphanage fire 2011-02-21Kevin FieldsNASCAR: Trevor Bayne wins the 2011 Daytona 500 2011-02-21Kevin Fields38 killed in attack on Afghani bank 2011-02-19Ryan PeterannaKuwait stateless protest for rights 2011-02-18Kevin FieldsAustralian town to change name to promote road safety 2011-02-18Kevin Fields2011 BRIT Awards highlights 2011-02-18Kevin FieldsYale University builds world's first anti-laser 2011-02-17Kevin FieldsEgyptian military appoints committee to amend constitution 2011-02-17Kevin FieldsFifteen receive US Presidential Medal of Freedom 2011-02-17Kevin FieldsUK inflation rate increases to 4% 2011-02-15Kevin FieldsUK Prince William picks brother Harry to be best man at royal wedding 2011-02-14Kevin FieldsNASCAR: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. earns 2011 Daytona 500 pole 2011-02-14Kevin FieldsFour found dead in Leicestershire, England 2011-02-14Kevin FieldsCanadian rapper Bad News Brown murdered in Montreal 2011-02-14Kevin FieldsCanada's social insurance assets pass $140 billion in fourth quarter

Audio Wikinews Brief

Audio Wikinews News Briefs is a weekly newscast of top stories from Wikinews.

Also available as a RSS. News Brief RSS and on iTunes


Audio Wikinews Briefs for 2010-2012

Audio Wikinews Briefs for March 2012

DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen March 31, 201206m 01sChad TewCrtewNews BriefVorbis March 24, 201205m 38sChad TewCrtewNews BriefVorbis March 17, 201206m 14sChad TewCrtewNews BriefVorbis August 2010 DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen August 06, 201010m 55sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis August 05, 201023m 50sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis August 04, 20109m 50sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis August 03, 201023m 44sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis August 02, 201027m 13sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 2010 DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen July 30, 201019m 01sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 29, 201018m 03sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 28, 201023m 02sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 27, 201023m 42sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 26, 201019m 55sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 23, 201014m 40sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 22, 20109m 27sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 21, 201012m 10sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 20, 201016m 58sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 19, 201026m 47sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 16, 201013m 57sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 15, 201027m 48sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 14, 201024m 28sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 13, 201013m 05sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis July 12, 201014m 36sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 2010 DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen June 17, 20105m 45sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 16, 20109m 43sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 15, 201017m 00sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 11, 201015m 03sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 10, 201014m 26sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 9, 201017m 48sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 8, 201028m 21sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 7, 201020m 25sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 5 and 6, 201010m 12sPatrick GillettRockerballAustraliaNews BriefVorbis June 4, 201016m 37sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 3, 201011m 37sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 2, 201018m 59sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis June 1, 201012m 12sDan Harlow, Patrick GillettTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 2010 DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen May 31, 201018m 41sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 30, 201007m 38sPatrick GillettRockerballAustraliaNews BriefVorbis May 29, 201006m 35sPatrick GillettRockerballAustraliaNews BriefVorbis May 28, 201021m 00sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 27, 201019m 28sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 26, 201017m 58sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 25, 201010m 38sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 24, 201012m 03sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 21, 201008m 39sDan Harlow, Mike MoralesTurtlestack, Diego GrezNews BriefVorbis May 20, 201008m 53sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 19, 201011m 51sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 18, 201018m 14sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 17, 201012m 30sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 16, 201011m 37sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 15, 201011m 56sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 14, 201023m 20sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 13, 201011m 25sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 12, 201010m 26sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 11, 201005m 14sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 10, 201009m 52sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 8, 201009m 35sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 7, 201011m 49sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 6, 201016m 40sDan HarlowBlood Red Sandman, TurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 5, 201010m 37sDan HarlowBlood Red Sandman, Turtlestack, TempodivalseNews BriefVorbis May 4, 201010m 16sDan HarlowBlood Red Sandman, TurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 3, 201010m 18sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 2, 201005m 44sDan HarlowBenny the mascot, TurtlestackNews BriefVorbis May 1, 201007m 58sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 2010

Audio Wikinews Briefs for April 2010

DateDurationNewsreaderScript byTranscriptDownloadListen April 30, 201008m 04sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 29, 201006m 28sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 28, 201002m 23sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 27, 201009m 12sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 26, 201006m 12sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 25, 201013m 39sDan HarlowTurtlestack, Mike Morales, TempodivalseNews BriefVorbis April 24, 201011m 59sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 23, 201009m 06sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 22, 201003m 30sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 21, 201006m 47sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 20, 201007m 36sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 19, 201006m 14sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 18, 201006m 01sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 17, 201008m 49sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 16, 201011m 01sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 15, 201005m 59sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis April 14, 201008m 56sDan HarlowTurtlestackNews BriefVorbis Retrieved from "[]" Category:

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