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The Endangered Language Archive (ELAR) is a digital repository preserving and publishing endangered language documentation materials from around the world. The materials we hold are digital, and are freely available (after free registration).

ELAR was originally funded by Arcadia and is part of the Library of SOAS University of London.

Recently updated collections

A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations

Soung-U Kim

This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan (Koreanic) with a focus on conversational genres. Jejuan is spoken on s...

Kofán Collaborative Project: Collection of Audio-Video Materials and Texts

Scott AnderBois


Yakima language documentation and grammar

Joana Jansen

Documentation and grammar of Yakima (Yakama) Sahaptin, spoken in central Washington State by only a handful of fluent speakers....

Documentation of Moor, Yerisiam, Yaur, and Umar

David Kamholz

Documentation of Moor, Yerisiam, Yaur, and Umar: Austronesian languages of Cenderawasih Bay, Papua, Indonesia....

An Audiovisual Corpus of Caquinte (Arawak)

Zachary O'Hagan

Caquinte [ISO 639-3: cot] is a Kampan Arawak language spoken by 300-400 people in Peruvian Amazonia....

Description and Documentation of Avatime

Saskia van Putten

Video and audio recordings of spoken Avatime, a Kwa language, part of the Niger-Congo language family spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana....

The languages of northern Ambrym



Documenting Northwest Malekula: A comparative study of V'ënen Taut, Tape, and Tirax

Royce Dodd

Documentation of V’ënen Taut, Tape, and Tirax, three related languages from Northwest Malekula, Vanuatu....

Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur

Brigitte Pakendorf

This project focuses on the documentation of Negidal, a highly moribund Northern Tungusic language nowadays spoken by only a handful of individuals on...

Deposit_Deposit A comprehensive documentation of Bine - a language of Southern New Guinea

Christian Döhler


Voices from Zoroastrian Iran



Documentation of five Zoquean languages spoken in Mexico: Chiapas Zoque

Roberto Zavala-Maldonado


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