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The Endangered Language Archive (ELAR) is a digital repository preserving and publishing endangered language documentation materials from around the world. The materials we hold are digital, and are freely available (after free registration).

ELAR was originally funded by Arcadia and is part of the Library of SOAS University of London.

Recently updated collections

Tonsawang: a collaborative multimedia project documenting an endangered language of North Sulawesi

Timothy Brickell

Documenting the Tonsawang/Tombatu language of Indonesia....

The Gorwaa Noun Phrase: Toward a Description of the Gorwaa Language

Andrew Harvey

Gorwaa is an undocumented language, spoken by approximately 15,000 individuals in Babati District, Manyara Region, Tanzania....

Documentation of Ecuadorian Siona

Martine Bruil

Documenting Ecuadorian Siona [snn], a highly endangered language with less than 200 speakers left, spoken in six communities in the Cuyabeno reserve a...

Documenting the Sherbro language and culture of Sierra Leone

Tucker Childs

Sherbro is spoken on Sherbro Island and nearby coastal areas of Sierra Leone....

The documentation and ethnolinguistic analysis of Modern South Arabian: Shehret

Janet Watson

Short Description...

A documentation of the remnant Baka-Gundi language Limassa

Benedikt Winkhart


Documenting Yopno Diversity: Dialect Variation in a Papuan Language

James Slotta

This project documents several of the dialects of Yopno spoken in the Yopno valley of Papua New Guinea....

Recording and archiving Barayin (Jalkiya) language data

Joseph Lovestrand

Documentation of Barayin, a Chadic language of Chad....

Documenting Language and Interaction in Kula

Nicholas Williams

Documentation of Kula, an endangered non-Austronesian language spoken in the eastern highlands of Alor, Indonesia....

The documentation and ethnolinguistic analysis of Modern South Arabian: Mehri

Janet Watson

An audio-visual documentation of the Mehri language spoken in Oman, Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia....

Pite Saami: documenting the language and culture

Joshua Karl Wilbur

Audio and video recordings of Pite Saami speakers, northern Sweden, with transcriptions and translations in Swedish and English. Topics include reinde...

Documentation of Minderico

Vera Ferreira


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Throughout the site you see ELAR's access protocol categories, like this: O U S . Materials marked as O U S can be accessed by anyone, even users who have not registered with ELAR. Materials marked as O U S can be accessed by any registered user of ELAR who has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of using ELAR. Materials marked as O U S are restricted in access, and registered users can apply for access to these resources.

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