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1 Specification

  • digest size: 128 bits
  • max. message length: < 2384 bits
  • compression function: 2/4/8 passes, 384-bit message block, 128-bit chaining variable
  • Specification:

Ralph C. Merkle - A Fast Software One-Way Hash Function
J. Cryptology3(1):43-58, 1990
[Electronic Edition]

2 Cryptanalysis

2.1 Best Known Results

2.2 Generic Attacks

2.3 Collision Attacks

2.4 Second Preimage Attacks

2.5 Preimage Attacks

Eli Biham - New Techniques for Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions and Improved Attacks on Snefru
In Proceedings of FSE, LNCS 5086, pp. 444-461, Springer, 2008
[Electronic Edition]

2.6 Others

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