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House of Commons As this motion is using historical data, we may not have the record of the original ordering, in which case signatories are listed alphabetically. UNION FLAG AT PARLIAMENT EDM #1199 Tabled 29 March 2010
2009-10 Session That this House is proud to note that on 6 January 2010, for the first time in the history of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the Union Flag was raised permanently above the Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster and now remains in place all day and every day throughout the year; further notes that the two additional flag poles located on the Parliamentary Estate at 1 Parliament Street and Portcullis House now also display the Union Flag at all times and have done so since 28 November 2009; believes that the decision to display the flag of the nation every day of the year from Parliament is something that Members of both the House of Commons and House of Lords should celebrate and take great pride in; and commends all those who played a part in helping to bring about this fine decision, including the authorities of both Houses, the President and members of the Flag Institute and the members of the All Party Parliamentary Flag Group, including the hon. Member for Romford, who championed the cause and led the now successful campaign to fly the Union Flag above the British Parliament all year round.

Signatures (73)

The first 6 Members who have signed to support the motion are the sponsors. The primary sponsor is generally the person who tabled the motion and has responsibility for it. The date shown is when the Member signed the motion. 1 Winterton, Sir Nicholas Conservative 29 March 2010 Primary 2 Mackinlay, Andrew Labour 29 March 2010 3 Cash, Mr William Conservative 29 March 2010 4 Widdecombe, Miss Ann Conservative 29 March 2010 5 Paisley, The Reverend Ian Democratic Unionist Party 29 March 2010 6 Maclean, David Conservative 29 March 2010 In addition to the sponsors, the following Members have signed to support the motion. Amess, Mr David Conservative 29 March 2010 Bacon, Mr Richard Conservative 06 April 2010 Bellingham, Mr Henry Conservative 29 March 2010 Binley, Mr Brian Conservative 06 April 2010 Bone, Mr Peter Conservative 29 March 2010 Boswell, Mr Tim Conservative 29 March 2010 Bottomley, Sir Peter Conservative 29 March 2010 Campbell, Mr Gregory Democratic Unionist Party 30 March 2010 Carswell, Mr Douglas Conservative 06 April 2010 Cohen, Harry Labour 06 April 2010 Crausby, Mr David Labour 30 March 2010 Cryer, Mrs Ann Labour 06 April 2010 Cummings, John Labour 07 April 2010 Davies, Philip Conservative 29 March 2010 Dean, Mrs Janet Labour 30 March 2010 Dismore, Mr Andrew Labour 07 April 2010 Dobbin, Jim Labour 06 April 2010 Dodds, Mr Nigel Democratic Unionist Party 06 April 2010 Donaldson, Mr Jeffrey M. Democratic Unionist Party 07 April 2010 Dorries, Nadine Conservative 06 April 2010 Evans, Mr Nigel Conservative 29 March 2010 Evennett, Mr David Conservative 06 April 2010 Field, Mr Frank Labour 06 April 2010 Fraser, Christopher Conservative 06 April 2010 Goodwill, Mr Robert Conservative 06 April 2010 Gray, Mr James Conservative 30 March 2010 Hammond, Stephen Conservative 06 April 2010 Hancock, Mr Mike Liberal Democrat 30 March 2010 Hayes, Mr John Conservative 06 April 2010 Hemming, John Liberal Democrat 07 April 2010 Hoey, Kate Labour 06 April 2010 Horam, Mr John Conservative 06 April 2010 Hoyle, Mr Lindsay Labour 29 March 2010 Humble, Mrs Joan Labour 07 April 2010 Hunter, Mark Liberal Democrat 07 April 2010 Jackson, Mr Stewart Conservative 06 April 2010 Jones, Mr Martyn Labour 06 April 2010 Lait, Mrs Jacqui Conservative 06 April 2010 Laxton, Mr Bob Labour 06 April 2010 Leigh, Mr Edward Conservative 06 April 2010 Lewis, Dr Julian Conservative 06 April 2010 Luff, Peter Conservative 06 April 2010 Mann, John Labour 06 April 2010 McCrea, Dr William Democratic Unionist Party 29 March 2010 Meale, Mr Alan Labour 30 March 2010 Mitchell, Mr Austin Labour 06 April 2010 Neill, Robert Conservative 06 April 2010 Pelling, Mr Andrew Independent 06 April 2010 Penning, Mike Conservative 06 April 2010 Rifkind, Sir Malcolm Conservative 06 April 2010 Robertson, Mr Laurence Conservative 29 March 2010 Robinson, Mr Peter Democratic Unionist Party 06 April 2010 Russell, Bob Liberal Democrat 06 April 2010 Ryan, Joan Labour 06 April 2010 Shepherd, Mr Richard Conservative 06 April 2010 Simpson, David Democratic Unionist Party 29 March 2010 Smith, Geraldine Labour 06 April 2010 Soames, Hon Nicholas Conservative 06 April 2010 Spink, Bob Independent 30 March 2010 Steen, Mr Anthony Conservative 06 April 2010 Vis, Dr Rudi Labour 30 March 2010 Wareing, Mr Robert N. Independent 30 March 2010 Watkinson, Angela Conservative 29 March 2010 Wilshire, Mr David Conservative 06 April 2010 Wilson, Sammy Democratic Unionist Party 06 April 2010 Winterton, Ann Conservative 30 March 2010 Wyatt, Derek Labour 07 April 2010 There are no withdrawn signatures for this Motion